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> Chapter 383 Shangri-La cave inside some twists and turns, and the dark, thanks to Meng Xiang holding light beads, the entire cave shone bright. wWw, quaNBen, COm Wendigo in front of stride, sometimes twisting head looking at Meng Xiang, like fear Meng Xiang walked out. Meng Xiang self-sustaining the Hotshot,, and Wendigo strange behavior curious in front like strange attraction of the shares will be attracted to him in the past. Search for the latest updates do go for a long time in the cave, road obliquely downward, Meng Xiang has been estimated to the foot of a mountain, in other words, he is now the sierra. So deep into the mountains, the surrounding air is very fresh, the front came faintly floral bird rain. "Shangri-La?" Meng Xiang mind, bang out the four words. In accordance with the original movie, the Shangri-La is the hidden inside a mountain in the Himalayan snow-capped mountains, like the ideal world, the whole mountain inside hollowed out, showing a fresh and pleasant Buddha Worship Wonderland. Meng Xiang into the mountains inside, and Shangri-La are very similar. Of course, this is just Meng Cheung intuition. Waiting in front of him in the end is it? An aroma nostrils front of the Wendigo have disappeared in the corner of the front of the faint breeze, Meng Xiang feel very comfortable. He quickened his pace, went to the corner, all themselves. Presented in front, is no longer a vast expanse of snow, more than pieces of debris rotten watts, but a very broad, covered with mountains and streams, green leaves over and over in Wonderland. Bird humming a sweet voice, greenwood animal vocalization, this wonderland full of life. Bursts of white mist distant looming mountains, the sky and clouds a buoyant, blue sky sometimes present. Meng Xiang stare, here is a Mountains, how can another world? I wonder if that is the region of space behind the mountains? That's not right, it is outside late at night, full of vast snow, temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees, how could there be such a vast green forest growth? Those running water, why not freeze? Meng Xiang drew a deep breath, I just feel the aroma inhalation of stomach dissolves into force before the mind chaos will be removed. Buddha? "Meng Xiang bulging watching the distant stands a golden statue of a seat, the distinct shape of the statue of the Buddha statue to scale up to 80 meters, these statues." Furans Amitabha, Amitabha furans. " the bursts Ruoyouruowu the Buddha's words got Meng Xiang ears, Meng Xiang felt like being in the clear river which the world is tired of floc emotional wiped out. Meng Xiang try to track the source of the Buddha's words, however, but no idea, even the Buddha's words in the end is really the sound, or illusion, he could not tell. "Xiu Xiu ......." in front of the Wendigo twisting head impatiently waved to Meng Xiang, motioned him to keep pace with Bangladesh. Xiang unlock the potential lock 3, confirmed here and there is no danger, then strode up with Meng Xiang task is to monitor the General Yang Qin Shi Huang, and thus leave his post there is something wrong. Meng Xiang will be walking from sodium ring took out his soul to talk of going to tell the Confucian their present position, who knows the spiritual call fails completely, simply can not contact the side of Confucianism mind talk is a direct spiritual call props, ignoring the distance and the environment, but living in Wonderland Meng Xiang actually not through dialogue with the outside call, which makes Meng Xiang was very surprised since to them, the security, since it has been entered, Meng Xiang they intend to take a closer look, anyway, General Yang Qin Shi Huang in the middle of the night can not have what action Meng Xiang undergo little effect. followed by Wendigo down the hill,Coach OP Art, into the mountains where the trees are bushes, covered with flowers and fruit, Meng Xiang had never seen anything like this attractive berries, could not help but pick a *** the fruit, under a bite, incense aroma, sweet juice into the pit of the stomach, I felt full of energy. Could it be, this is the fruit cents? through the jungle to a hill the foot of the hill more than 30 meters, while mountain bare, covered with grass, while the other side, were abruptly Xiaoduan, with a lifelike statues and sculptures such a huge Buddha statue, Meng Xiang is confident even in the real world is also unique and Buddha like exudes some kind of strange feeling, Meng Xiang