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lock two people are not counted antworten

> Magic night retreat speed faster, the blink of an eye, dilapidated buildings, leaving only a small amount the dying magic of the night and mutated animals, filled with the stench around. WWW, QUanbEN com [Baidu search "crazy to read the novel" for more chapters] Meng Xiang and Zoro stared standing outside, they sprang to momentum Hung like a deflated ball, looked away dejected night magic. Opens the door to come out, Tangbi heart trembling. Meng Xiang, Zoro, the Tangbi heart monster kill all around is still not dead. "Square Confucianism panic words coming out from the building, waking Meng Xiang and Zoro. The Tangbi heart has not yet completed the task of hunting magic night battle with magic night in the 2nd floor to take advantage of the confusion, she shot and killed several female night magic, but now worse than 30 night magic number. Biological variation lying around, most of them left a deep breath. Meng Xiang pulled out a light bead around the bright, with his keen sense of touch, messy ground dead creatures one by one only to find out, heart to do Tangbi, dead organisms is a pistol at the head of complement gun. Jie Juan clutch Mu FIR heaven, the in this hellish Killing Fields, Mu FIR panic. "The biological variation Mu FIR, around there alive?" Square Confucianism again away from the building a lot of noises. As long as the creature dead, spiritual power will not disappear. Mu FIR scan again safely say: "Do not worry, all be dead." Mu FIR heard say, Fang Ru Li Wei Ji Ji from the house to come out and see this scenario carefully, Li Wei The body is like a zombie, difficult not taken a half-step. Square Confucian twist hand twist foot go out, turned around and looked at building an assessment of the damage caused to housing, and then your nose, Meng Xiang Yang Yangshou, motioning with them back to the house. Shut the door, the stench is pervasive, mixed with the smell of gunpowder and bombs, infiltrated from the gun hole, making the air inside the house to become very sick. Korea who walked down from the 4th floor, smiling, "The harvest should be quite rich, Tangbi heart, kill how many night magic. Tangbi heart whispered" kill a total of 88, there is still 12 to complete the task. " said: "Fortunately, just a dying man night magic, I 10 night magic number." her uneasy, in addition to Jing Jie and LI Xiao-yu, only she did not complete the task. Team has given her a lot of opportunities, she was really afraid that the team will abandon her. "Will soon be able to complete the task, the male night magic worth 500 points, just killed a lot, who gets huge points?" Han van looked Meng Xiang, then looked at the side of Confucianism, can look forward to their give the answer. Who would have thought they were all shook his head, big down South Korea where the unexpected. Fang Ru sigh a sigh of relief, a little to avoid crying and said: "Sure enough, the Lord God, and not the the bomb night magic number included in our body, tens of thousands of Credit, so lost in vain." "Bomb is set you start switch, why is it so? "Meng Xiang say the heart of all questions. "I do not know, maybe the Lord God that magic night ambush weapons or bombs like weapons of mass destruction to kill not counted. This is only logical, because the the night magic number here is too dense, if we exchange the space bags, and exchange a lot of bombs, as long as the commencement of the story when, during the day, hiding Night Magic building to blow up one by one, then the task of hunting night magic become quite difficult. "square Confucianism sadly sad face said. "Although he did not receive credit for, but our defense quite a role, leaving eight days, I believe we can stick to them." Li Wei said happily, she has to open their minds and, in her view, even more than 50 only male magic night under the leadership of the night the devil's attack does not break their defense, it seems to spend the remaining 8 days already know. "Real crisis is only now beginning." Square Confucianism glanced Li Wei, Li Wei face slightly red, seemed to regret just get carried away, she asked: "Mr. Fang advise." Square Confucianism Qingke soon, sitting sofa drinking a cup of tea, and then said: "I check the house has cracks, we can not stay here and we bullets almost all lighting, only a rapid-fire machine guns and 3 HK-MP5 submachine guns, grenades, dozens of pieces after dawn, I tried to ask Robert to see him if he knew the location of military arsenal, but I have to be psychologically prepared, the retreat of the military certainly has all transfer of weapons of mass destruction left us, maybe only a pistol like weapon. "His face was a cold, took a deep breath:" In other words, we have found no weapons against so many magic night. "firearms, bombs and other weapons is the only means to deal with magic night, lost weapons, it means that their life will not be guaranteed. Not only Li Wei, or Tangbi heart, even Mu FIR also secretly chilling. Meng Xiang had in mind not the weapons, has been wrapped around his heart, the light of the night devil kind of similar to the defense of the heart wall. If you can not find the light of the flaws of this defense, he will not be able to deal with the night of the devil. "Meng big brother, you think what?" Mu the Feier see Meng Xiang has been indifferent to the crowd,Air Jordan