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20.05.2013 11:10
ng spirit of wood and absorbed antworten

At home in a hurry to stay for three months, in three months time, Nangong has also experienced a month if the closing time. Will that Aralia x ì ng spirit of wood and absorbed a lot of Bi, Nishida s è dragons are also no small progress, now Nangong from practice, in the level about five degree. A month will ascend a step, this is absolutely a genius to do. But,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, this month's time, not just to fix for the promotion, more let Nangong if happy is, for you said in infuriating cohesion flying a method, a preliminary. Although only has a model, but to Nangong from delight, really like you said, a true cohesion, either in control or in strength, are stronger than many substantial flying. This greatly increased his fighting force. Exit with her mother for a month, father strong Nangong also came to see him again, but only if the father of Nangong is not very cold, hurried exchanged a few words, mistime one's remarks, strong Nangong also helpless leave away. Nangong has become the whole if D ì D ū celebrities, Royal College of a dragon and tiger Empire battle, known as the young generation of the first genius cold son tied. It is not only popular among civilians, even the depths of the Dragon Emperor and imperial palace is the Longyan big Yue,Nike Jordan Take Flight, himself gave the decree. If Nangong Empire and later, empire a baron. The emperor is not stingy, because Nangong if age is too small. At eleven years of age will have their own noble titles, the Dragon empire in history, was the first one. Three months later, Nangong from just over twelve years old, under the ram Xiao much urging, Huo Ting finally and unable to part from the Royal College of Nangong if sent to the dragon. Nangong if not let Huo Ting sent him to school, the surface that is afraid of mother tired, let Huo Ting deeply touched. However,Outlet Coach Bags, if the heart of Nangong is his sixth nine, are you kidding, mom around how inconvenient, flirt with hot chicks. Humming a ditty, Nangong if only back a simple small package, and towards the Dragon Royal Academy of direction in the past! During the working hours of appearance, it attracted many people's eyes, and today R is dragon Royal College Admissions R ì, many people gave him to contempt of the eyes. Who can enter the learning dragon royal college boy, not genius, or is the senior heirs, is there are many rich men's sons with. Nangong to see if aggressive look, these young heart is very uncomfortable, mother, who's this little guy, Himoto Masako also cool. Careless to register, register has a long row of the team, if not feel like Nangong, with vigorous strides walk to the front of the team. The front of the table, are sitting three wearing a red S è students, dragon Royal College seven grade, school uniforms can also be divided into seven color s è. Among them, the red S è represents the students of grade seven, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and so on, are respectively six, five, four, three, two, one of several older students, and junior class students.

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