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that proves you die you antworten

Zhang Jin trembling, he was not afraid, but excited. He screamed, the body, such as Phantom of the Opera near Sadako walk, led by gold chains with gold buckler swept and avatar Danfei beside him Sadako. He stood in front of the crowd, blocking the majority of Sadako avatar attacks. Chih-Yuan disability, reduced mobility cut a was bī back, Meng Xiang magic bullets already seeing avatar Sadako leap out, he quickly shè the shotgun Reiki, but this time the aura is not as effective to treat skull, Sadako's body Reiki is a slight pause, immediately without wonders continue to attack over. "Could Sadako avatar completely entity? Do not have to rely on the holy water can attack?" Meng Xiang Sharp mind, then a two places at once of Sadako that such Tiezhui like the sharp hand chā the over, he slightly sideways, The feet kick in its xiǎo abdomen. The avatar as Sadako ball rolling on the ground, followed by the absence of wonders to get up. Meng Xiang joyful hearts, that kick like a kick in the dirt, neither hard nor soft, but it is definitely the kind, he hastily exclaimed: "These two places at once is a complete entity, Nice, the fast speed shè machine gun sweep shè his eyes catch a glimpse of Nice pale face, holding a pistol struggling to keep Yuan Chih behind, say nothing with abdominal injuries eroded his power, Nice has no spare capacity to lift the heavy speed shè of machine guns. Zhang Jin "Crash" sound floated over the hands of gold Buckler throw Meng Xiang Fu Zhang laughed and said: "You will tell me how? Rotten shield you're holding, lost, maybe will kill captain you. "He was covered muscle ròu the skeletal" Titicaca "sound, originally relatively thin body swelled almost doubled, muscle Bengjin ròu almost bursting body clothes. Zhang Jin has opened a potential lock 2. Two potential lock through adjust muscle ròu, dig the potential power of the body, rely on the body to produce energy, such as internal forces, spiritual power, and so on, have some degree of improvement. "Deadlines.i was six pulse Excalibur Wei, the air sword stronger than the bullet penetration through several places at once Sadako body, only these magic bullets strike that is scattered avatar like a bug on the P Star, even throughout the body, there is still the ability to act. "Ha ha, six pulse Excalibur does not work, then try my nine yīn bones of the dead claw." Zhang Jin stature shaking, such as ghosts, like next to the avatar Sadako walk, he braved the coldness, like five cone into the cloned Sadako in chā head, hand twist, the "click" is heard, the head and body of the avatar Sadako has pulled separation. Yuan Chih-left block right frame, finally can not support a large blood ròu of right arm attached to the the little forearm were cloned the Sadako stamp out. Lose strength in her right arm, the go-getters throw Meng Xiang Meng Xiang being several avatar siege that he had wanted to learn Zhang Jin as waving gold buckler, but seemingly simple trick, but very imitation. Gold buckler is already extremely heavy, with a gold chain pull, if there is no strong physical strength beyond the ordinary, let alone Gongdi the quite difficult, and even dancing. Meng Xiang physique than the common people, even potential lock is turned on, the strength limit only ordinary people twice,Coach Online Bags, but his left arm has waste, barely dancing gold buckler very difficult, how can we possibly waving as round as Zhang Jin The shield can make avatar Sadako Danfei the powerful? Carrying a buckler to patrol the body, block the number of only relic cone as to stab sharp claws to issue "Dangdang" sound. Meng Xiang are struggling to frame block, unable to do anything on the occasion, Chih-Yuan threw his go-getters just to solve the question of weapons. Sharp go-getters are not under Moye, and now Meng Xiang vivo has a small amount of Reiki, Reiki go-getters like a magnet inhalation of the blade, the blade faintly glowing incandescent light. Waving his go-getters in the the Sadako body Hu luàn, Slash, such as tofu would spare the Sadako cutting, a time mutilated bodies flying everywhere Sadako limbs broken. Face an avatar Sadako stretched out his long claws grasping to Meng Xiang Meng Xiang on the potential lock, full body coordination, his light step back, go-getters swept, will spare Sadako cut into two parts. Zhang Jin not far continue to kill, his moves after another, people feel he is not in the Crue, but in performing martial arts, punched and kicked him, Sadako either shoot fly, either directly