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to the Lord God arranged antworten

> Chapter 450 resurrection plan Meng Xiang regained consciousness, the front has a vast expanse of space is the Lord God. Square Confucianism sitting alone in front of the computer tapping, the Jie, Juan Tangbi heart sitting on the sofa drinking red wine and chat, LI Wei tearful looking at the light beam under the Korean Fan. Zoro and Korea where broken limbs are visible speed regeneration, Zoro injury is particularly serious, his abdominal organs are almost completely emptied. Meng Xiang and Korea where the cure is completed, Zoro's internal organs are still one after the rebirth. What happened have been injected with the t-virus, Meng Xiang, Korea where Zoro knew nothing, but the side of Confucianism with three beautiful women certainly had suffered a lot in the last few hours of fleeing, just wait until they return to the moment these things say nothing at all. Just the joy of the safe return can not be Mu FIR death grief break up. The reincarnation of the world is full of inevitable death, reincarnation experienced the horror film, already one foot into hell, but Mu FIR to their death. Mu FIR to die to win for the companion fled the opportunity to ask my partner to feel guilt and self-blame. Meng Xiang is full of grief, Mu FIR words and deeds do emerge in his mind, her laugh, her cry, and both drilling Meng Xiang mind, Meng Xiang Shajian, even I hope he is dead. Silent, silent with grief. Tang Bi heart unwilling to silence, to squeeze out a smile, in an attempt to break this silence atmosphere, just no matter how hard she can not spit out a word, had wanted to bite in the throat of good words, like Flemingia Shot stuffed in the mouth can not be spit it out. "I ... I want to immediately go to the rest of the story world a few months." Meng Xiang deep spit out a few words between the lines, revealing his grief, revealing his idea of ​​escapism. "Wait a moment. Parties Confucianism put his work, ADS ADS glasses, looked up at Meng Xiang said:" Do not let the grief occupy your mind, calm, just cool, you know Mu FIR death In fact, no big deal. "What? dare you?" Meng Xiang angry, not only him, even Korea where people also face became pale. "How many times are the same, as a qualified reincarnation, even if not as wise as cool-headed analysis, but at least not to lose your head." Square Confucianism came, glanced at the companion, eyes full of disdain: "mental strength enhancement in very Mu FIR experienced so many horror films, her value or even on top of me or Zoro to re-establish a strong spiritual force skills of a trusted,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, less than ten percent probability. "in the end you want to what to say? "Meng Xiang said coldly, he was too much speculation side Confucianism intended only want to hear the parties Confucianism explained, if the interpretation of the parties Confucianism he was not satisfied, we should let his fists Fang Ru Mu just offended The FIR then responsible for. Square Confucianism as seen through his mind, but he still spoke vain side: "escape can not solve the problem, you responsibility,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, and you just break the potential to lock 4, should strike while the iron is hot, have not forgotten nuanced skills good practice, try to increase their combat effectiveness to a whole new level. "" do not you tube "Meng Xiang word back to the top, murderous raging out. Meng Xiang has broken through to the potential lock 4, his momentum is compelling, especially just to spend a a two terrorist Tangbi heart and Li Wei, overwhelmed, can not help but back a few steps. Square Confucianism gently shook his head, did not by Meng Xiang murderous impact, pointed to his head, and said calmly: "The head is used to want things, is not used for irrigation. Think about it, Mu FIR dead, Is there no way to do? Lord God space, can not let the reincarnation resurrection? "resurrection ... yes, can be resurrected ..." Meng Xiang murmured said: "However,Jordan SC 1 Sale, 100,000 Points I can have enough time deposits 100,000 points? "you not, but tilting the unnamed team force of the team in a short period of time, you can let Mu FIR resurrection." square Confucianism sweep everyone a , he knew what he said these words enough to represent the whole unnamed team. Reincarnation of the world, the integration is the capital of life insurance, but the integral position in the nameless team is very low. Send sub-actions are already well