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20.05.2013 10:33
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Although the crow and Fu Liansheng are dead, but their deaths, but looked very strange. Police believe the two wanted to die, behind which there must be some implicated clues, but now a dead in the frontier, another was killed in a car accident, the scene is not available on the traces, and add the two person's identity is special, are foreign businessmen, and and some things on the road no grudges are implicated, the police investigation is very trouble. Because the case is very complex, coupled with the recent events, there are also the two personal shadow, and because of this two people dead, the relevant departments did not seem to want to continuing education further,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, it also temporarily ends. However, affected by the events of the day, in the business, some enterprises or by crowning calamity attack. The recent stock market downturn, especially relates to the cunning criminal group in the industry chain, in addition to summer and be the first to bear the brunt of Hai Sen,cheap jordan shoes, controlled by the yips enterprise, as well as outstanding enterprises outside the day, also affected in some other phase relates to the enterprise in our country. Of course, people did not know that behind these enterprises have two family industry chain of the shadow, they only know, these enterprises in the event of fluctuations, assets are forced to freeze settlement, the equivalent of bankruptcy. Only the most controversial or was influenced by two forces control the yips enterprise. When Yip enterprises annexed,nike air jordan, many people marvel at the strange case of Kung Fu is not the rebirth of the political wind the latest chapter. Yip enterprises rapid access to a large number of capital supplement and filling up in dry blood, can be said to make the dead come back to life, and to participate in the project future group industrial reserve base investment, and on the list, and even got to other enterprises coveted project. At that time, it caused a lot of ginseng business dissatisfaction, suspected that there was a covert operation. But after the incident occurred, Yip enterprises again like balloon was blown up, suddenly suddenly being poked a hole and fade down again. At the same time because of the impact of this incident enterprises, have also been banned their fight for the project, which is once again give the business a chance of fair competition. And now ye company were questioned. Also immediately disappear in smoke, many unaffected enterprises also pay no attention to, their focus is on the future group suspended industrial reserve base investment projects and after the rectification, and there are several very good project were empty, they can take advantage of this important opportunity in these to tender the project smoothly with these projects. Thus, although this matter in the whole business in Dangqi a ripple, the aftermath of which makes a part of enterprises encounter the winter invasion and went bankrupt, or is the big fish eat up. But shopping malls such as the battlefield, often fail or be swallowed several enterprises, but also is nothing new, already be accustomed to people, after the fallout, soon restored calm. But people know. Future group in this case although reported by the media after the incident, have also been affected.

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