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20.05.2013 11:18
so he was back is also the very antworten

"Ding --" fusion "Fengshen" two words of gossip graphics finally printed on edge! Day dagger blade with a violent shaking, an indomitable will radiate, whole body light is all be gossip hit into pieces, finally dim! At the same time, the surrounding a faint light shining under heaven, landed on Nangong and North if static at the foot of the land. The disappearance of trees that have sprung up, King s è is instantaneous change around, those are chaotic. Destroy all land and flowers and trees, even in an instant all the recovered. In the sky, there is a golden s è, portal, countless disappeared monster gushed from the mysterious portals, landed back to ancient trees in Laoshan. Laoshan ancient forest, even in moments, to restore the original appearance! "Call --" all the lights all disappear, Nangong from a dim eyes,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, even mouth spit blood. "If, how do you?" BeiCang static exclaimed, two people also feel the huge pressure, although some depression, but they eventually can support. Nangong although there is no breakthrough if Huang level realm, but himself and he had discussed, to own realm Huang level of order three, even accounting for no cheap. Of course this is left in Nangong from the hands, if two people fight, Kita Kurashizu believes, he is definitely not his opponent. But this time, Nangong was injured if! Meditation in the North was amazed when, because of the horror of the dagger is Nangong if, if dagger recognize him, weapon damage, so he was back is also the very normal matter. So she will be worried, worried! "Just as well!" Nangong from single hand Qingtian a catch, of falling into ordinary dagger blade was the day he caught! "The large array as strong again, day blade was again suppressed!" Said Nangong if murmuring, palm touched day cold knife edge dagger. A shared feeling in his heart, as if this dagger is part of his body in general. See he's okay, North Jing is also relieved, do not want to disturb him, he never saw Nangong like now if such displays of affection. Do not know how long after,New Arrivals Coach, Nangong if slowly back to God,Coach Handbags, looking at the Kita Kura static, flashed a sorry, face said: "sorry, miss Kita Kura!" BeiCang static s è reddish face, soft-voiced way: "I still like to hear you call my beautiful teacher!" Nangong if suddenly one Zheng, immediately face once again emerged out of the familiar smile, said: "the beauty teacher, a kiss? Not too much!" "Roll --" Bei Cang Jing is almost a subconscious replied. Mutually see one eye, two people also laughed! "Beauty teacher, chaotic plunder disappeared, many will have to master, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we still go out soon!" Nangong if suddenly openings way. Cang Jing nodded, Nangong from general God move, practicing in the Tai Ji Yu in the small kylin immediately aroused. At this time of small kylin is already the four animal of the peak, only one step can into the mysterious saint class >

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