discounted. Zhang Jin getting crazy around them gas field formed faintly visible whirlwind, a little vent lù the terrible strength. Side of Meng Xiang handheld go-getters, more kill more confident, they are one after the other, form a solid wall, blocking all occurrences of Sadako siege. While the situation in the scales tilt to their side before Meng Xiang avatar Sadako cut into two parts, the upper half of a sudden float, long black hair, such as the bullwhip sweep in Crue Meng Xiang who, Meng Xiang even unlock the potential lock reaction is less than heavily back endured a whip, ragged,Coach Hotsale Clearance, back blood the fuzzy ròu, he threw himself on the ground, hurriedly scratching and scrambling away. "Whoosh!" Half of the body like some kind of force pull, and flew straight toward the direction of the dormitory. The Sadako avatar suddenly like sand scattered on the ground, leaving only looked at each other, Zhang Jin, Meng Xiang, Nice and Yuan Chih stay if wood jī. Ding Jie angrily in ruins movement over-the-counter ran, he screamed like a howl: "That in the end is how the matter? How do you engage in, why the the Sadako sudden escape?" He looks depressed to play color, even screamed, no longer as good as it did before Shengruhongzhong, clearly displaying the Lushan 100 Long Pa, has exhausted his xiǎo cosmic energy. Meng Xiang back bloody, he choked back pain, and hurried Fu Xiashen child before hand probe to Montalto Secretary nose, suddenly dumbfounded, quaver said: "He ... he's dead. Captain, this ....... how is this all about? "Ding Jie illness made Li sè, Hema loudly:" How do I know, do not you think that he is seriously injured and over died? "he bristle, murderous steaming through to necessary to fans Meng Xiang slap in the face, Zhang Jin blocking his way, composure to the sè of God said: "Captain, do not care about with xiǎo child, you are still weak in case of injury to the body, the evening's final war, we are rudderless, to how to do it? "His voice was soft,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK, but Ding Jie ear liking to, like a threat, so exhausted xiǎo cosmic energy he had to. He looked down at too weak to even stand up no effort to Nice, immediately change the subject: "Nice, difficult breathing?" Nice in Meng Xiang Chanfu to next sat up, took a deep breath before they faint said: "can breathe, just the intestinal xiǎo has bad together." "Well, that proves you die you do?" right arm forearm was dug one can barely move, but the right hand can be considered waste. "Chih-Yuan try to shake a finger, five Xianzhi very difficult to Zhang He. Ding Jie nodded, half eye did not look Meng Xiang, turned to Zhang Jin said: "think of ways to steal cars we want to get out of here." "Yes." Zhang Jin smiled and walked away. "Meng Xiang, you talk about just that is how the matter?" Ding Jie finally to find Meng Xiang residue. Meng Xiang as early as expected, immediately replied: "ideas imaging, like Sadako conjure up the tape, its ideas imaging, and even to the imaging material can instill some kind of capacity, the videotape is cursed, it can be a real body brought to earth, and avatar Sadako, has a strange power. "Ding Jie obvious that explanation unsatisfactory, but can not find a reason to refute, then asked:" that Sadako is how to kill alpine Ryuji? " the idea of ​​murder, it is clear, but this time Sadako use cloned as a cover up, its body was cut into two parts, painted holy water weapons can not kill it results that it so fell around us, leaving enough time with the force concept alpine Ryuji to kill. "Meng Xiang guess, but very reasonable. Even painted the weapons of the holy water will not be able Sadako completely kill him anxious endless. Ding Jie Shen Sadako cards too much, people keep track of. Painted holy water weapons can not kill her, because too few for the sake of holy water? "Holy water exorcism sacred objects, valued at 2,000 points, the evil spirits encountered Jimie, which is the most powerful weapon they kill Sadako, Ding Jie confidence in the role of holy water. Meng Xiang is deeply felt, but for how to kill Sadako, but he had no idea. around was filled with the smell of blood and smoke smell, collapsed buildings off the dust, still covered in the sun, the original campus full of laughter has ceased to exist. mess on the ground a the car xiǎo kicking slope from Zhang Jin is still casually laughing with his head out of the window: "I went very far stolen this car, the alarm has been sounded outside, we run away now. "[..] .. <

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