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and then potentially curative antworten

> Chapter 406 into the lost domain companions practice, strength rose, it would have been something to be happy. Meng Xiang was not the taste, for his own sake, in order to unnamed team, he will not be the same strong, so wait until all the companions returned to the room after the break, he sat alone in the Lord God sofa space, to the Lord God will one spirits, a salt-baked chicken feet, a person eating up. A white light shot down from the Lord God space, is the Mu FIR. She wants Tangbi heart chat, but found Meng Xiang Menjiu, can not help but care, came softly said: "Meng brother,New Arrivals Coach Sale, why drink here, Hey, this is the spirits of northern China, a very high degree, why drink this? "No way, I've been reborn, a lot of physical strength, do not drink, it is difficult to get drunk." Meng Xiang sigh loudly, drained the cup of wine. Mu FIR sat down at his side to help him, and got a glass of wine, and then departed again own cup filled with a glass of understanding to say: "a drink boring? I accompany you to drink." Then, she light the glass to his mouth took a sip, then cough again and again. "Haha, spirits, real world China's northern residents is to drink, spicy,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, you drink not used to." Then, Meng Xiang face a dark belly full glass of spirits drink, gently pull the with Mu FIR shook his hand. Mu fir flattered, flushed, bowed his head in shame Ni, but the face is covered with a happy expression. FIR, I said to you back to the real world, however, this month into the story world practice lack of progress in this progress, let alone save enough for 100,000 Credits very difficult, even if you want to continue to live . "Meng brother, you do not say so, even here, I ....... I am also very happy." Mu the FIR pulled Meng Xiang stout and strong hands gently swaying body gently suffer Meng Xiang shoulder, leaning slightly hot. Goddess heart, no intention Xiangwang, and Meng Xiang mind is not here, not even aware of the to Mu FIR changes in the body. His wound, suddenly stood up, the Mu Feier positive pupil dream love them, suddenly lost rely almost necessary to throw on the sofa. FIR, come with me once lost domain, this is my last chance, my spirit, only there was no distractions, where to enter the spiritual world, I absolutely can beat my demons. "" Lost domain? That good Yeah, you even heaven to hell, I will go with you. "Mu FIR Introduction wrong after language, stood up and took Meng Xiang hand, the two kick into the side of Confucianism space. Side of Confucianism space was transformed into a research room, after the 3-day study, the dream machine has been manufactured. He was repeatedly sneaked into the trial of the first layer of the dream, and change the amount of the dream machine, the dream machine is almost perfect. After listening to Meng Xiang decision, square Confucian thought for a moment then said: "Do you have the determination, commendable, but I still say the same thing - you do not have too impatient, we still have a lot of time." "You're right , but I believe you are aware, our Lord God space is growing, as the Horror difficult to improve, if the same strong companion mortality will become increasingly high In addition, in the event group fights, especially with the home team or special squad team battles, we may not like the times you can get out, "Meng Xiang bite the bullet and said:" I can not stop before, must break through the bottleneck as soon as possible. "side of Confucianism put down live from the refrigerator and took two vitamin drink, drink branch, and one handed Mu FIR, and then said: "You seem to drink spirits, wine there is truth, it seems you really made up determination. fact, you do not have to care about our life and death, we are a stepping stone for you to grow, so I think our death or cause irritation to you, you broke through. "" If the cost of the companion's death, I prefer to venture into the lost domain. "Meng Xiang has always been the case, he would rather own adventure, do not want the great trust to others, so that others adventure. Because of this heart, so even if distant Zhan Wang, he would also like the reincarnation of the world with their own efforts to uncover fraud, at least, he wants to become the protagonist of this force. In this way, he was worthy of its own, then they would feel the Haotian great trust is not the trust inhuman. I understand your character, the more dangerous the bet, the more you crazy Well, anyway, I have developed potentially curative out, although it took nearly 4,000 points, but this amount is sufficient for you to enter the lost domain 100 you today nights rest, tomorrow Mu FIR accompany you lost domain "Mu FIR spiritual power intensive, you can feel free to wake up in the dream, so lost field trip, she must go,Coach Handbags Sale, otherwise, Meng Xiang once lost domain lost nature, that when he woke up, maybe in the lost domain to spend tens of millions of years, has become an idiot. Mu fir fully not worry about the dream trip, but sort of look forward to, after all this time she Meng Xiang two into the lost domain. She admired Li Wei and Han Drama World Tour where she would also like Meng Xiang only two of them in a local sweet to live together, as in "Death to the" ....... In order not to companion worry, this dream trip Meng Xiang did not tell companions. The next day, when Meng Xiang Mu FIR came to the side Confucianism room, has become a comfortable five-star Presidential Suite. The fall asleep Yang placed in the suite's carpet, intricate connection with the dream machine is connected. Going to go into the first layer of the dream, you holding hands at the same time commit suicide, you can enter the lost domain but lost domain, you have to keep in mind the purpose of your identity and go to remember the dream is illusory, or, Once lost, you will be trapped in the lost domain, even if the wake, and could become an idiot, even the Lord God can not fix. "square Confucianism seems the face is not the fact that the eyes faint infiltration exposed a worried look. "Rest assured, FIR in, not nervous." Meng Xiang Mu Feier lying on the carpet, Confucianism then, the dream machine cable stick in their body, and then potentially curative into the cup, pour boiling water delivery give two: dosage allows you sleeping for 5 minutes, 5 minutes, even if you kill, you will not wake up after 5 minutes, I will wake you up, you look out for themselves. "" Well, do not worry "Meng Xiang looked at Mu FIR smiled and drank a cup of syrup. Fang Ru start the machine, only two felt the immediate scene of a switch, has become a big city hotel room. The room is nothing out of the window, but the faint sound of the waves and the noisy sound. Meng Xiang a look out of the window, turned out to be a beach, the beach full of people, it is clear that the parties Confucianism trouble, for the construction of the sea, sand and a hotel beach, beach, Meng Xiang projection figure. The room was empty, and just right for the suicide. Meng Xiang Mu FIR pulled out a gun, he quips: "In such an environment, suicide is really good, FIR, you are afraid of you? Error-free." Mu FIR pointing a gun at his head, shame ni : "As long as you go I is not afraid of" good, then we ... "" pop "or two gunshots loud, he was out at the noise of masks. The lost domain is the deepest human consciousness, here is almost empty, leaving only the projection into the common people the most profound thing. Meng Xiang Mu FIR was still very light, in the deepest sense is still blank, so show in Mu FIR Meng Xiang in front of a vast expanse of land, the sky is blue, the sun bright non-speech dazzling. In other words, of Meng Xiang Mu FIR deepest awareness, only heaven and earth. Meng Xiang felt only stumbled consciousness, the mind can think of, just in front of heaven and earth, as drowsily dream, can not think, do not know where their own ...... "Meng Brother, this place is too open , I think here the construction of a part of our city, and then always happy to live here. "Mu FIR innocent, the ground in front of her, suddenly turned into a straight concrete roads," Here, I want to build a playground. "Saying this, in front of them, a Disney amusement park emerging from the ground. "Yes, here can be arbitrary, we can live free of fear." <

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