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> Chapter 392 the emperor's strength early dawn to see the sun, but light up the sky, people still feel a little Balmy. the WWW, qUAnBEn com side Confucianism guess this point, as he said, as long as it is still alive, they will always get an answer, and the only way to solve the problem is to increase the strength. New story characters yawned have to wake up, they do not know anything about last night. Whether it is new, or Tangbi heart and Li Wei, they have not enough mind loading so people dismayed information the Han who do not intend to tell them the secret of the reincarnation of the world. Meng Xiang already know the old springs, reincarnation no longer need to rely on the hands of Qin Shi Huang Eye of Shangri-La to lead the way, so plan to change. Confucianism side said, the best way is to blow up the mark, so that the Qin Shi Huang does not find any old springs, unable to regain strength, so that we can more easily kill him. But juncture Where? If you look for from heaven, at least find a good few days, so the side of Confucianism, they put the plans on hold. Know mark the location of General Yang, though he has hundreds of army protection, but for reincarnation, these forces even the ass not like, so the most effective way to prevent the emperor's, is the eradication of General Yang. Now, the reincarnation of the plan are: on the way to set up an ambush to kill the emperor with General Yang. Waging war in the snow, whether it is for a new story protagonist is too dangerous, so the party the Confucian decided to let them stay here. Reincarnation of the world is not a safe place, and while for spend a horror film Tangbi heart Li Wei, their strength is too weak, guarded by the two of them. Of course, square Confucianism secretly confessed, in the event of unusual circumstances, the two of them must first story protagonist to safety, it is not to save at least 1 person. Because the the story protagonist trailer, they will be deducted 8,000 Points to maybe many companions as negative points are the Lord God denied. The Tangbi heart and Li Wei has the ability to fly,Coach Bags Online, even if there is snow jump, is not difficult to save them, square Confucianism is very reassuring to leave the task entrusted to them both. Mu FIR by the spiritual power scan, know in advance the emperor's whereabouts, and then in front of a few hundred meters, reincarnation ambush on both sides of the mountainside. Not weak because the power of the five elements of Qin Shi Huang, Fang Ru the first ambush goal should be General Yang, three rapid-fire machine guns ready,Coach Sunglasses Online, and Mu FIR Gaussian sniper rifle, aimed directly at General Yang. Valley, soldiers of the Qin Shi Huang and Yang General hiking mountaineering. Qin Shi Huang holding Bi Blue Eye of Shangri-La, General Yang with his side around them, full of soldiers armed with firearms, a pedestrian mighty forward. Distance of less than 100 meters, Mu FIR targeting General Yang, "bang", shaking gunfire silence to break the snow-capped mountains, electromagnetic bomb piercing out, draw a track in the snow. It stands to reason that even reincarnation, in such a close distance face Gaussian sniper rifle shooting, must be before the shoot, with the instinct of the induction of a sense of crisis in advance to avoid the only chance to escape the shooting. Mu FIR guns, 100 can kill General Yang. However, when the bullets close to General Yang, there are more than 30 meters, the entire surrounding sounded very harsh tearing sound, then the electromagnetic bomb powerful explosion occurred in mid-air. Reincarnation is puzzled around Qin Shi Huang and Yang generals around 30 m thick layer of metal wall appear out of thin air. These huge metal wall like without gravity effects like floating on one side the electromagnetic bomb hit, broke a more than 20-meter-deep hole. So amazing scene indeed beyond the expectations of reincarnation, although long known that the emperor can manipulate the power of the five elements, but can not think he can create a huge metal wall as protection, and by creating a protective barrier in the instant before the attack . In other words, the emperor also has a sense of crisis perception. Qin Shi Huang a pair of stone eyes glared into the distance, eyeing Mu FIR, together with Mu FIR, is square Confucianism Jie Juan. "Mu Feier, launched by 'the wall of the heart'" side of Confucianism cried. Suddenly, the snow fibrillation, the next second, an icicle emerging from the snow, almost no place to hide. Mu fir in a timely manner to expand the wall of the heart, so icicles down not hurt reincarnation. Meng Xiang on the other side, Zoro and Korea where Seeing this, know that the assassination failed, they immediately launched an offensive. 