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you use the power of mind warplanes antworten

> College students early severance to the neighboring town of temporary accommodation, near dusk, tattered college was extremely silence. Really want to wear this costume? "Where won a set of black and yellow tights, set tights worn with X-Men pure black tights, color is similar, but the T-shirt yellow belong to the X-Men outdated battle dress. "No way, now only the battle suit. These old battle dress, the legacy of previous generations of X-Men, we feel that this color is a bit naive, so now changed to pure black." "Black Phoenix" battle suit sent to the hands of reincarnation. But Zoro would rather die than wear this battle suit, "Black Phoenix" desperation, had to be "laser eye" was originally handed battle dress worn by Zoro: "battle dress essential dress of a team is a sign of unity, hope you can put plain black battle dress is not ugly, but kind of cool feeling, Zoro does not resist. Mu-FIR Jie Juan before entering the reincarnation of the world has been converted Saiyan battle suit, so we had to the Saiyan battle suit sets out, and obscured the yellow T-shirt part, which makes Meng Xiang, the National People's Congress jealous . Standing in the forefront of the world, the scientific and technological level of the College into the College underground equipment rooms, reincarnation can not help but be an eye-opener. The technological level of the world over the real world for at least 30 years, although no weapons of mass destruction, but the high-speed sports car, supersonic fighters everywhere. "Black Phoenix" led the crowd to the front of a pull the wind fighter said: "We currently have flight fastest fighter in the world, in addition to having a supersonic jet engine, it also has anti-radar system, as well as silent low-flying systems we can not be exposed in front of the human identity, and now is the day of the UN summit, world leaders gathered at the island of Manhattan, there is certainly a strictly alert, so we can only fly low across the Washington Bridge Manhattan Island, and then free landing on the island. "This strategy is consistent with the original plot, reincarnation, of course, there is no objection, but to reach Liberty Island, they believe that the story will certainly change. Because the original plot, Liberty Island, almost undefended, X-Men would easily enter the Statue of Liberty, and with Magneto "a group of World War II. If really so simple, Meng Xiang, they can even use bombs or the Statue of Liberty cut with a diamond ax exchange comes from the Lord God, to easily complete the task. I guess the Lord God will certainly change the story, reincarnation can only reach Liberty Island and then act according to circumstances. The open space in front of the Institute from the central crack fighter slowly rising, Meng Xiang experienced a lot of strange things, but this is the first time they take a fighter, so some excitement. Fighter to rise to 30 meters from the ground, they feel a powerful thrust inertia almost reincarnation pressure in the chair, but a few seconds, the aircraft has reached supersonic flight. The night had come, the New York City lights dizzy Korea, but behind the bustling, to some extent, revealing a trace of the smell of death. Tonight to prevent the evil plans of Magneto fails, then tomorrow the entire city of New York will become a dead city. Soon, the fighters had flown to Washington over the bridge, and then fly forward, the air traffic control area is the island of Manhattan. "Black Phoenix" pulling the joystick flight warplanes close to the sea. Eye of the Storm "two eyes, white, the original clear sea suddenly a burst of white mist to cover up the marks trace of the fighter. Rely on the white mist and fighters silent low-flying, skimming the sea in the darkness gliding. The sit stand Liberty Island Statue of Liberty stands tall, light blue night light shines on the Goddess, so that the buildings of this famous throughout the world to life. "The trapped Scampy where?" "Wolverine" hastily asked. "In the right hand the torch of the Statue of Liberty holding high the following to save 'Rugrats', you must enter within the goddess climb to the top, but 'Magneto' is certainly well prepared, so we do not act rashly. Mu FIR, with the spirit of the scanning The location of the North Island team "side of Confucianism face was calm, not a cent of tension. Gradually close to Liberty Island, "Black Phoenix" looking at the radar screen, a little surprised to say: "Statue of Liberty outside seems to have a lot of metal material surrounded by those who in the end is what?" "Can only be 'Magneto' pre- prepare defensive measures to guard against someone with missiles, long-range weapons to attack the Statue of Liberty after landing to see the situation, and then act according to circumstances. "all of a sudden, violent vibration of the fighters," Black Phoenix "desperately pulling the joystick, fighter like a loss of control down slowly, gradually sinking into the sea. "Aircraft out of control, some kind of power we are being pushed into the