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they will immediately ask antworten

> Three smaller burst is completed, the three-shift continue tomorrow. www,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, QUanbEN com "I want to exchange of senior Emmanuel fluctuations punches and Emmanuel jade, and then into the story world practice for a month, and the remaining 1000 points, I handed over to the Korean who deal with it." Meng Xiang originally Credits 18000, Class B Extension Plot 2, just enough convertible of senior Emmanuel boxing fluctuations and Emmanuel Yu. "The Grudge" kill Zheng Yalin, he was deducted 2,000 points with C-level extension plot of a thriller he actually only get 4000 points, two C-level extension plot. "I ... I decided Conversion spiritual power scan the rest of 1000 points, I ... I Meng Brother to captain treatment." Mu fir shame ni whispered spiritual power scan only takes 5000 points. a C-level extension plot,Nike Jordan Spizike, her the reward Zhuozhuo on a horror film. "Since you are so generous to me this is no exchange, integral with the story line all contribute." Jie Juan said, smiling like saying one thing has nothing to do with her. In fact, integral with the story line is reincarnation strengthen the guarantee of survival, like Jie Juan integral contribution to all the practices, do not understand her people will feel very strange. If Korea all captain, he has done everything for the team, then Jie Juan? Square Confucianism staring Jie Juan, looked up and down her face do not quite understand the expression. Jie Juan completely ignoring him, Ce Zhaotou, Zoro croon: "Zoro, you do, you originally had 2,000 points remaining, and then count the 6000 Points, a total of 8000 points, is not to say something on this team? "Zoro slightly surprised a moment, then face crosstempered, thought for a long, only reluctantly said:" I want to practice two months into the story world, the remaining 2,000 points, if you need to Take it, I do not care. square Confucianism did not understand: "I have some understanding of the reincarnation of the world, integration is like a real-world money, we guarantee to live you like a grudge or follow the trend of the remaining the integral contribution, why do it? "ha ha, you when they are vindictive or follow the trend." Han who smiled and said. Square Confucianism still do not understand, but see other people with abnormal eyes and looked at him, he too embarrassed to ask. "Book!" Fang Ru summon strengthen the book, turn to one of the pages: "defense props price is too expensive, some props and even exceeds the Conversion Price of Gold Cloth, I only have 6000 Points, a B-level story extension, so I only to find a very suitable security to spend the defense of the "X-Men" props, I even think that we should all be exchanged for a Long Jing, B-level defense props, expanded energy cuticle can withstand powerful physical attacks "Han who called out to strengthen the book, quickly read, said:" Although only defense against physical attacks, but Long Jing, the biggest advantage is that its energy from the outside world, even if it runs out of energy, can be restored after 24 hours. said side Confucianism was right, each of us should be a convertible. "He closed his intensive book, said:" the next one horror film "X-Men", the strength of the inside of the mutants strange, ordinary people in this horror film survival too difficult, so I give you 3000 points, so that you build, agile, neural responses to each raise doubled Han Where can contribution to the integral, square Confucianism naturally overjoyed, although he is not understanding Korea where, etc. Why play integral such as soil, but with this team, Fang Ru feel that accounted for a lot cheaper. Next they were strengthening, Mu FIR Exchange spiritual power scan, then close their eyes cast embarrassing shook his head and said: "I'm sorry, maybe I really no potential, even if the conversion of the maturity of the force concept, but the results of the scan, still within 100 meters of the clouds of spiritual energy, can not see the appearance, but can not scan to further afield. "Meng Xiang immediately comforted him:" Feier, do not worry, as long as the practice slowly,Crossbodys Coach Bags, you will be able to carry out a wide range of spiritual power scan to help us nameless team to ride out the storm. "" Yes! "Meng Xiang simple word, the anxiety and embarrassment of the Mu FIR face wiped out. Meng Xiang exchange senior Emmanuel fluctuations boxing, very disappointed, but it seems to be expected, murmured: "Sure enough, the senior Emmanuel fluctuations boxing just Emmanuel fluctuations fairy in boxing, no actual fighting significance, but one of the skills, such as such as Emmanuel mirror recoil, if diligently practicing, perhaps after a little use. "he began, but then converted Emmanuel jade. I saw a mass of pure blue energy group shot from the Lord God, body encroaching Meng Xiang, Mengxiang Li engraved feel the body Reiki growth of at least 1 times myself full of energy. However, as the Lord God shot over light fades, Mengxiang Li engraved feel the sting of the Oath. Meng Xiang could not help yelling in pain, tingling feeling of the body, like the body of Emmanuel Yu Meng Xiang reluctant to admit the owner is doing all Meng Xiang out of the body, with the cast of the transition boundary of the king similar feeling of boxing, just the kind of raging power does not increase the power of the king of boxing so overbearing. Fortunately, Meng Xiang has a strong physique, and through constant practice, the growing ability of physical suffering. Meng Xiang pain teeth "giggle" sound, but still can resist this force back to bite them, gradually, Emmanuel jade fully integrated with the body's aura, Meng Xiang has sweat like rain, sitting on the sofa panting atmosphere. Mu FIR immediately screw hot towel thoughtful help Meng Xiang Shizhao to sweat, the companion to the strange looks Meng Xiang embarrassed. Meng Xiang, finally converted dream Emmanuel jade, what effect? ​​"Han van see Meng Xiang finally breathe air, they will immediately ask. "Sure enough, as I expected, Emmanuel Jade my body Reiki fusion, have a enhance the aura of quality and quantity. But precisely because of this, I am afraid that I can no longer display their powerful effect of the king of boxing, especially spiritual poly forces back to bite them, once launched, I believe more violent. "Meng Xiang slightly adjust the aura of the body, to come to this conclusion. "Meng big brother, it is not worth the candle?" Mu the Feier help Meng Xiang wipe End, sitting next to him asked, puzzled. Meng Xiang smile touched Mu Feier hair, said: "So I need to plot world practice, allowing the body to adapt to the aura of the body." Thirst fir hear, to ease down, think Meng Xiang strength and more In further Qiaolian smile as bright as the sun. Fang Ru Exchange Long Jing, this Long Jing, just a yellow crystal, there is nothing special. Square NORTH PEAK Long Jing is in the hand of contemplation seems to figure out why this piece of yellow crystal will have a powerful physical protection. Meng Xiang innocence, removed from the sodium ring the infinite elastic issued HK-MP5 submachine gun, aiming is looking down at Long Jing Confucianism and pulled the trigger. "Bang bang bang ..." series of gunshots sounded scared everyone hop. I saw the side of Confucianism beyond the flesh thrown a layer of yellow, the bullet hitting the yellow light, like a shot in the iron wall, "Dangdang" ringing off the hook, bullets all Danfei. Side the Confucian slightly surprised a moment, to see the bullet did not hurt him, he will not be complacent, continue to contemplation. This point as early as expected Meng Xiang, 6000 Credits defense props of course, are not afraid of the HK-MP5 submachine gun shooting, this time to test is the defense of Long Jing patience. Meng Xiang pulled the trigger, the bullet hit the side of Confucianism endless beyond the flesh yellow, with bursts of bullets, the square Confucianism body yellow gradually dim and eventually disappear. Square Confucianism screams, blood spray, who had been shot more than a dozen bullet holes. <

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