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20.05.2013 09:33
catch up with Scampy exodus of time antworten

> Fang Ru reasoning is very logical, but "Magneto" in the end transformed the number of variants? This is still unknown, it is certain that these adapted from the mutant stumbling unnamed team to complete the task. WWW, quanBEn com Senator Kelly finally woke up, he opened his eyes see is to seize the flying boat rope tied Jie Juan screamed, scared, trembling asked: "You in the end What? Why kidnap me? "Fang Ru said dismissively:" Do not be afraid, we are dedicated security team in the White House, you always hate mutants we inadvertently know the evil plans of Magneto, they secretly you rescued, "he casually to Bianlegan lies, regardless Kelly Believe it or not, looking down at the hands of thinking about the next action. Kelly scared to look around, only less than a kilometer from the coast, the sea ferry and the harbor gradually greeted. Kelly then Lianlu the delight look, hold Meng Xiang's hand and said: "Thank you, I must go back and heavily reward you." Meng Xiang slippery feel Kelly's palm, like a submarine sitting next to him Software biological jellyfish, very sick. Kelly's hand as he successfully challenged the open palm, The above Nianman layer of mucus. At this time, Meng Xiang was found Kelly whole body oozing mucus, clothes, already **. Kelly reached out and mopped his forehead, looking at the dazzling sun in the blue sky, can not help but say: "good off the sun!" In fact, although the seaside feeling is not cold, but when the cold winter, the northern United States is under the snow drift, So the sun can only be described as comfortable, and in no way violent. "Damn it, what the hell." Meng Xiang quickly put his hand to the ocean clean. Kelly seems to find its own findings, horror like Meng Xiang put his hand to the sea, but suddenly the body of a slip a CD into the sea. When the the Korean Fan Kai Lila board, Kelly's face scared Mu FIR screamed. Kelly's facial features all but disappeared, pale skin, the body is like the slippery Routuan crumpled, and even clothes can not wear, has been the slide to the boat surface, with the sun in the sun, his skin began to slowly return to normal, facial features slowly drilled out from the skin. Kelly finally aware of their own unusual outstretched hands of Nianman ** mucus, extremely dismayed and said: "Why did I become so ....... my body?" According to the original plot, which is a magnetic the device transformation of human sequelae after , i.e., is signs gene crash cell death. Side Confucian eyes away from the data on hand, care focus frame, said: "Maybe your body is infected with some radiation, our investigation that, 'Magneto' invented a device can be the normal transformed into a mutant you recall, 'Magneto' kidnapped, is not some mysterious beam irradiated? "" Yes, yes, it is a high-speed rotation of the device emits a bright corrugated light, but I ... ... I did not do not feel it. "That's right, the device has been transformed into a mutant." Confucianism deeper investigation, gradually Kelly into which his plan. "No, I can not be a mutant." Kelly cried sad and complain, he has been trying to pass legislation to expose these "dangerous" dissimilar human existence in an attempt to mutant banished from human sight, if he himself become mutants, will give him a devastating blow. "Mutant human, but with normal evolutionary direction is different, so you really hate mutants?" Mu FIR pure heart, although carefully read the four "X-Men",Nike Jordan Big Ups, but still do not quite understand why normal variant of hatred and prejudice. "They are a special breed, they ....... once they do evil, we ... we humans ......." Kelly said brokenly, Meng Xiang eyes flashed a majesty and your spirit, interrupted Kelly: "They just have more than normal slightly stronger than human strength fills them evil, may affect human damage, but humans do evil? numerous casualties during World War II, that evil killing war variants initiated? normal human? "Kelly refuted dumb her mouth, murmured: "But around us human beings, most of them are normal people ... ah ..." "normal, mutant monsters, 'Magneto' plan was presented, part of the human is transformed into the mutant to mutant, normal is not also become a monster? "turn words from the mouth of the" magneto ", Meng Xiang is just relayed it. Kelly heaved the sound of silence. Jie Juan back to the ship, put away the Angels Yu Ji, Zoro with two oars paddled sea shore gradually getting closer, off the coast. "We send you to the hospital, doctors may have a way to save you." Side of Confucianism ventured to ask, in fact, he had other plans. Only full confidence in Kelly, exposure to X-Men to Kelly. The nameless team's time is not sufficient, this is the only way to quick links X-Men. "No, those people ... only me as a monster the same way as guinea pigs, take me I know that a person can help me, somewhere in New York ..." side of Confucianism looked up looking a companion, a proud smile . This time to look for X College, the ultimate goal of the side of Confucianism is to get the trust of the X-Men, X-Men joint plan to prevent "Magneto", even by virtue of the combat power of the X-Men, even if the strong North Island team to attack, they also have the strength to fight. The Institute is located in New York, a partial avoidance of relatively far away from the coast. Meng Xiang hired two taxis, he Mu Feier,air jordan store, Jie Juan, Kelly sat together, Zoro, square Confucianism and Korea where sat the other a taxi, almost dusk at this time, because time is tight, They intend to arrive before dark X College. According to the original plot, the X-Men "Wolverine" Logan "Rugrats" Mary rescued, temporarily living in the X College, but "Rugrats" afraid of his powers to hurt the people around, so the next day ride The train left, eventually abducted by "Magneto". The nameless team arrived overnight X College, you can catch up with Scampy exodus of time before they can do more. Side Confucianism plan, he does not want to stop small naughty "exodus" naughty small "is" Wan magnetic king "to implement his evil plan key, the failure of the once" Wan magnetic king "capture" small naughty the scheme, The story will change, to prevent the "Magneto" will become more difficult. Taxi driver through the rear view mirror and saw Kelly pale,Air Jordan Store, covered with oozing mucus, he said: "guests, your friend face is not very good, or else first taken to the hospital?" "No, his illness hospital cure. "Meng Xiang said dismissively. Kelly's situation is not optimistic indeed, pale face cracks, cracks constantly oozing liquid. His panting, feeling weak, the bones of the body like softened, sitting in the back seat of the car, even the spine is not straight up, lying limply in the seat. Dusk, a time when the working hours, street vehicles, roadside crowded with pedestrians hurrying, taxi driving slow. Mu Binger sitting in the front seat suddenly curious to ask: "Master, your aircraft is really you, in this prosperous city, the helicopter actually fly so low, not afraid of tall collision?" Ha ha, you are Asian? for the first time New York? helicopter has long been a means of transport for the urban rich, but they will not be entering the city, even across the city, will fly very high, after all, high-rise buildings over 100 meters Building dozen drivers cited the prosperity of the city pride, not knowing his words, it has aroused the attention of Meng Xiang. Mu Feier scan radius is 100 meters, which not only refers to the plane, but three-dimensional, including the sky and on the ground 100 meters, in other words, she scans the helicopter in the sky from the ground less than 100 meters, while the side of the road there are several buildings over 100 meters high building, the helicopter why dare suspended at an altitude of less than 100 meters? Save slow or other tasks? Meng Xiang know reincarnation of the world things are not necessarily in full accordance with the movie by the reincarnation of the world is so dangerous ...

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