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20.05.2013 10:52
in fact we dragon Empire antworten

"No wonder the four empire so powerful, it is a door of four cases as the foundation!" Nangong if sighs. Yu Tian Qing smiled: "in fact we dragon Empire also has the two sects, but the scale is smaller than not only, four cases of such a huge monster!" Oh. If Nangong can not help a way: "we also have? Do not listen to others mentioned?" Yu Tian Qing smiled: "for us, the door immortal faction are big, those of us ordinary people, how can casually mention them?" Nangong if indissolubles: "but we also like rams Empire president general st class master, how can there be such a high evaluation of the door in person?" Yu Tian Qing way: "door immortal faction, was famous, in addition to their fix for profound, more importantly they can refining device of Dan medicine, enhance the combat stress and life!" "The talisman?" Nangong if not confused again, what is the talisman? Think of the world monks mystify prop peach wood sword mind caused. "The immortal masters collection instrument is the world spiritual influence, big powers to seal into the weapon, with Qi nurtured a powerful, general, can have a rare artifact of the strong, able to leapfrog challenge for more than a lot of master!" Yu Tian Qing a gleam in the eyes of desire. Nangong if I gasped, the world seems really not so simple,Nike Jordan 7 Sale, now know the door immortal faction exists, the heart is added a bit melancholy, it seems your growth is too slow, but this "day" inverse Xuan code practice is a long the road, you can change it. "Two sects we dragon Empire all call what name?" If Nangong get rid of negative emotions, asked. "Distance Panlong City eight hundred miles away, there is a mountain, snow is snow God Pope of the gate of Yukikami Mune, although less than the door four, but compared to my dragon Empire, is also a huge monster, and it is said that, the snow behind God Pope, is the island of Gulang Xian door!" Yu Tian Qing said. "The island of Gulang Xian door? What's that? Not only the gate four?" Nangong if not to turn the corner. Yu Tian Qing shook his head: "the world's most famous door immortal faction, is divided into a total of four cases, four Island,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, y ī n world! A total of ten large door. Four then refers to the door in four cases, and four islands, is refers to the overseas four Xiuxian martial Chongming Island,Coach Purses Clearance, Princess Island, Gulang island and the storm Island, and two branches of the so-called y ī n Yang industry is the man!" "It has ten big door? No, should be the eight fairy door, two odd! Only eight to two ratio was able to survive, to the two heterodox sects strength is extremely powerful!" If Nangong road. Yu Tian Qing shook his head: "not so, it's the two sects and the strength of four cases of the four island strength difference is not big, so they can survive, but also because the relationship between the eight big door!" "Eight fairy door?" Nangong if suddenly, is, is because the eight fairy door highly self-regarded, not willing to join hands with other fairy door, just can't eliminate heresy. "In addition, our Empire

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