sea." "Black Phoenix" sweating profusely control the fighter, but the fighter has been completely out of control, they can only feel the body is constantly shaking, seems to have come into contact with the surface. "'Magneto' good interest,Air Jordan SC 1, every so far can be controlled fighters Mu FIR, expand 'the wall of the heart'." Side of Confucianism, verbal praise the "magneto interest, but his face does not change, as has long been expected. The wall of the heart can shield all alien invasion of energy, the power of Mu FIR is not tough, but the "Magneto" magnetic manipulation "absolutely not invade" the wall of the heart "," heart wall "Once covering the fighter, the fighter immediately resume control, "Black Phoenix" quickly taking out aircraft, and to speed up and flew to Liberty Island. Away from the shore there are nearly 100 meters, "bang bang bang ..... gunfire continued sounded from outside the fighter, they only feel the body shaking, it seems that some objects hit the camera body. 'Magneto' manipulation of certain metal objects attached to our fighters, what should I do? "" Black Phoenix "once again raise the aircraft flying speed, the fighters suddenly lost control, one crashed into the surface of the water. Aoluo Luo, white mist thickens, trying to block the line of sight of the 'Magneto'. "Side of Confucianism through the plane window with a telescope watching the environment of the island, the island covers an area of ​​less than 1 square kilometers, in addition to the towering Statue of Liberty and the center of the island is a green wood Cong, mostly after trimming the ground, his telescope elevation, looking at the head of the Statue of Liberty, murmured: "'Magneto' must rely on his eyes will see the saw metal object manipulation, in other words he must be looking down the surface of the island be possible to remote control the fighter and the outside metal objects, then he can only be hiding in the top of the Statue of Liberty. "" Storm "Aoluo Luo eyes braved white gas, outside the white mist gradually strong, but what surprised them, a hurricane blowing out of nothing, the outside has gradually forming fog blowing and scattered. "The wind? 'Magneto' side manipulate the wind variant?" Square Confucianism rang loud to himself, turn a blind eye to disperse the fog. Through an airplane window, they have found out there are a lot of people wearing metal armor peristalsis, Mu FIR anxious sweat, panic and said: "'heart wall' wrapped fighter,Air Jordan 4 Sale, I'm not such a big power to stop outside enemy action, narrowing the 'heart wall' defense? "inversely proportional to the decline in the wall of the heart" with the expanded size of the space, defense forces. The warplanes length of nearly 20 meters, "the wall of the heart," the defense of this invisible power of the "magnetic" Zhuozhuo, but lost the power to prevent enemy action in armor outside. In armor, can only be encountered by the transformation of mutants in 'Magneto' base, they themselves have the power to go beyond the ordinary. Mu FIR, do not narrow 'heart wall', Meng Xiang, Han Fan, Zoro,air jordan store, 3 of you to clean up the outside of the enemy, Dr. Gray, you can also Mind Control? now I am afraid that the wing of the fighter had been destroyed, you use the power of mind warplanes to the shore. "party The Confucianism Then to continue his brows, staring at the island with a telescope. Meng Xiang, Zoro and Korea where drilled fighters, saw the body covered in armor adhesion more than 10 mutants clearly see through the glass shield armor helmet inside the pale face and almost lost facial features, and Sheng jolts liquid inside, apparently in order to prevent the magnetic effects of radiation necrosis, "Magneto" invention set of armor, and certain drugs. The variant strongly resist the power of the heart wall, and constantly thwarted by the body and the wing, they see Meng Xiang et al from the fighters within the drill out of the hands of the Uzi submachine gun shooting immediately raised. Meng Xiang, Zoro and Korea who are to unlock the the potential lock of the strong, general firearms attack, they do not in the eyes. Zoro out of the soul knife cut, body gun sideways to avoid the bullets, even twice a direct hit in the body of the mutants. "Dangdang" or two, chopped soul knife does not cut crack armor, but powerful impact force puts the two variants force Zhuangfei, but these variants person was thrown out of the area of ​​the wall of the heart ", and immediately a invisible force supporting the fighters back. A glass shield their faces relatively fragile, attack on their face. "Meng Xiang to beware of wearing a Gold Cloth Ding Jie, spent a lot of time to deal with enemies wearing armor, he came to the conclusion , no matter how powerful supporter armor, and of the joints and the face is always the weakest defense. Han who extract the Gauss pistol aimed at a distance of a variant of a human face shot, "Kaka ......" mutants face glass shield break, emitting a jet of water from the inside, mutant Menheng, an inverted into the sea. <

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