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> Evolutionary night magic, night devil, have spiritual power similar to the wall of the heart "defense to a powerful force to destroy this layer of defense film, even Meng Xiang also impossible. Www qUanbEN the com _AT_ the chapter lonely Hand DA8 However, this layer of defense film, just like balloons as the spirit of the defense force field, which is hollow, the level is far less than the wall of the heart, so once several tons heavy sediment give this layer of defense film continuing oppression Night Magic will definitely be pressed into a mess. Meng Xiang magic through several evolutionary night after this encounter experience and come up with killing evolutionary Night Magic. Once this method fails, not only Robert and Anna, the majority of players in the team certainly can not escape the sinking. On thousands Night Magic and the spiritual power of the mutated animals encircled them, in addition to flying or burrowed in the open spaces of the only hill, there is no way to escape. As a precaution, the Korean who never waste excess power to try to restore the magic of the best state. The evolution of the power of magic night too large, they are sand and mud cover, in case dig up the sediment before the defense film is pressure to wear, even if only to escape one might also cause fatal injuries to the team,Air Jordan 1, so he must projection. Just the metal plate of the projector, but too Shankeng, he can not be projected larger metal plate, so Han who must think of other methods ...... night drew on, hillsides covered with Network Rail, the Peak gathered in addition to Juan Jie, Mu FIR, Meng Xiang, Zoro everyone outside. Their hands are holding grenades and firearms, quivering waiting for the coming of the night magic. Not long ago, the distance has been heard bursts of gunfire. Juan Jie Mu FIR in heaven can afford to shoot, just around too wide, even thousand of biological variation in aggregate, too fragmented, and their speed is too fast, rapid-fire machine gun in Mu Feier also can not reduce the number of organisms. But before dark, Jie Juan Mu FIR has identified a number of evolutionary Night Magic - 12. Each only led several male night magic and more than 10 female magic night, and then is dozens of variation vicious dog and other animals. Mutated animals and female night magic, almost without wisdom, but they seem the same night devil spirit of sharing, by night the devil instructions. Mutated animals and night magic constitute a disciplined army, concentrated in the west and south-west and spread out, it seems like reincarnation tear in one fell swoop. yd12 evolutionary Night Magic, this number is no trivial matter. Meng Xiang even hear this annoying, both physically and mentally can not help but be shocked. Night magic strength comparable to the potential of locking two strong male night magic strength is not under a strong potential lock, in other words, in their circumference, is nearly equal to 12 reincarnation of the world subordinates squad in the siege them. Meng Xiang and Zoro departure, they did not dare depth danger, had to kill mutated animals around, the event of evolutionary night magic even male night magic siege to them, they scurry around the hills in an attempt will be distributed evolutionary night the magic twisted into vigor. Fortunately, even the night the devil, not necessarily how its wisdom, originally seemingly orderly army, Jie Juan Mu FIR Meng Xiang and Zoro's trouble, has been very messy. "Zoro, you first step down, and I'll traction admitted to the night of magic." And Meng Xiang loudly shouted to not far Crue Zoro. While two of them by the Mu fir guidelines, to avoid the night of the devil, Zoro's strength, however, as Meng Xiang, even in the face the male magic night of the siege, overwhelmed, already panting, night magic off channeling around the mutated animals to catch up. Meng Xiang display their shaved four evolutionary night magic beneath the East hide the West channeling, "shabu" is heard, the head of the male side of the magic night, and cut down. If there was no night magic in the open spaces, resulting in the containment of the potential, Meng Xiang "shaved" to escape the the night magic attacks Zhuozhuo. Zoro was not very convinced, just his hands and feet gradually inflexible, two male night magic containment, abdominal claws scratching magic night, very embarrassed. He knew, a move crescent sky "push back the male night magic shovel to kill several mutated animals, then hastily channeling retreat. To rapid-fire machine gun gunfire from far the, Jie Juan clutch, Mu Feier hastily flew Meng Xiang above: "Meng Brother, night magic dynasty your side rushed over to the" "again? Well, we'll Wang Zuoce channeling open, FIR, you try to divert the night of the devil. "Meng Xiang and Zoro has been several times to avoid the night the devil every time Mo Feier perception the night Lord is close to, let Meng Xiang and Zoro left then they go to lead the open night of the devil. The night devil jumping force is too strong, even if they are at high altitude must also