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> -> Chapter 415 snake nest of snakes escape the traces left too obvious, and even the rain, traces of it can not be cleaned. the www! Quanben! COM Meng Xiang full cast of "shaving" faster than the Green Goblin board a lot, already after the snake disappeared without it anyway, and gradually appeared in front of. Badly injured snake, even if it is no longer under attack, I am afraid that a few days will die, but the unnamed team to stay only three days in the thriller, in case the snake tenacious vitality really support it through days, unnamed team would be denied, so Meng Xiang had to go all out. For the the snake seriously injured, Meng Xiang kill confidence. Unfortunately, it did not, due Meng Xiang full gallop, but in front of a large swamp. Tropical rainforest swamp is not surprising, Meng Xiang eyes see the like bark rivers, sewage, and even dipped into the trunk of the tree, but due to heavy rain. In such an environment, he can not run fast, catch up had to come up with the the Green Goblin board in the top of the tree, so the easy way, but can not draw closer after the snake. Along all the serpent crushed trees, seriously injured, it is crazy to Hurricane Meng Xiang can completely effortlessly track. This chase, chase at least nearly 20 kilometers. Across the marsh, come to a sparse jungle. Ground throughout a mixed large and small pit, covered with stagnant water and mud. Snake crawling on the ground, apparently slowed down and Meng Xiang the standing the Green Goblin board has chase the snake, but one hundred meters, appeared to be to catch up. Suddenly, the the huge snake snake distant suddenly lost the trail, waterfall in the rain, hear the faint sound of "Zizi" terrible snake, it seems that this area a lot of hidden python. Because the momentum of the python is the Lord God will shield Meng Xiang can not perceive the presence of the snake, he dare not neglect, immediately slow down, standing the Green Goblin board slowly forward. The ground was rough, in some weeds dense place, a blossoming black orchids were particularly noticeable in the weed leaves. Meng Xiang habit to get into before the reincarnation of the world, in addition to the current into the horror film, but also the the thriller sequel movie to see over and over, for the Lord God in order to increase the difficulty, and sometimes some of the characters and plot of the sequel sets into the horror film, such as "The Ring", "x-men". Meng Xiang idle "Anaconda" novels all looked. This black orchid, is the blood orchid plant "Anacondas 2". This blood orchid can lead to eternal youth, also because of this, the snake's life will be greatly increased. This green water python is a with the increase in life and continue to molt grew up in biological why we have such a staggering python. "Anacondas" a total of four, each not associated the blood orchid can not appear in the Amazon rainforest, but the Lord God is the creator of the world, in order to let the story sensible to let the blood orchid appears Here is understandable. Blood orchid, also attracted the attention of Meng Xiang, "Anacondas" The second part of the plot, the blood orchid only grows in the green water python lair. He was more cautious, while engrossed guard, while slowly advancing towards the snake disappeared after. "Buzzing" sound, which mixed with the sound of "Raining Cats" water. Meng Xiang standing on the green magic board, 7,8 meters from the ground, hands,Coach Bags Outlet, Crystal, not the slightest effect. Finally, a big pit in front of Meng Xiang. This big pit width of over 50 meters, pit the growth of dense blood orchid, these blood orchids dripping drops of water, such as blood-after rain red polyester, deep blood. Meng Xiang quietly let the Green Goblin board slowly advancing in the pit and saw he was almost nauseating scene. The pit depth of 50 meters, which is filled with crimson blood, the waterside also covered with the red juice of the blood orchid, orchid, is this pit pit water red culprit. But Meng Xiang chilling, not the color of the water, but the money for the journey in the pit creatures. I saw a large and small boa constrictor wrapped around each other in the pit, the smallest snake, nearly 10 meters long and nearly 20 meters long boa constrictor, almost the whole of the pit. Some of the snake being eaten alive dying animals, some molt. This pit is simply a snake pit, looking at so many boa constrictor snake pit entangled roll, Lin Meng Xiang shudder. And the snake pit smell of fish smoked nose, even the rain can not wash, Meng Xiang