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20.05.2013 10:40
they have witnessed a red S è antworten

Standing tall on the original J ī ng stone, Nangong from a deep breath, eyes flash a J ī ng mount, his hands gently on the original J ī ng stone. "Call --" bright light suddenly burst out, the original J ī ng stone seems to be under strong stimulation generally violent shiver,Sunglasses Coach Outlet, all red light sting a dazzling. "Red S è, unexpectedly is red S è..." Rainmaker Hongfei and Rainmaker dragon two eyes suddenly excited, hands can not help but also seize the seat handle, murmured. "If my brother!" Rain Ling Fei clapped her hands,Coach OP Art, his face filled with excitement. Red S è qualification, it is one in a million genius, tribal Rainmaker long history have not one, but this time, they have witnessed a red S è grade genius. Moreover, from the original J ī ng stone that violent fluctuation, it seems that Nangong if the potential is more than these, that is the original J ī ng stone tremble for qualification. The people have eyebrows, eyes flash sigh at the same time, the center of the square of the original J ī ng stone suddenly once again gave a change. Red S è light suddenly disappeared, replace sb. Is another fantastic Black s è light. What's the matter. Rainmaker Hongfei son also do not sit again, red S è level that is the genius of existence, and in all of history have not appeared Black s è level. Who also don't know what a sign of black s è light, if why Nangong will after the red S è grade light,Coach Hotsale, into the black s è grade light again. At the same time, Nangong from center also have feelings, he felt the surging world spiritual influence follow the head Baihui was poured into the meridian. All is suddenly an earthquake, which seemed to explode in general, an unspeakable pain immediately filled out, Rao is Nangong if willpower is astonishing, could not help but also a loud cry, and fell on the ground, he lost consciousness. "The kid" -- "if brother --"...... Rainmaker Hongfei was quickly rushed past, one to fall on the ground in Nangong if hold to. "Peng --" in the Rainmaker Hongfei arm just touch Nangong if the body at the same time, a strong from Nangong if physical shock came, Rao is Rainmaker Hongfei fix for J ī ng deep, still can not help but stumbled back a few steps, just catch herself. Rainmaker Hongfei a gleam in the eyes of horror, go forward with the rain stopped dragon rain Ling Fei, some have a lingering fear of say: "do not touch him, this boy is curious!" All this just look carefully to Nangong, if the thin body, a circulation with filar silk electric snake, occasionally burst into a two bright spark. What's this about, Harvey. Rainmaker Hongfei was also frowned, who also not dare to move Nangong from, one is afraid to touch, but afraid if what the accident in Nangong. For a time, everyone is nervous to Nangong from around the center, unblinking look at his change, Rainmaker Hongfei et al is more anxious, so a genius disciple, million not so appear >

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