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> Throughout the maze only one exit, since Scorponok away from the maze, nature is at the end of the ladder, i.e. square Ru said that Chamber. the www, QUaNBEN com Meng Xiang more careful around the corner, the power of the body, as long as the slightest movement, Meng Xiang ready to be all obstacles Hongdiao. In order to regain their strength, Meng Xiang they rest at the exit of tens of minutes, in other words, now is not much time left him. But since this is a story line for him, he did not have too many worries. Has been going up along the ladder side of Confucianism and more ugly face, seem to remember what happened, but very vague, so he was very confused. The end of the ladder showing a mass of light and shadow, seems to be an export of light, and the there is party Confucianism mouth said the Chamber of Secrets, also Scorpion King hiding place. Meng Xiang almost all the power necessary to overflow, glow aura, shone brightly lit corridor. However, when 3 people went to that mass of light, to see the scene left them deeply chilling. There is not a magnificent palace, but a hell throughout the dense white bone, Montreal dark beetle, they chew the flesh and blood of the remnants of the bones of the earth, these bones next to a lot of the Lord God space convertible weapons , some people lower body has become the bones of the dead, but, with some forces to support life, hand weapons constantly yearning the ground beetle bombardment, but unfortunately they are weak, it was soon flooded beetle. Mu fir "hey" screamed, Meng Xiang filed the Vajra Axe channeling inside, ignoring the beetle on the ground or in the remnants of the dying man, he even through the body of those who picked up a King Kong ax ax H in the closet open spaces. Mu FIR also did not react, we heard the "click" sound originally bombardment of spilling a black liquor, "pops" or two, two Canshi were pushed by a powerful blast on both sides, the two Canshi, it is the Scorpion King Meng Xiang from the central scratch. Meng Xiang long called on the breath, said: "story line has been completed, I get the tips of the Lord God, get 5000 points, 1 * level story extension reward." Meng brother, your feet ... Mu FIR asked in surprise, because in her view, the Meng Xiang feet is surrounded those who swallowed the body of the beetle, only those beetles Meng Xiang turn a blind eye, there is no attack to Meng Xiang. Square Confucian said dismissively: "beetles and Canshi, only a phantom, these apparitions are real, but can not hide the truth has a keen sense of the potential lock three strong even I quickly identified these beetles are not real Scorpion King hidden in the Phantom of, if we are not already solved the potential lock three, maybe behind the Phantom Scorpion King killed Sure enough, all dedicated to Meng Xiang set, and even even the points are in line with the difficulty of the plot, making life difficult for previous generations of strong considering such a mind careful consideration. "" Why do you say? "Meng Xiang smiled and came so easily kill the Scorpion King, not only let them out of the crisis, also surprised to receive credit, he was very fun. "Quite simply, the Phantom can not hide the truth potential lock three strong, however, deprived of strength, Scorpion King, maze, Meng Xiang easily story line, in fact, the difficulty is definitely * level in order not to Lord God that this story line is BUG, ​​set this story line strong deliberate this difficulty with the task set, and the Lord God set the same, but for Meng Xiang, like a hanging open like, easily clean up the Scorpion King in front of illusion, like kids stuff, the slightest did not give us hindered, but the Phantom, is a projection of my subconscious processing ...... "Meng Xiang hearts of a move, blurted out: Could it be another soul in your body, in this horror film ever experienced? "party Confucianism shook his head, sadly said:" not only experienced, another soul is mostly dead in this horror film North Island Team Carter said unnamed team lost to the wise Einstein, and even hurt Nakasu team and its subordinate units, and then in the next horror film distraught group of unnamed team almost let off? my heart kind of fear has been on the Chamber of Secrets, maybe the wreckage on the ground, one is his. "" That is to say, the predecessor of the unnamed team Denon team is the mummy 2 due to misjudgment of the wise and almost destroy mission, the wise soul fusion with you, ah, this link is very credible. "Meng Xiang quite understand