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20.05.2013 11:24
the sword come very naturally antworten

"I depend, cousin is too hard, a person... So no..." Nangong is mumbling talk overs if. In fact, Huo Tianhong did not want to so bloody means to solve the fight, but he just stepped into the imperial level boundary, for it's control is not very stable. And the sword come very naturally, is issued, did not pass over in one's mind,Jordan After Game Shoes, so wildly fierce some, directly to the Liang Kuan x ng. Residual water and ancient screen sees almost gas was broke apart, from Doo than now, their three people have Kuang flow,UK Nike Air Jordan, week, and Liang Kuan was killed. While the other side until now still not a death, even if the last two to kill each other, this battle of their own side is still lost. Who would have thought, dragon Royal College should have this let a person be hardly worthy of belief fighting force, residual water also sigh, it seems the Dragon empire is really talented men still remained in concealment, not twenty years, dragon empire will be another scene. Twenty years, can change many,Purses Coach Online, at least from now, Longtium Royal Academy of these chaotic mind genius, are not common people, maybe in twenty years, at the Royal Academy, will more than six, or even more sacred, is the supreme level. "Yellow Shaoting, go up, be sure to put the rest of the two people killed, late autumn, you have to remember, each of them is not simple, don't careless, there can be no left hand, kill --" the screen's bitter said. "--" yellow Shaoting eyes flashed a biting, immediately jumped to the front of Huo Tianhong, slowly drew his sword. Sword from the fire, top grade spirit, fire belongs to X ì ng spirit, is said to fire in temperature Yangqian years of three lines of purgatory stone mixing system, sword, fire elemental surging, irresistible. Sword in hand, Huang Shaoting body waves from the layers of waves around the fire, the temperature is also suddenly increase. "It is the fire of X ì ng Qi, no matter is the island of Gulang or the snow Shenzong, are in the water is x ì ng it as a fundamental, this boy body contains such a powerful fire belongs to X ì ng elements, what person? Snow God Pope will be how the fire belongs to X ì ng it so good disciple?" Many questions arise in RAM Shaw and Jinlong two hearts. And on the field of the Huo Tianhong is tiny to knit the brows, the other is the two order state of strong, coupled with the hand that the top grade spirit and origin of each other, their war, is really not too sure. After all, just entered the imperial level boundary, while the top spirit in the hand, but the other party to fix for this is higher than their a level, is the fairy door of genius, this will be a tough game. "Thought, little dragon Royal Academy, I am not chance, but I didn't think you'd even cut my three brothers, Huo rainbow, this R is your time!" Said Huang Shaoting cold. Huo Tianhong can not help but smile, flashed a decidedly handsome face: "want me dead, in easy though, beat me, you can take my head at any time, do it!" Top spirit sword direct stimulation in more than 10 feet long Jin s è light, straight into the sky, as if through >

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