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20.05.2013 11:29
the man could not help but stared antworten

"Sorry, I --" Nangong if suddenly realized a problem, they do not know the name of this guy, this over, not to be caught? Upon seeing the man could not help but stared at him fiercely, and said: "OK, OK, come on, don't dilly-dally, now is not the time to argue with you, until the desolate temple, and then to do you!" Nangong from a happy heart, immediately smile two, people immediately went into the. "You're a low-key, or not when we take!" Nangong if mind andao, immediately hung his head,Coach Outlet Sale, pretending to be a no J ī ng out. On the way down there is no wrong, this line of four thousand six hundred people quickly into a mountain. Col mouth, two wearing leather soft armor warrior immediately expostulated: "which one tribe? The name of the newspaper?" Led by a man at once said: "I am of Uighur patriarch Hatorre, led the four thousand six hundred soldiers, came to Huang Zun adults report here!" "Well, yesterday R ì seven aragami adults have told, you can go in! Three of adults will you incorporate shortage of god!" Two soldiers immediately out of the way. Nangong if mixed in the crowd, go forward with great strength and vigour into bowls. "Call -" Nangong if not help another, col looks very small, less than meters in width, but into the col, eyes suddenly open up. This is a full of Great Plains 200, must be the shortage of Zun sent a tribal warrior students opened from the mountains. The ground around to hundreds of huge Plaza, there have been many tribes have occupied some Plaza, C ā o training his troops. It is central in all square, a huge palace stands there, a full account of the 1/10. See the first palace feeling, is -- a quality! Even seen the the Imperial Palace and other ancient Chinese famous building in Nangong from, also could not help but exclaim, the palace is only in the style, has far exceeded the the Imperial Palace. In contrast, the dragon imperial palace, that is almost like the civilian residence, the very poor. "Niang of, this group of wild barbarians, but will enjoy the tight, outside the tribes lived a hard life, but an honour unexpectedly so luxurious, the palace, probably no more than 10 years, never built!" If heart is secretly said Nangong. At this time, Huang Temple, a commanding voice suddenly came: "Hadonglei, with ten degrees of Uighur master into shortage temple, composed of three aragami adults unified arrangement of premises, the remaining people, left sixth training field, self training!" "!" Hatorre immediately clear voice replied,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, soon after facing the crowd behind said: "Badawi, you choose the nine people with me into the wilderness sanctuaries!" "He called Badawi!" Nangong if the hearts can not help but slightly nodded,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, stand up, impressively is before the tree to wake themselves. Badawi glanced his lap, then point out the names of nine people, among them Nangong if a. Nine people quickly gathered to Badawi's side, the patriarch Hatorre satisfaction.

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