can not help but over her nose. Paralysis after the snake in the snake pit, "python" coincidentally wrapped around the snake, like a child playing Johnson. But after the snake at this time of the injury is very serious, especially wear Gaussian sniper rifle burst eye damage its head, after a few days it is inevitable death. But reincarnation is not so much time. Obviously, this is the lair of the green water python, if you kill these "snake" integral, that Meng Xiang certainly earn doubled. However, before speculation, Meng Xiang estimates must be close to the 30-meter-long python can be called a green water python, only 300 bonus points. Meng Xiang careful observation of the terrain, the snake pit on both sides of a lot of big rocks, these rocks have traces of years of erosion, it is clear that the pit is made and natural. The sloppy soil,Purses Coach UK, squeezed by the huge green water python snake, coupled with rain red polyester pit close to the brink of collapse. Pit "snake" at least more than 50 Meng Xiang not a small glimpse of the strength of these "snake", so into the pit beheaded snake, maybe Meng Xiang will become the "snake" dessert. He after thinking it over, and finally decided to use explosives. In order to cope with the horror film, the unnamed team converted a lot of powerful explosives. Space bag allows all the players to enter the access password items, Han who also set a password precinct, stored inside the weapons of science and technology, medicine and other additional. Such convertible weapons, all the players can be used at any time. Meng Xiang remove the two remote-controlled bomb, careful Ji Ji hanging in the pit. Snake in the snake pit "Zizi" cried out, seems to have found the presence of Meng Xiang, Meng Xiang did not bother to bomb hanging on both sides of the snake pit, snake from the snake pit smoke snakeheads, but not crawl out, just keep throughput with his tongue. "Protect your children do? Very noble sentiments Unfortunately, in order to kill you, your children have when your grave goods." Meng Xiang underground passage in mind, step on the green magic board back slowly. Precisely because Meng Xiang is a step in the green magic board, so I can not perceive the ground is slightly trembling ... "roaring" two explosions shook the ground Juzhen the the endless, remote-controlled bomb is powerful bomb, the snake pit how can I by afford such a powerful shock, hanging in the pit of mud and rock collapse at the same time, the entire snake pit filled, the blink of an eye. Snake after severe shock earthquake under the snake pit, but its power is too strong, actually withstand the rocks and mud, desperately drilled out from the snake pit, but its body was seriously injured, the effort is also weakened by a rock only to drop the wound, dying. "Pop" a jet of water ejected from the mouth of the snake, which channel the water column and the rain of heaven a contact, then Jumping bursts of white mist. Even if the injury is so heavy still desperately to fight back, let Meng Xiangpei clothing endless. Meng Xiang has already seen the stakes of the etching solution in the snake, even Zoro's spiritual pressure can not resist, he did not want the destruction of valuable green magic board, so put away the green magic board, launched by Emmanuel defense the holding days Akiko sword bypass the water column, an arrow as to the snake pit Biao in the past. Regardless of the pressure in the snake pit of pythons have not been killed, Meng Xiang at this time there is no choice, only Combat.You, to kill the snake as soon as possible after the completion of the task. The snake snake scales extremely tough, very tenacious vitality, the the Melee risk of very large. Fortunately, the snake is already a spent force, Meng Xiang boldly give it a try. Slash fatal injury can not give the snake, Meng Xiang changed the thorns, and the attack focused on the snake head and neck snake snake. All of a sudden, Meng Xiang cast the king of boxing, like a ball of blue fire around the snake scurry, speed, almost into a ball Agni, the snake around the middle burning moxibustion. Snake small part of him was buried in the snake pit, its purpose is to protect the pit of the "snake", so it is the strongest attack - brittle stars,Air Jordan UK, can not play power only emitting corrosive liquid, in an attempt to drive away the Meng Xiang. Motherhood is great, this is the reason Meng Xiangpei service snake Otherwise, if the snake to escape, he probably was with the snake and later a marathon chase. . . More to address <

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