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20.05.2013 11:01
actually some unease God s. antworten

"The heavens eighteen artifact second, Tai Ji yu!" You lose a track, eyes flashed joy. "It is he! It was him! God has eyes!" You dark eyes immediately lit up, to oneself, actually some unease God s. While the reaction,Air Jordan 11, if Nangong is not heard, if he heard, will lavish a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, for a long time! Eighteen legendary artifact, Tai Ji Yu was ranked second, you know, but this artifact! Beyond the top is there. A low grade fairy machine, have been able to improve their own two times to three times, then the artifact is how terrible? Then the sword spirit in Nangong if swallowed, look in the destruction of X ì ng blow did not appear, and that more than ten Dao Qi would linger in the Tai Ji Yu the first layer space, flying wings. And isn't that kind of Z ì y ó u free flying, but some panic fled feeling, seems to be in this space, they are afraid of. What's the matter. Said Nangong if self-care of the knowledge of God, and probe into the first floor space. Ha-ha. Nangong if laughed: "Niang, you also have this time, brother of this masterpiece baby can not cover, afraid! You cry! Break throat shout no one to save you!" At the same time, Tai Ji Yu, suddenly break out one regiment gray whirlpool, direct the ten working effort engulfed in! The effort seems to want to struggle,Totes Coach Online, but the chaos gas strong phagocytosis directly consume them have not the least trace was found. The chaos of all things, all things, a thousand Reiki, are derived from the chaos, this more than ten Dao Qi is no exception, not deviate from the. The chaos it directly into the inside, refining and become pure source of metal x ì ng Qi, suddenly released! Nangong from the body suddenly one Zhan, it is unexpectedly by refining Qi Tai Ji Yu, directly into his blood vessels. At the same time, stay in Nangong from the pubic region that white s è dragon suddenly opened his eyes, Longkou a, direct the energy consumed! After swallowing the Qi, white dragon again clear a bit, and if Nangong is to feel, your true actually increased somewhat. Especially after the metal x ì ng true practice to a, unexpectedly also can progress, this let Nangong if the heart can not help is surprised. It is the main coordination between Tai Ji Yu and "day" inverse Xuan code, others by Tai Ji Qi jade phagocytosis, refining into five lines of the origin of the genus x ì ng Qi, and then back to the days of inverse meridian qi, so as to promote the in vivo source strength improvement. Mystery man once said, Tai Ji jade and "day" inverse Xuan code are born chaotic universe of heaven and earth spirits, but no explanation, it seems, is unexpectedly like this. Nangong if the hearts can not help but suffused with one silk delighted God s è, eyes are sharp as a spirit, but the rotation even shocked. The original that God comes, makes himself out of the abyss of the cliff, he now, was suspended in the above, the hot magma,Air Jordan 14 Sale, is suspended.

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