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just like his spirit antworten

> Meng Xiang avoid Carter's pursuit, with the fastest speed to escape the alley through a good few street, and finally suppressed the momentum, got into a taxi, and then he breathed. He managed to escape, but a companion? Just 10 minutes, the companion has spared no trace of and even heaven Jie Juan and Lulu have to fly I do not know where to go. In order to avoid the strong North Island team, Meng Xiang specifically to allow the driver to continue to travel southeast, has been to get off to 10 km away, and then take another a taxi around Times Square. The reincarnation of commotion New York City boiling, not only because Meng Xiang Carter, fighting, flying in the sky Jie Juan Lulu, one thousand blade weapons Ino Changshan spirit pressure force against electric shock Zoro and Abby, they fight the damage caused is not small, just less than an hour, the radio has repeatedly playing the riot thing. Taxi driver to see a hot look, calmly said: "variant of terrorist attacks? But lately a lot has happened, and now continue to talk about the things of the mutant variant people really got to." "Master variants are also human beings. "Meng Xiang could not help but get in a word. "Variant is just a call should be called variant monster more appropriate, since the variants of the moment, they have not it." Meng Xiang laughed language, are in the horror film, his mutant happened to empathy, in them the same circumference almost all such drivers as normal thought, it is no wonder that "Magneto" to implement he variants plan. Many people, the variant is a monster, on the contrary, mutant, normal is a monster. Although only a movie, but the real world is it not so? Even if it is color, race will be full of discrimination, if the variant in the real world, or to become a laboratory white mice, either, can only be human carnage. "Beep ... beep ..." drivers continue to the shrill sound of the car flute Meng Xiang Congchensizhong pull back, I saw a car in front dragon, has been boundless, drivers cursed: "Damn, toll pay a lot,Sunglasses Coach, but all day long traffic jam, also allows people to live without you? "traffic jam? Could it be ......" Meng Xiang feeling that the traffic jam and the companions and the battle of the North Island team, he dropped the dollar, opened the door along The dragon ran ahead of the car. Long queues of vehicles than 5,6 km away, Meng Xiang till she came to an end, I saw a tall building in two parts, the upper and lower two-way lane blocked, firefighters are trying to save smashed in the broken building survivors. The east side of the broken tower paths, constantly extending fought traces. Meng Xiang unlock the potential lock 3, keenly feel the to Zoro spirit pressure aftermath. Meng Xiang mind a move, got into the lane, and ran along the front of the shortness. Meng Xiang, with a keen sense of touch, has been traced to 4,5 km in a uninhabited dilapidated house hidden in the metropolitan, pervasive Zoro's spiritual pressure, the whole piece of street lights off in the dark, calm but with a trace of excited voice cursing: "Zoro, you is not to say you will not lose? Now, how to take the cowardly? wonder you nameless team met North Island team were fleeing even you to the strong Meng Xiang, have been hunted down looking for a place to drill, that you unnamed team is a virtue. "Zoro did not answer, but stirred up the Meng Xiang hearts anger. "Who says we only escape." Meng Xiang loud thundered overflow in vitro Reiki dark streets according to a brightly lit, he jumped on the roof, bolted along the condemning, condemning the place he went to be issued in the blink of an eye . Abby. I saw Abby covered with shining spark of the "pops", holding a light blue electric shock red cherry gun stared Meng Xiang. "Meng Xiang, is that you? How did you ever escaped it kill the captain?" Ha ha, not only escaped, but also your captain made very embarrassed, the details you go back and ask him, if you have be able to survive. "Meng Xiang Lengheng to Abby,Coach Handbags Sale, then he was so incensed, the king of boxing efficacy of 25%,Crossbodys Coach UK, so that he is like the light bulb in the dark dazzling. Meng Xiang feicuan from the roof, the to punch toward Abby bombers in the past. Abby for Meng Xiang appeared slightly surprised, but do not panic. The body of the current sound more violent out his left hand to the Meng Xiang wrist to grasp the past. Court death. "Meng Xiang left hand poke Abby catch, right fist without pause H on Abby's cheek. "Why?" Abby left hand contact