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20.05.2013 10:46
He remembered the day antworten

Dismutation to continue to catch up, Yu Shifei butt in four flap, suddenly heard Nangong if that some young voice,Air Jordan UK, suddenly stopped,Crossbodys Coach Sale, looked toward the side. But at the moment, the Empire of Wuhua fighters and Rainmaker tribe warrior has collide together, the sword intersection, shout to kill a voice suddenly filled. However, the Empire of Wuhua fighters had not rushed forward, but there are about five hundred the number of soldiers will come sword at Nangong if et al. Dismutase's eyebrows a wrinkly, this group of people is a white shirt, looks like the wind tribe costumes, but too coincidence,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, their identity or questionable. "Baby, hurriedly stopped! Don't blame us the sword without eyes, you said you are the wind tribe warrior, but I don't know about you, that the wind Jackie Chan to come to see me, or is the wind laugh Xi also line!" Dismutase said. Nangong from andao bad, worry about things that really came, it is also full of delicate dismutation of mind, see him before being Rainmaker not anger, heard the rain dragon description, it seems they are on this guy when. Up the hearts of a cool idea, but thought, Nangong marked confidential way: "the chief by the cold, can not fight, our team is the wind laugh and laugh wind Feng Xi Captain Captain, but in the battle with the Rainmaker family, laugh wind Feng captain died, but the wind laugh Xi captain is take one thousand people rushed over to the battlefield!" "Who are you? The wind clan of no use, also won't let a little doll led!" Dismutase eyes were squinting said. Nangong if breathing can not help but is a lag, the heart of dismutase scolded dozens of times, his face is not the slightest change, laughed "general, I come off the bench, only a group of red S è qualified talent, hey, if don't believe, I can send a knife to try, you see my this is it right? Wind clan qi!" "You try!" Dismutation is still some don't believe, immediately said. Rainmaker dragon hand can hold in his sword, change the dismutation is beyond his present in a calm mood, contrary to expectation, ready to hand. Nangong if heart secretly for their own in a cold sweat, day inverse true ah, don't let me down, you can slip by, then I'll rely on you! The dagger back in hand, if Nangong to urge day inverse Qi, stimulated sh è out along the dagger! "Call --" light white s è light was from stimulated sh è out dagger! Direct stimulation in seven or eight feet away, just slowly melted away! Nangong if some terrified, days when it becomes the color inverse s è? He remembered the day, it is similar to the inverse chaos theory, is completely not Yan s è, now how a white s è? Don't come without thinking, divergent face but also appeared one silk surprise, talk: "yes, it is the wind clan Qi, less than ten years old, even with people six order to fix for, you say well, it should be regarded as a genius!" Nangong from the heart finally breathed a sigh of relief, Rainmaker dragon is slowly released hilt. "Dismutase general, my five hundred soldiers are not many, is also willing to devote part to the Empire, let us together.

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