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20.05.2013 09:29
main angel descent skills antworten

> Zoro virtual Shanshe in Meng Xiang, he still did not give up, the virtual flash waves of black and red, such as a lightning strike into the building, that instant, the sound of explosions sounded continuously from the building, deep in the dust and The gravel is poured out through the broken floor wall. Longlong Long ... "the pillar of the building virtual flash interrupted, the whole building began to tilt and then slowly fall. After a bombardment, otherwise clean streets, has a messy, flying thick dust obscured the sunset, to go beyond the passers-by in the dust cough or moan,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, a radius of several hundred meters, was imbued with screaming, crying sound. The collapse of the building, a group of Blu-ray will open dense dust fan, Meng Xiang clothes fragmentation, very embarrassed to come out, his hands were raw, the epidermis like barbecue as before, a piece of peeling. Meng Xiang turned a deaf ear, body contains the aura much more vigorous than before. Originally Meng Xiang also hesitant, after all, if not reluctant companion, Zoro even continue to cast blur is not his opponent, but strange kind of feared Grudge force close, let him feel the unprecedented fear. Not because of how powerful this force, but too strange, just like you can penetrate any defense, piercing the hearts of men,Jordan 13 Sale, people impossible to resist. Meng Xiang escape in time, but those resentment still stay in the heart of Meng Xiang moment, countless Yin Hui filled from the heart, so that he inexplicably irritable. This is not the Emmanuel defense can withstand, but a purely spiritual attack, perhaps only Mu Feier "the wall of the heart, to be able to rule out the spirit of these shares attack. Meng Xiang do not want to down Zoro consumption. However, the virtual Zoro's strength is no trivial matter, the only way to spike Zoro only ... Spirit together,, Meng Xiang determined to cast his bottom pressure own skills. To display their spirit together, the force is not easy to control, and Meng Xiang aura and physical, I am afraid the only cast strike will collapse, his body,New Arrivals Coach Sale, his aura will drain. Meng Xiang mind is very clear, to display their spiritual gathering the consequences could be disastrous, but he also thought Jie Juan, which is Meng Xiang cast the spirit cohesive premise. Otherwise, even if the terrorist dead, he will not cast this injury has hurt the enemy trick. Jie Juan, I beat Zoro, you immediately down, FIR and Korea where the full manufacturing a protective screen to protect us, and you, the sacred Arrow make every effort to let my injury recovery. "Meng Xiang looked up shouting, no waiting Jie Juan answer, Emmanuel wave has high speed even in the systemic circulation, speed faster and faster, the aura of his body is becoming more concentrated, dense aura powerful oppress give Meng Xiang ** force, Meng Xiang only feel whole body muscles begin to tear the bloody lack embankment of the river constantly drilled out. In the blink of an eye, Meng Xiang would be like a blood person standing messy residue watts. "I will not lose, even become a demon, I have become to the strong." Zoro skull mask was heard inside the firm, he exude black air, ground gravel because of his spiritual pressure shock broken crack, open mouth skull mask, a mass of chaos powerful force for cohesion. "Become a demon must become to strong? Your will is very firm, but your day is nameless players, I will not let you become a demon, so wronged you." Meng Xiang Samsam laughed, did not have the slightest tension, volume hand look like wins. Meng Xiang not underestimate the enemy, his confidence comes from strength. "Boom!" The ground Juzhen, then split, explosion, sections of the road tens of meters, as encountered bombing as fragmented into gravel. Meng Xiang has been difficult to estimate the speed through the cloud of dust, he skirted the road, like being kilograms of a hammer to drive the same split. Skull mask pair of hollow eyes, which such the two soybean pupil closing hole, a mouth, the 10 virtual flash fired, Meng Xiang can not escape. Meng Xiang completely ignored the virtual flash outbreak of the high-density Reiki, Reiki lack the embankment of the river is difficult to suppress. Reiki suddenly raging out into strength, Meng Xiang right hand wave, virtual flash immediately