the party Confucianism mood, they change the subject said:" We are here to look for it, FIR, your mental strength has been restored, and has been aware of this phantom is false? "Mu FIR point nodded, whispered:" is false, I'm so useless. "" Do not say that girls should be afraid of beetles, otherwise To these men doing here. "Meng Xiang smiled gently, but to found Mu Feier face more pale, rapid breathing, gradually, it seems that her injury is heavier than expected. Square Confucianism gingerly into the chamber, to Mu FIR to the Meng Xiang, and then completely ignored in front of the Mirage, unlock the potential lock 3, almost the entire chamber a search, but the Chamber of Secrets is cut into two parts Scorpion King's body was empty, square Confucianism can not help but be disappointed. "Will not be at the top of the tower?" Square Confucianism shook his head and said: "No, the top of the tower just export the Chamber of Secrets is certainly hidden clues." He re-search again, but Meng Xiang, they found the body of Mu Feier gradually cold, exhale increasingly frail, hurried her into the ground, ripped her blouse, and re-coated with a healing medicine, but the effect is not obvious. "Well, brother Meng, I will not become a burden, do not scruple to me." Mu FIR increasingly frail, but still the hardest hit, Meng Xiang re-viewed her injuries and found her injuries than expected. serious. Mu fir bowel broken several cross-sectional and rot trend,Coach Bags Online, to her injuries, horror suffer, but one day. Party Confucianism stop the search for, Wang Mu Feier an injury, said: "We were able to enter the dream, dream, second, third layer of dreams, not drugs anesthesia, but a similar spirit of hypnosis, so we can not go back before the disappearance of the strong sedative effect of the real world, but in the third layer back to the second layer, or back to the first floor from the second layer, the spiritual power of Mu Feier can definitely do it. either Mu FIR go back, otherwise Zaichi,air jordan store, her body will be more weak, may not have enough ideas to make her escape from the third layer dream. "Meng Xiang know that this is the only way, but the side of Confucianism looking around Mirage, his face slightly changed, then added: "However, we have to stay here five days to go back, maybe five days were few incidents. Meng Xiang broken arm, sodium ring on water and much, either way, we go back together. "" How to go back? "Meng Xiang quickly asked. According to the setting of the Pirates of the dream space "fall" can wake the dream dream, we can let Mu FIR to go back to the appointed time fall together, sleeping in the second layer of the dream will fall from a height, we can go back. "he face a cold, shook his head and said:" No, too dangerous, and in case of a slight error, we will enter the lost domain,Coach Outlet Sale, when even if we have consciousness, it may have lost domain stay dozens years. "Meng Xiang thought of such a boring man with the square of Confucianism in the lost domain of life, it is simply living death, quickly said:" Let Feier go back to it, I am with you to stay here for five days, than lost domain 50 years stay stronger. "His words had just finished the sudden entrance of the Chamber of Secrets" imperfections "sounded chilling sound, and then jumped in numerous black Wuwu beetle. These beetles is not a mirage, but a real existence, they rushed into the constantly biting, not sparing even the walls of the pyramid. Such a horror scene even Meng Xiang difficult to homemade, cried: "This is how the matter?'m Not saying it is the previous generation strong design? Why is there such mortal story?" Square Confucianism face became livid, but suddenly take his eyes light, staring at the wreckage of the two parts of the Scorpion King scratch, Meng Xiang said: "Meng Xiang, Mu FIR to me, you will pick up Scorpion King wreckage, we climbed to the top of the tower with "Scorpion King wreckage doing?" "Do not know, anyway, this chamber only this wreckage clue maybe in the wreckage." side of Confucianism has grabbed the Meng Xianghuai Mu FIR desperately to the top of the tower drill. While numerous beetles Bay into the floor and the walls like delicious food beetle swallow stomach. Meng Xiang less than many think, he had only one hand not carrying two wreckage, desperation, his two wreckage as treasures football in his arms, and quickly climbed to the top of the tower. . . Unlimited cycle of terror Chapter 332 bitter experience (Inception) <

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