3 as an arrow along the mountainside flee to the valley, submachine gun in hand then pull the trigger. Is still at the mountainside Jie Juan and Confucianism were not idle, rapid-fire machine guns bombarded hair. All of a sudden, shots rain, without a break, in the valley bursts echo. General Yang's soldiers immediately returned fire, but the bottom simply do not cover the 100 soldiers like off-the-shelf gun rake, and instantly be destroyed. Qin Shi Huang's strength is stronger than just resurrected a lot, Meng Xiang, who has not yet when he went, the ground is no longer smoke icicles, but the ice wall. Heavy ice wall around the whole valley a strong and growing, they squeeze past. However, a mere wall of ice persevering got Meng Xiang, Zoro and Korea where? Crazy Zoro laughed, the left hand to the face, a mortgage, a skull mask appears, his mouth wide open, like a cannonball shot eight virtual flash series, the ice wall suddenly blown to scattered on the ground. Zoro right hand to touch his face, the mask immediately get rid of. This is Zoro penance results - instant virtual, virtual time is very short, a maximum of only 3 seconds. Because the virtual mind gradually contamination, dehumanize, Zoro must uncover the mask, otherwise, you will lose yourself. Albeit momentary blur, but the power of virtual flash unabated, a mere wall of ice suddenly falling to pieces. Qin Shi Huang and Yang generals re-appear in front of everybody when Korea who has projected +5 spear throwing speed and strength, he convertible senior magic, and continue through the power of the original of penance, the projected double c-level weapons almost exactly the same. Spear speed is faster than a speeding bullet, "whoosh" sound, a silver direct General Yang, appeared to pierce the General Yang,Jordan Spizike Sale, who knows the hand of a Young Qin Shi Huang, spears suddenly veer off course to the left, skirting the General Yang side injection of the iceberg in the distance. At this point, the power of the Qin Shi Huang manipulate the five elements gradually enhanced, common metal weapons has been difficult on his threat. Meng Xiang followed after grown faster, but is ready to hand, suddenly the foot of a soft snow on the ground thick ice had suddenly into the water, Meng Xiang kick Ta, almost necessary to fall off under a last resort, only to stop. Issued by the Emperor's mouth as bestial shriek, and his cry response, such as tsunami-like "Raining Cats" Peak sound, I saw the top of the hill snow rolling down, full steam ahead, no no no can put a stop had. Avalanche. Qin Shi Huang manipulate the force of the water line to the ice into the water or in the snow-capped mountains cause avalanche is an easy task, he accounted geography, reincarnation here with his battle suffered a major loss. Here is the bottom, hundreds of tons of snow pressure down is not a joke. Gust sky, Qin Shi Huang took Yang generals in the past flew away. "Zoro, South Korea where, took me." Meng Xiang cried and pulled out a green magic board from sodium ring, pulling the two take-off 10 meters, and the entire Valley of Dayton, and instantly buried in snow, hilltop plot snow like suddenly stripped rocks, snow wave after wave of pressure, high whenever snow full fill the bottom floors thickness of 1 meter the Green Goblin board rise by 1 meter, the final snow 20 meters until the entire top of the hill without any snow avalanche came to a halt. Obviously, the emperor is not so simple to launch avalanche, he was the direct control of adhesion the hilltop stone surface thick ice snow, so that they peel off dumping, if not have a the Green Goblin board in any environment Soars 10 meters, Meng Xiang To escape this avalanche is not easy. Chaos, Qin Shi Huang virtue of the power of the control popular already with General Yang fly missing, also means the ambush reincarnation completely failed. They could not imagine, Qin Shi Huang resurrection two days alone, the strength has been so tough, once he drank old springs to who can beat him? Jie Juan took Mu Feier square Confucianism before the avalanche fly through the air, and there is no injured three people landed at the bottom, just recall instantly grips with the emperor, can not help but secretly horrified. . . More to address <

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