underway, this time to save Mu FIR, he believed that all the players do not mind the integral contribution. "Yes, on a horror film that we should have a very rich harvest, I do not mind and later convertible senior spiritual pressure." Zoro for the first time in favor of Gift Points Mu FIR in his heart, also has a very important position. Meng Xiang sighed murderous Dunxiao the body, and murmured: Jin Chengjun before, said that he wants to deprive unnamed team points, I am sure, is true, on a horror film, we have nothing. "Zhuo Los companions slightly surprised a moment, addition to square Confucianism, everyone immediately view points, then his face becomes surprise and anger. Survived the fighting, nothing, not only reincarnation disappointed, they find it unfair, that can not think. Square Confucianism calmly said: "I came back after the check points, although some loss, but we get a lot of information this later date, since the integral gone, do not we can not re-accumulation?" "Yes, as long as the slow slow accumulation, can one day save enough for 100,000 points I have to let FIR resurrection, and I gave her commitment, I want her back to the real world. "Meng Xiang is very important commitment, he must repay Mu fly child of grace. "Fool, we can no longer slow, must as soon as possible so that the Mu FIR resurrection." Square Confucian disdain said: "Sure enough, in addition to fighting, the value of your head are water. Mu Feier has not integral to reflect, we cultivate a spiritual force to strengthen, as at all costs as soon as possible so that Mu FIR resurrection as to let her return to the real world, you save and then slowly Points now to you, We will not help you, but as a horror film before Zhan Wang, Mu FIR is the key to survival of our nameless team. "Meng Xiang can not refute huge Mu FIR, her spiritual force to strengthen skills, no teams of the group off early. However, his head is like pulp stick, completely unable to thought, unknown the Bai Fangru words. However, even if the unnamed team points saved, it can not be quickly accumulating 100,000 points. Moreover, even if the team does not strengthen, but every horror film, must be converted to a variety of weapons and equipment, these points must be spent. "Brother Fang, please do not call dumb fans." Where see Meng Xiang bewildered, quickly please Confucianism that point. Square Confucianism had other ideas, he said: "team battles is the most important source of integral, but this refers only to the Lord God arranged team battles While listening to the captain said, as long as the two teams agreed to the captain, he agreed to team battles just This team battles based on revenge for the purpose, to kill enemy squad players can not earn points, so we can not groan points in this team battles. Lord God just nameless team experienced team battles with the special squad, followed by 3,4 horror film, I am afraid that can no longer be with other squad team battles the side of Confucianism, Do not talk nonsense, fast to get to the bar. "Jie-Juan Jiao Didi to smile said. Confucianism white Jie Juan one, said: "The integration of the sources, in addition to team battles, is the story line. Meng Xiang strength is very tough, double b-grade horror film should have the opportunity to complete the story line, so ..." not to say anything, they do not go on. Meng Xiang muttered, murmured: "But if our entire team to carry out the story line, and that for you, especially Tangbi heart, Li Wei is too dangerous." Tangbi heart and Li Wei reminds kill the snake story line, can not help heart scared. Not us, is you. "Out square Confucian said slowly. "I am a man? But how do you do? If we dispersed, maybe you will ..." Meng Xiang if not finished, Zoro has been interrupted. Unnamed team is not just a person you team, like on a horror film, you separate case, also can survive it? Do not like a snob, as long as doing your parts things on the line, nameless team is not a team. "Zoro angry, all of a sudden fog Meng Xiang head to break up completely. "Yes, you are strong, I do not always protect you, I can ...... whims, to take risks, to earn points ...... FIR, I must let you revive, you wait. "Meng Xiang fist grip, understood why. He is the the nameless team's main battle force, but it is not a nameless team nanny, companion growth, even if you do not rely on his companions also have the ability to protect themselves. Next, you must dig frantically story line, frantically accumulating points ...... . More to address <

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