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20.05.2013 09:37
make human wanted Tokai antworten

> After listening to the narrative of the Korean Fan, Ino Changshan face is neither angry, is not convinced, but accidents and jealousy. WWW QUANben com Meng Xiang does not complain, Because of the correct judgment of the party Confucianism, companion therefore escaped. Even strong North Island team found that cafe never guess the companions leave early. However, doubts before us now more and more, even Meng Xiang some confusion. He can count on the side of Confucianism. "We have to find a place near to rest for a while, here too noisy, to upset my thoughts." Square Confucianism Congchensizhong revived, disgust look on his face seems to hate the noise around. "It's not you decide to converge here?" Meng Xiang with a bit ironic tone. Side of Confucianism is like did not hear the words of Meng Xiang, cite looked header, then pointing to the left one remained to fight ailments western restaurant said: "We talk to the other side, some things I'd like to confirm." everyone will be followed by parties Confucianism into the restaurant, sat down, Meng Xiang could not wait to ask: "Do you want to confirm what happened?" square Confucianism first Ino Changshan said: "Ino captain in the East China Sea team X College outside encounter ambush of the North Island team,Air Jordan Shoes, did not disturb the X-Men? "Ino Changshan shook his head and said:" No,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, that place from X College is still some distance. "" Well, the second question, you are a potential lock The three strong insight extraordinary strength is not under our spiker Meng Xiang and Zoro, then you head-on collision with the North Island team, you feel how the distribution of the strength of the North Island team? "Ino Changshan slightly to ponder for a moment, then quite say for sure: their strength distribution of a pyramid, to the strong potential lock has exceeded the four preliminary nuanced order, the strength is very strong, sub-strong following, although there are certain strength, but I intuitive judgment may not be stronger than me how much remaining, mostly not unlock the potential lock or just potential lock a strong comprehensive strength may not be stronger than us. "" That is, if you do not calculate the potential of the North Island team lock four strong contrast to the comprehensive combat capability may not be stronger than any of us a team this mean? "side of Confucianism and quietly asked, like a very casual manner, but his words in the phrase, Ino Changshan admire nodded and said: "Yes, so I am very optimistic about the original thriller, but unfortunately it did not ......" square Confucianism interrupted his words, went on to say: "You are mistaken for prisoners of the kidnapping of Mr Kelly, means the wanted what? "" TV, as well as the police interrogation. "are you surviving four people, or the whole of the East China Sea team." party Confucianism question very strange, nameless team members are very curious, quietly listening with Ino Changshan answer. Ino Changshan position well cherry glance, it seems unlikely Ming Bai Fangru of why ask, he recalls a moment, then said: "surviving individuals, I clearly remember the TV or chat mentioned are four assailants, but they do not know exactly what our appearance, just know that our gender, clothing, features,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, and we are Asians. However, we do not have the documents, inventory, if a lot of trouble. "" Well, intelligence collected, things get interesting. "square Confucianism eyes showing win the game frenzy like to encounter a well-known to long time rival. Han who quickly asked: "side of Confucianism, you think of what it?" Party Confucianism nodded, took out a pen and paper, in chronological order in the above described three reincarnation team have visited the place and approximate time. The companions are Couguo up, but do not know the side of Confucianism in the end what the idea in the fight. Square Confucianism calmly said: "We nameless team first enter the reincarnation of the world and then track 'sword tooth tiger' go to 'Wan magnetic king' of base Tokai team, this time into the reincarnation of the world, but their luck is bad, relatively far from the X College, and they are more stupid, looking for a long time, before we know the position of the X College ... "Ino Changshan position well cherry frowning, the other Confucian saying disagree, but what he said is also true that the East China Sea team in order to find the X College the location of spent several hours. Square Confucianism continued: "When Senator Kelly save back from the base of the 'Magneto', North Island team to enter the reincarnation of the world, they are lucky, relatively close distance X College, and they do not know what method to use, it is quickly find the location of the X College, and exchange with the X-Men, X-Men the trust, and this time, X-Men have 'Wolverine' Logan and Scampy,, Mary back to the College. "Meng Xiang asked, puzzled:" But not much time left to the North Island team, they can do so many things? only achieved the trust of the X-Men, but also to use the sort of ways, so that the X-Men misunderstanding unnamed team abducted Kelly? "cough." square Confucianism displeasure, said: "Meng Xiang, fights do you mainly but analysts Well, hear me out you ask any more questions." Meng Xiang Momo Tou, embarrassed to shut up, prompting the crowd ask mouth smile. "Then, from the coast Kelly back to New York City, when Professor 'X' may find our place by the increase in telepathy, and more to find the weakness Senator Kelly with us, so immediately before the X-Men to the rescue. And then, should be the North Island team ambushed the East China Sea team time when the North Island team Tokai played fleeing, they divided the one team continues to kill the East China Sea and the unnamed team another team returned back to the 'X College' help find rescue Professor 'X', and learned from the Professor 'X' at the locations of the rest of us, more aware of our squad companions alone visit X College, so use some counsel, and let the phone failure, and then send their strong guard at X College. suppose by this logic, if not I ask my partner to advance to Times Square, then we will definitely be the potential lock four strong shredded. "Fang Ru face a look of admiration, but also showed an eager frenzy. In the side of the nozzle steak Zoro said coldly: "You say so much, but there are several doubts have been not say it, including how to make 'Professor X' mistaken attacks college? How to make human wanted Tokai team? how to make our phone failure? do not use some trick, some perfunctory, if the number of puzzles you do not make it clear that your reasoning is to fart. "Zoro's will is strong, real knife real guns and knock down the enemy from the bottom of my heart, so he does not like this trick projections and calculations, he even despise square Confucianism danger demonstrated by the panic and fear of death. "Do not worry, listen to me first party Confucianism does not take that to heart, took a sip of red wine, Wet your throat, went on to say:" I guess maybe just my subjective judgment, in fact, there is not much basis in fact, but Ino the arrival of the captain, made me even more confidence to answer you raised doubts North Island team so rapid deployment team, in the case of strength is not better than us how much a series of comeback, I am sure that the North Island team has a considerable interest of the wise. "" wise man like you? "Zoro said with scorn. Fang Ru said, shaking his head: "I have self-esteem, so I do not think that wisdom will be lost on anyone, however, that the wise man than I have the advantage, he has 8 percent probability that the senior and the North Island team The captain, or once the North Island team captain. "" How did you infer? "Meng Xiang ourselves are not stupid, but can not figure out side Confucianism, what conclude. "Quite simply, his series of chase action, very cautious, to obtain the trust of the X-Men, Professor 'X' to help track our position to ambush the East China Sea team, a ring after ring, no flaws North Island The team has only entered the wheel plus 7-8 hours in the world, but can be structured to achieve these actions, in addition to the intelligence and wise, I really can not think of other possibilities. "everyone one, invariably nodded yes even Zoro also refute the statement could not be found. "As for why I conclude that the wise man is older, and once the captain? Because only this can explain Zoro just made a number of puzzles." <

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