Store, then asked with concern. Meng Xiang smiled and said: "I was thinking, the night devil that kind of defense film, in the end is not 'the wall of the heart'? FIR, you have come into contact with that kind of defense forces, to talk about your views." reincarnation, Meng Xiang Jie Juan Mu Feier only person contact terrifying defense forces of that road, and really cares about this force, only Meng Xiang. Meng Xiang know the night devil has the ability to spike companion, even if Zoro or Korean Fan, absolutely can not run away in the night the devil's attack. Confrontation with the night of the devil, only Meng Xiang. Meng Xiang frustration is that he did not tear the night the devil's defense film. Mu FIR thought for a moment, and said slowly: "I do not know that layer of film is not 'the wall of the heart', but I am sure that layer of protection force is a spiritual energy." "But the wisdom of the night magic generally not high, spiritual power is weak,Air Jordan 2 Sale, how can such a powerful spiritual defense forces? "Meng Xiang do not agree, because the spiritual force skills, the premise must have the mental strength to be able to launch a much higher than normal. Exchange mental strength skills like Mu FIR, must be spiritual power upgrade to 500,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, which is five times the ordinary people. Low night magic wisdom, even the night of the devil, intelligence believe that only the degree of ordinary people, how can we possibly have spiritual power defensive skills? Square Confucianism heard here, interjected: "That does not necessarily, in fact, the wisdom and spiritual power of magic night or far less than the average person, however, the night devil with respect to general male night magic or female night magic, it is a world of difference do KV virus prompted magic night, precisely, is the evolution of male magic night, the night magic wisdom evolved from zero to the extent of the night of the devil, after only a short period of three years, it really is miracle. standing in the magic night stand, night devil is indeed the king, God exists, so hatch to give birth to the spiritual force defense is not impossible. "" in the end you say anything? can be simple? "Zoro is just Crue want to go out, who knows the magic night is not a fight, he hold back an angry, Bianxiang square Confucianism vent. The square Confucianism Lianlu contemptuous look, even if unspoken, everyone knew he was secretly swore in the "stupid" two words. He slowly said: "every race them on all sides, such as physical, mental, and so are in a balance, who broke the balance, who is heterogeneous, it is possible to produce the power of mutation and each one body physical characteristics of the race, with their scale, can not be compared with other races like ants generally can lift 30 times their weight objects, but standing in their positions, this is just a very common thing, may be able to lifted with respect to 60 times their weight of ants can be called Hercules only if converted to we humans, who can lift 30 times their own body weight objects, then this person is simply a man of God. "He paused. , Wang Meng Xiang a, smiled and said: "Of course, this is human, not alien, like Meng Xiang, Zoro unlock the potential lock two people are not counted." square Confucianism, Zoro was almost sent Biao. "Mu FIR strengthen the 5 times the spiritual power can be exchanged for the spiritual force skills, night the devil magic night heterogeneous, his wisdom more than ordinary night magic number of times, so he spirit force defense force is also very logical." side Confucianism although some justify, but the idea is reasonable. Meng Xiang quickly said: "If that kind of strength is really spiritual energy, to destroy the spirit of the night devil defense is impossible? Its defense film in a hail of bullets, bomb blast has not diminished, far better than ' the walls of the heart 'advantage. "that may not be." Mu FIR shaking head said: "I am not boasting, I' heart wall 'can not be sustained, but it is absolutely evenly presence launched within the scope of, not favoritism. 'heart wall' defense role, not because of the location of the different strength of difference, so the spiritual power consumption while the night the devil's spiritual power Defense , "she mused for a moment, whispered:" I think the strength of its defense with a different point of attack together, I draw an analogy, I 'heart wall' as solid shot put, there is no any gap, the spiritual power of the night the devil's defense, like balloons, outer membrane flexibility, anyway down, the balloons will be offset by contraction of the striking force, but its defense is empty heart inside, which can effectively buffer the physical impact force, weakened expand defense energy consumption, compared with the 'heart wall' defense rating difference a lot. "Mu FIR, Meng Xiang before he is even more certain inferences. His first bird-tall male night magic battle there is this feeling, and now can be sure the defense of male night magic evolved spiritual power, whether it is male night magic night of the devil are exactly the same. Well, he can have a break the night the devil defense, but this method is too dangerous, and could crash and burn ...... . The spirit of Chapter 355 of the infinite reincarnation terrorist defense film <

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