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20.05.2013 09:30
high-tech development zone and antworten

The 169th chapter Ma Tang midnight, for the monthly ticket, recommended...... Tianchi Lake Waterfront Residential in the provincial capital of high-tech development zone and Jinsheng area between, the past several pond here, called Yin Ma Tang, there are fish, after the government planning and development, the nearby pond become integrated with, to create a beautiful environment of the artificial lake, renamed drink horse lake. To say that the location is relatively good, the Jinsheng between district and high-tech development zone of intersection, work is also convenient, shopping, entertainment what distance Jinsheng downtown area is not far, absolutely is a lots of gold. If the general real estate developers, will definitely the prices here stir a working-class daunting price. But let the people love to see and hear is, this real estate developers to this a large piece of land, will build a large residential area and a Les Loges Du Park Hotel area, housing prices are much cheaper than other regions,Air Jordan Spizike, at least two hundred dollars per square meter, a few years ago it was covered in the first phase of the project after the here, the house was sold out. Then followed second period, third period, Fourth period, although the prices here also follow the overall prices in the city up, but still more than other places every cheap nearly two hundred, making it still marketable, each period sales are very unpopular, the foundation is a general framework, it is sold out. Many people think impassability this area is so good, why sell cheaper than others, to the ordinary mortgage loans for housing wage earners, a plain little nearly two hundred pieces,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, the overall down to nearly one hundred thousand dollars, you sell cheap, people would think very highly of you, my heart can recognize you this the real estate business, is a natural praise. For peers, this price even though they cannot accept, disrupt their housing plan, is very angry, but no one dare to jump out to suppress this phenomenon. But know this drink Matang area old people do know one thing, this drink Matang long ago called Kowloon Tong, during the war of resistance against Japan, there have been a military officer who died here, and his family, it was near Kowloon Tong, during the war of liberation, Kowloon Tong to water pond. Then a village has a son of fishermen died there for the military built a temple of loyalty and filial piety, but during the cultural revolution, the filial piety temple was smashed,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, the fisherman's family has also been implicated, interrogated up. After the cultural revolution, the fisherman's son from the field and returned to his hometown, and want to repair the temple of loyalty and filial piety, but when conditions and political environment does not allow, the son of fishermen hard waiting for a few years until finally relaxed some, will again that filial piety Temple repair up, but just one year, the temple and filial piety was suddenly without fail, and that the son of fishermen were bizarre Dutch act, the case, but many rumors are dun and Dutch act, lively debate altar. But then ten years later, this black * way out of a predator of Yama, the rapid rise in a short time, the first time to repair the temple of loyalty and filial piety, but at the time there had been a bloody horror, is the door upstairs in the filial piety temple, overnight it hanging seven bloody stranguria >

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