with Meng Xiang body, they found his body current spread to the other side of the body simply can not, can not help but be amazed. "Pop!" Meng Xiang right fist H on Abby's cheek, Ai such as Kite as a hit to wear next to the side of the stone wall. "Damn." Abby struggled to get up, suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, Meng Xiang punch boom not only broken his half of the teeth, his face bone H crack, if not he is also a strong potential lock 3 by enhanced neural response to preach the head slightly back and twisted before being hit, I am afraid Meng Xiang that punch his skull has been crushed. Abby suddenly toward Meng Xiang mouth spray, but this time not blood erupted, but a beam of light such as lightning. Meng Xiang Abby energy attacks completely ignoring the wave of the left hand, that beam of light is immediately broken up, he fly, right foot suddenly toward Abby's chest sweep. Abby and evil is also potential to lock three strong snap judgments Meng Xiang has the ability to restrain his power, comprehensive combat capability is far above him. The face Meng Xiang If, thunderous kick, he did not dare Yingdang body, but raised his shock of red cherry gun to the gun blocked Meng Xiang kicking. "Boom!" The entire guns being kicked bend, Meng Xiang foot sweep on Abby's chest, the sound of breaking bones "click" sounded from his chest, apparently this kick has been swept off one of his ribs . Thanks to his gun-Block, otherwise this kick enough to be his life. Abby convertible thunder fruit not tough, physical properties, in the face of ignoring his electric shock Meng Xiang, he had no chance of winning. Moreover, Meng Xiang is in anger which almost blew the whistle on the full force of Abby snap judgments, if we do not escape, and he certainly will die in the next attack Meng Xiang. "Falling ...... brilliant high-voltage wire around telephone poles like Abby body current echoes, the next second, the current is like by pulling from the wire is taken out, such as spark. The current aggregation in Abby's body, the the Abby body more violent current, even his clothes in the blink of an eye burning into carbon into charcoal spread. Spray! "All currents converging to a ball of light, high-speed jet out, all of a sudden, the whole area is lit up. Meng Cheung think of Abby also can make use of the current strength of the external and the current cohesion attacks, just like his spirit bomb. The shares current voltage, the impact is not very strong, so far although he can do so without can ignore, but Meng Xiang to poke this group that the current is not difficult. "Ha ha, Meng Xiang, till we meet again." Abby to take this opportunity, and went straight to the distance fled. Meng Xiang hands wave, the whole mass of current has been appropriated for the ground, and then the "imperfections" dissipated. He even started Emmanuel defense, still feel the hair of the body is electrically stood up, skin completely numb, we can see the group current strong and can not be a small glimpse. Abby speed comparable to Zoro "the instantaneous step", Meng Xiang If you want to chase, I am afraid, have to charge some time to catch up. So he will not care for Abby and worried that Zoro's safety. Fortunately, so far, Meng Xiang still not received any count prompt, it means that the companion with strong North Island team have yet to appear in death. Zoro, where? "Around imbued with the Spirit of Zoro pressure, obviously Zoro" Crescent sky "fighting with Abby layer of spiritual pressure to cover up the location of the Zoro, plus around The street lights all went out in the dark, even Meng Xiang could not find the location of the Zoro. "I'm here." Which sounded a low, weak voice in the house more than 20 meters away. Meng Xiang quickly pulled out a light beads, he went to that house. That house had collapsed debris faintly heard the heavy breathing of Zoro Meng Xiang quickly poke brick, will be buried in the inside Zoro help out. Zoro had been entangled with Abby, regrettable that Abby thunder fruit is much too severe, Zoro each melee power a body numb, the only side to retreat, while "Crescent sky" to meet the enemy. Abby is not a Bi Zhuoluo slow speed, so fled to this area of ​​existing homes, Zoro knew not placed Teng Abby chase, only try against lost the final. Zoro intentionally or unintentionally around the street lights broken, his last round crescent sky "Abby driven back, and then hiding in the collapsed building debris buried the body, so Abby feeling again sensitive, imperceptible to Zoro position. <

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