felt his heart as water, bursts of Buddha's words, as distributed from the Buddha itself out, and constantly drilling Meng Xiang ears, chaotic thoughts Mengxiang Ling Shu Li Xiu Xiu ..... "front of Xueguai around the foot of the mountain, and constantly turned anxiously waved to Meng Xiang Meng Xiang feel very strange, while alert, while walking to the Wendigo the past. 16 Wendigo then spread out, the thing that catches the eye Meng Xiang Buddha statue at the foot of the cliff on a 40 cm square hole inside jingled "Xiu Xiu" weak voice. Wendigo " creak ",Jordan Take Flight Sale, pointing to the square hole barking Meng Xiang hearts a move quickly on the square hole inside the light beads through Chi-white shot, I saw the depths of the square hole, two white domesticated hen feet stretched on the go, sometimes rocking the weak voice issued from the inside. Meng Xiang immediately understand, turned to Wendigo asked: "your children stuck, can not be returned to drill into the square hole, so they want me to help pull it out? "Wendigo" Xiu Xiu "nodded, face pleading look. Wendigo humane, to human requests rescued strange snow is not surprising. Square hole like that huge body of the building vents, Wendigo can not drill into the human drilling to but Zhuozhuo Meng Xiang smiled, anyway, come here, save the Wendigo is little effort to do, he took the beads of light from the square hole to crawl, has been climbing for nearly 20 meters came the snow monster stuck farther to climb, the more narrow the square hole, Meng Xiang body is not too strong, and unlock the potential lock 2, free to control the muscles, solid muscle contraction, and out of the way he gently pulled the feet of the snow monster, little by little, pull back the snow monster in front of Xiu Xiu called, but seems to know someone is to save it, so do not tamper with Bangladesh. Xiang pull back 2,3 m, with the square hole is getting wide, snow strange can easily be pulled out. Meng Xiang strange snow pulled out of square hole, the snow monster "Xiu Xiu" yelled a jump hop around Meng Xiang, very pleased wide and fast like snow monster was put out, around the Wendigo joy, pointing to the square hole of around Meng Xiang Xiu Xiu called Meng Xiang did not know where they are say anything, but his eyes swept the little holes, dark deep hole, it seems a wonderful feeling faint transmission side hole is a square, and very standard, length and width is 40 cm, the hole the more in-depth square hole narrowed by a certain percentage, but the wall is flattened square hole, certainly not from natural who such a huge Buddha statue sculpture on the hillside? And who dug at the foot of the Buddha so a square hole? curiosity Meng Xiang Union to give birth to the urge to take a closer look. the Wendigo around Meng Xiang Xiu Xiu "called, they took snow strange hand drill hobbled down into the jungle and disappeared in the Meng Xiang immediate, left face sluggish Meng Xiang embarrassed standing on the foot of the mountain, almost to tears. "Crash, really ungrateful, even if you do not repay me, nor should I stay here Yeah. "Meng Xiang Samsam said to himself, then turned to stare at the square hole, bite the bullet, once again pulled out a light bead drilled into the square hole hidden secret, do not know do not know got into the square hole there is no danger, but Meng Xiang decided to venture to explore and he is such a person, unaccompanied expedition brought him excitement than happy to do everything. drilled more than 30 meters along the square hole, square hole has been very narrow, even Meng Xiang body muscle contraction is very thin, it is difficult to move forward. Meng Xiang sigh a sigh of relief,Coach Handbags, was about to exit the square hole of a sudden, a surge of relentless suction constantly pulling him, so that he could not make way. Meng Xiang really regret very late, do not we should trapped within the square hole? him doing all hold back, the body not only did not retreat, but was kind of suction pull forward more than 10 cm, wall friction forearm, faint ache. Meng Xiang, By surprise, also refused to take so many, the combination of two powerful aura of the palm of your hand, and constantly caught digging the wall to his current grip, even with bare hands dug at the foot of the tunnel is also an easy task, but the hole wall hardness than steel hard, Meng Xiang perfusion Reiki fingers, not only did not scratch the wall, but ruptured finger was bleeding ........ <

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