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price of the card between antworten

> Movement of Tangbi heart nerve flexible body flexible and strong, suitable for melee classes to strengthen. wWw, quaNBen, COmy but she likes extreme sports "up to" self-awareness is very strong. Korea where a continuous several intensive recommended to her, she can not refuse. "I want an ability to diversify, and by fighting or replaced at any time capabilities, this is only challenging, but also through their own efforts to improve combat capability." Tangbi heart speaks his own requirements, which makes Han Where a very difficult position. Meng Xiang had to deal with Ding Jie, the strengthening of the armor deep research. He had an idea, immediately said: "Han Fan, I remember have a facelift magic, in the battle to replace the equipment and weapons, and the ability to use different belong to a culture-intensive, it should meet the requirements of Tangbi heart. "facelift magic? interesting. captain brother, what kind?" age of Tangbi heart teenage less than Korea where her character more open, direct selling Meng up, kicking up clouds of Mu Feier Yanzui, laughing. Dressup Magic indeed meet your requirements, replace the significance of the weapons and the like, I suggest you to exchange this one. "The Han who handed Enhanced books and turn to dress up the magic that a, Tangbi heart eyes suddenly become fanaticism, immediately opened their enhanced book, read it carefully read: exchange, dress magic - Knight, replace the armor with specialized weapons, ha ha, it is too difficult for me. "Han Where do nothing with a wry smile: Tang Bi heart, and expectations are too high. each facelift exchange, and expensive and you have to practice another martial art can play combat power ..... Korea where the words did not say End, Tangbi heart Bunai tired, Chen Dao: "I decided to exchange this." facelift good magic, which also has to fly with armor, is a potential for very large magic to strengthen. "side of Confucianism, head no lift, like himself, bang this sentence. "I also agree with the side Confucianism, Tangbi heart on conversion of this." Meng Xiang smiled and said he knew strengthen exchange like, tend to be most suitable for them. Korean Fan smile: "Well, the conversion of this exchange Magic Knight physical value of 3000 points, a c-class story line, another set of facelift should be converted, you have a total more than 6000 points, the first exchange species of flying armor, enough points, we can help you fill it. "" Thank you. "Tangbi heart eyes ejected fanaticism, and say thank you in the mouth, the eyes has been staring at strengthening book. Black feather armor, with Heijian can fly much faster than Jie Juan Angel Yu Ji, the biggest advantage of this set of armor you can instantly focus on to enhance the destructive force of the blow, the drawback is that after the strike, you must There is little time to buffer recovery. Set of armor, the value of 5000 points, a b-level story extension. Tangbi heart more than 6000 points, not enough exchange, South Korea where they gave her 3000 points and a c-level story extension. Square Confucianism, such return gnawing action of the nose, but the Korean Fan porting the identity of the captain, the music is not he. Black Feather Armor simply as a bat suit, black armor Wu Wu, also has a pair of bat-like wings to fly. The unnamed team a flying strong, a great benefit for the next Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Himalayan Snow Adventures. Li Wei looked at the wear the black feather armor Tangbi heart, eyes are full of envy and unwilling the Tangbi yearned Han Van sell Meng is a little angry, but this sentiment is slightly now disappearing, she said softly: "Captain, I should strengthen what skills it? "Li Wei ...... do you think you are suitable for the kind of skills?" Han who asked the same softly. Li Wei face slightly red,Air Jordan 4 Sale, seem to hear Han Savannah softly speak a little shy for her wallowing in the real world social corporate executives of several years, even she herself did wonder. "I want to exchange some fast, effective and strong purpose magic child read a cartoon heroine inside seems to be called by different cards to swap out different magic, that exchange that ....." the, Ku Luoka magic, but this magic ability to protect themselves, you determine the conversion of this? "Han Where care to ask, because the Ku Luoka magic and magic, all according to Laikuluoka to cast different magic, regardless of defense or attack, is far less than the spell magic, magic conversion price is relatively cheap. "Captain to protect you on the line." Li Wei, a faint smile, seems to be careless words, double face suddenly red "shabu" sound. "Yo, little beauty took a fancy to our captain?" Jie Juan Li Wei's expression, to see through her mind. There. Li Wei big embarrassment, almost want to go back to their own space Li Wei, a young age got on the location of the corporate executives, in addition to strength, half because she is good at dealing with interpersonal relationships. Purpose of her close to Korea where , because of the Korean captain who, accompanied by his side, at least security is guaranteed, but a few times to see Tangbi yearned Han van sell Meng, see Korean of Where Tangbi heart care, she was actually some kind of strange feeling, feeling, in addition to jealousy, there is another emotion - love Li Wei is a rational person, never believed in love at first sight, so she tried to suppress, immediately open strengthen book, change the subject, said: "Ku Luoka magic it? Need magic constitution, the Ku Luoka magic skills, magic, after which they exchange Kuluo Ka, how so complicated? "Is not complicated. Han Where do the responsibility of the captain, the patient Couguo head, pointing to strengthen the book explains: "Do not look to the conversion of so many conditions, but the magic constitution only need 1000 points, Ku Luoka magic skills 1500 Credits primary magic 3000 points, after the Ku Luoka conversion price,Nike Air Jordan Womens, according to the different types of cards. But at least 10 kinds of conversion price of the card between the integral of 1, you now have more than 8,000 points, a one-off exchange to strengthen, Li Wei Lian Lu happy, do not know because I heard they have enough points,Nike Jordan Spizike, or because Korea came over to speak, her shame Ginny smiled and said: "I Exchange 5500 Points ....." If completed, the Lord God cast a Li Wei, shrouded in a white, less fleeting, her hand of a Young, a The support is very cartoon magic stick in her right hand. "Then I want to exchange which Ku Luoka?" Kuluo Ka is a card, a total of 52, with the poker corresponding to each card has a name, which seal wizard or magic, only the exchange and enough magic to unlock the seal the performer to magic. Meng Xiang jack said: "Now that we've always wanted to fly strong, either on the first convertible to fly with magic card?" Stare Li Wei Meng Xiang a, it seems strange that he speak out of turn. Meng Xiang bewildered, do not know what was wrong, but he is not stingy, laugh it off. "Flight of the card, Xiang card? Ah, exchange only need 1000 points, the price is reasonable." Han who turned around and said softly: "So we chose Exchange Xiang card the rest of the points, you strengthen the nervous reaction properties, so that the reincarnation of the world at least the ability to save your life. "" Well. "Li Weixin contingent promised,, the Ku Luoka a poker has appeared in her left hand. She Xiang card gently throw light incantations, the right hand of the magic crutch to the Ku Luoka on a putt, having a light breeze then spread, the crutch the end of her hand then give birth to a pair of wings. Li Wei sitting on crutches, such as animation witch riding a broom flying over the space in the Lord God. Xiang card rely on crutches to fly, but the next one horror film can certainly play a huge role, the reincarnation to see over two beautiful fairy floating gently, to ride out the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with confidence. . . Unlimited cycle of terror 374 exchange and strengthening <

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