into the smoke away, Zoro's mouth is not, taken together, Meng Xiang he went behind him. Meng Xiang still can not control the power of the Spirit cohesive, precisely because of this that the spiritual cohesive force play to the limit, how can match the power of Zoro? Meng Xiang hands stretched it out, Zoro hands twist to the body surface, then ... click! "Zoro's hands Meng Xiang mercilessly wring. Zoro screamed in pain, suddenly, his feet firmly forward hold, ignoring the two is broken arm, abruptly pulled down the two arms, blood suddenly gushed like a fountain. This scene, Lin Meng Xiang big unexpected virtual Zoro victory persistent terrorist predicament. Zoro lost both arms twisting head, skull mask mouth again Zhang Qi, Meng Xiang has long been determined to waste Zoro, which let him struggling again. The spiritual gathering strength gradually subsided, Meng Xiang force only, but to deal with lost both arms Zoro has Zhuozhuo to. Vapid final effort, the right hand emerged spiritual sword, "pop" is heard, both Zoro's two legs were cut off. Zoro out of balance, cut and fell down on the ground, "spray!" The already brewing virtual flash ejected from his mouth, through the thick dust clouds, soaring into the sky. Meng Xiang long sigh, the muscles of the body are split, even unlock the potential lock still tingling incomparable. His legs and soft, collapsed on the ground. Jie Juan, such as like an angel fell from the sky, spread my wings and Mu FIR fall to the ground, face with tears has been presented in the eyes of Meng Xiang Meng big brother, you ... "She looked at her oozing blood, muscle paste and blend into a bunch of Meng Xiang, scared speechless. FIR, get out fast expand 'the wall of the heart'. "Han who hands a throw hundreds of magic that surrounds them away drifted far from the magic, there are a few" Zizi "suddenly ignite flame. Han who looks nervous to see Mu Feier still stared looking at Meng Xiang, he cried with a loud roar: Mu Mu FIR hear it? Fast launched by 'the wall of the heart'. "FIR Leng Liaoleng, wipe off the face on the tears, like water, like energy haunt everyone around, expand a 4-meter-wide areas. Jie Juan with open arms, a white light emerged from her hands and integration, gradually turned into a bow. Buttressed by her two fingers the bowstring back pull exudes a white light arrows appears. The sacred Arrow, is the main angel descent skills that comes, cemented through divine bow and arrow, aggressive and cure of two effects. Used as an attack, physical attack power is similar to the general Magic Arrow, not worth mentioning, but the spirit of attack is quite effective, but did not bother to study arrows technology Jie Juan, so few of the attack to the Divine Arrow means. Sacred Arrow greatest power is the ability to heal. 50% of the injury has healed, the Lord God space healing drugs are not comparable to, Meng Xiang is taking into account the Jie Juan this nirvana, dare the brazenly launched the Spirit of poly. Body sacred arrows of Meng Xiang Meng Xiang feel the spiritual power of the body and the Sacred Arrow divine echoes, integration of the two forces immediately, each cell of the whole body active, led by divine , high-speed regeneration. Meng Xiang pain eliminate all in the blink of an eye, the next second, cell regeneration, necrosis muscle exfoliation, fresh skin to reproduce. Meng Xiang long sigh, Meng Xiang injury recovery only 50%, but is enough to restore the ability to act. He struggling to stand up, activities of the hands and feet, muttered: "Damn, injury recovery, but the aura only 2, 2 into the aura, it should be the flesh back when brought ......" Holy arrows only to restore you ** the injury, not including the restoration of your strength, they are able to restore 2% of the Reiki bad, you do not insatiable. "Jie Juan panting, Jiaochen the Holy Bolt is her divine cohesion , she shot Holy Arrow, almost ran out of her power. The Zoro and square Confucianism Jie Juan simply sitting on the ground, my hands Shizhao face amount of sweat from his side, said: "Meng Xiang, you are so anxious FIR and Han Van Expand protective barrier why? Do has become a stick also turned into a the gamma coconut? "Meng Xiang removed from the sodium ring hemostatic hemostatic spray to Zoro, turn the T viruses Note Ru Zhuoluo of the body, before slowly said:" not afraid of the gamma coconut possessed, but, gamma coconut on our side. "<

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