be constantly alert, not too close. "Hey, night devil stopped." Mu FIR evolution toward Meng Xiang chaos round night magic bursts hundreds of guns, bullets, although not penetrate their defense film, but the rapid-fire machine guns through too strong They did not dare to act rashly. In addition to shooting, she is always scanning night devil's movement, the original sense to know the night Lord is close to I want to go to intercept, but think of the night the devil suddenly stopped footsteps. Stop action, as well as the evolution of night magic. They screamed "ow", while glaring at the direction of the hill. "Oh, they finally Annaibuzhu, you want to give up on us, the way to conquering the hills." Meng Xiang angrily before dark raids, in addition to evolution leads to 12 magic night and the night of the devil, but also to attract They note that to avoid them offensive to the hilltop. Think of night bosses also know how to "give up", knowing that again and Meng Xiang them "hide and seek", only it's men gradually reduced, so they intend to launch a total attack to the hills. Sure enough, all biological variation invariably take a step, bolted away to the hills direction. All of a sudden, dust diffuse from the night revealed a faint bursts of misty white, like full steam ahead, shook the ground shake kept. "Jie Juan FIR, fast back to the hills to protect companions, Zoro, we went to divert the evolution night magic." Meng Xiang and Zhuoluo Mai the open pace, doing all ran to the hills. Their speed is only night of the devil can be compared with them, the and even evolutionary magic night, a little less than them, so they can definitely go back before Wai passage. Hill 2,Air Jordan UK,3 km distance they, this journey is not long, whether it is reincarnation or biological variation, speed comparable to the effort to start the motorcycle, went to the distance in the blink of an eye. 12 night magic Meng Xiang and Zoro hanky-panky, unwittingly together, before and after only ten meters apart, they Meng Xiang and Zoro turned a blind eye, eyes glaring at the front, like a telescope, the reincarnation and the panoramic view of the story characters every move. Distant, square Confucianism early distribution of all light beads around the hill, so that the open spaces, reflected day. Meng Xiang is hastily bolted She was about to catch up with the evolution of night magic, magic pin down these 12 night and into the hills of the mountain pit, their task is complete. Suddenly, a burst of strong sense of crisis so Meng Xiang creepy, let him so horror momentum, only the night of the devil. Sure enough, on the front side of the fly while shooting Mu Feier in heaven hastily exclaimed: "Meng Brother, night magic dynasty flee to your side." Meng Xiang secretly scared, if he is entangled with the night of the devil, then who will The evolutionary Night Magic introduces Shankeng? Hill from here, there are more than 800 meters, the center of the hill was dug Shankeng very conspicuous. But, he did not have too much time to think, a shadow from the variation biota Biao, the momentum then blowing, that feet have been run through the Emmanuel defense cone claws already Meng Xiang chest sticking out . Meng Xiang can not stop, left arm gently poke thorn claws welcome and a kick in an attempt to force open the night of the devil. "Well,OP Art Coach Bags," gently hum ejected from the nostrils of the night the devil's, its body Meng Xiang dwarf, at first glance, like the fights between juveniles and adults. But its body contains the power and wisdom, Meng Xiang been afraid to small glimpse. Hear it "Well," a cry, Meng Xiang alert to stay an eye, faint, he felt being bolted 12 night magic stature has been shaking, it seems that revealed signs of abnormal action. "Oh, is intended to besiege me?" Of Meng Xiang feet Night Magic knees bump into each other at the same time, Meng Xiang mind instantly get the idea. Sure enough, the night devil claws fly stamp and a Liangong 3,4 claw, Meng Xiang creators against it would not they strive the 12 evolution night magic has invariably turned to besiege him. The wisdom of the night devil almost reached the level of ordinary people, has made it clear of Meng Xiang in this team. So with the launch offensive potential, Meng Xiang eradicate going to dump all the evolution of the combat power of the magic of the night. Meng Xiang Even with the night Lord singled out, it would not be able to prevail, coupled with 12 evolutionary magic night to surround and annihilate, absolutely no dead students. "Crescent sky." Fired a white magic ran in front of the evolutionary night shot in the past, it is the Zoro subjected to assault. Night magic vitro running in front of white glow easily put the "crescent sky" power offset another strong, but the strength of its defense, it is impossible to completely ignore the crescent sky "impact force, running in front evolution Night Magic is a slight pause, the rest of the night demons have glared at Zoro. Zoro intends to how to do it? He can divert 12 evolution night magic? . . <

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