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my mind that images are fictional antworten

> Thank you pass, three smaller explosion. Www! QuanBEn! COM Meng Xiang words, all surprised, which has been completely beyond beyond their imagination. "So, gamma coconut actually been not far from us, or that she has been with us, Shi machine so that The Grudge seed germination, and then tunnel through the nothingness of space, possessed or controlled in some way Grudge who, after eat us? "side of Confucianism murmured. "There could be so, so this task is very difficult, only when our body Grudge occupation of our souls, be possible to find gamma coconut Tibetan students at." Meng Xiang Wang a Zoro side of Confucianism, like a want to say: "If our reasoning is correct, then the next, I, Zoro, Fang Ru, we will become gamma coconut eating mouth." side of Confucianism, body slightly shocked, then try to keep yourself calm, alone, deep in thought. "Do not play open laugh, become the strongest, I will not be anyone around my thoughts to come and see my strong-willed, or gamma coconut Grudge interest ? "Zoro said fiercely, without the slightest panic mood. If, as the reincarnation inferences as it does not have any way to stop the body's resentment of germination, Meng Xiang convertible spiritual power constitution, was originally a the exorcism capacity, but also against the evil spirits can not stand erosion, not to mention others? Meng Xiang has actually been something to hide, he said yes, the inference is very objective, however, is unlikely to apply to him. The magic of "he", why different? Why dialogue with him in mind? That "he" has the power beyond Meng Xiang several times, bayonet Meng Xiang Meng Xiang was unable to resist, but "he" always intentionally or unintentionally shaken Meng Xiang will attempt to occupy his soul, this will only attracted Meng Xiang violent revolt, with the feeling of magic in "The Chronicles of Narnia" At that time, another of his mind, "he" is the temptation to successfully occupy the body. This is Meng Xiang felt wrong place, after two with the magic of "his" contact, he got to know this meager difference. Meng Xiang is definitely not a submissive person, even in the face of Ding Jie, Zhang Jin, in the face of the siege of the devil squad, in the face of Naruto fled to the god squad, he did not compromise, but more crazy counterattack. So now the hearts of another, "he" has done, is simply contrary to his wishes. He never considered killing is happy, he becomes strong purpose, nor to power and status, but Meng Xiang felt confused, his ultimate goal in the end is what? The strongest? Save the real world? Alive to the real world? So after that? Undeniably, the hearts of another "he" is indeed Meng Xiang shaken. "Since we believe that this inference is no problem, it would have to begin preparations, there are more than two days time, we do not try to kill gamma coconut, first try how to spend the remaining days of it alive." Square Confucianism face flashed a trace of panic, like conscience. Jie Juan squinting stare square Confucianism quite a while, and then smiling, said: "The square of Confucianism, you ... afraid." "Who says I afraid?" Square Ru rare angrily, but will be suppressed. "Jie Juan, you let go of the side of Confucianism, now is not the time to study his psychological." Han Fan with a scolding tone and lifeless. The Korean Fan Jie Juan Meng Xiang three very smart, how can not square Confucianism in mind. All along, the party Confucianism things are first themselves in a safe place, to ensure that their own peace, before thinking about other things, that all men tacitly. Jie Juan spit tongue, installed the face, no longer answer. Side Confucianism Lianrong soon settled the whole affair, like just the thing never happened. He continued: "if we know that evil spirits from our body to breed, as long as the limit of our actions on the line, I suggest, Zoro and Meng Xiang tied up, then you are always watching us, a slight change, you purify us with the Light Light purification of the mind, which is Meng Xiang who tried, so this is very likely to let us ride out the next two days. "" However, in the park tried, Zheng Yalin can release the resentment of the attack, if it was not because Korean Fan Jie Juan FIR of joint protection, you newcomer was dead. Even my exposure to gamma coconut blanket of darkness, feel very uncomfortable. "think of the battle of the park, Meng Xiang also a lingering fear. "We did, however, as long as we tied, we could not move, even resentment breeding Jie Juan Light clean to say the least, even if it is not, other people can temporarily leave, then think about The way to save us. "" So, that is to say, tied, they will not like Zheng Yalin did take the initiative to attack companion, companion there is no reason to kill people by resentment curse square Confucianism, Jie Juan did not put it wrong, you really afraid of death. "Meng Xiang scoffed. Fang Ru laughed language, just a little embarrassed face. Heard The Grudge seed were planted in the of Meng Xiang people, Xian Xiaoyu calm. However, listening to square Confucianism, she again dismayed, quaver said: "If they are tied, while the gamma coconut personally come Suoming the, then how do we do?" Han where a fist head, bite the bullet, firmly said: "Then the gamma coconut kill." "kill gamma coconut? we can get it?" Xian Xiaoyu Wang Jie a Juan Mu Feier, meaning that only Korea where a man, and how they may be gamma coconut opponent. Han who sighed, Xian Xiaoyu just new, but the quality is bad, even if she lived to go to the Lord God space to strengthen, she must live under a horror film. He barely smiled and said: "Together, we will not necessarily do I worried that tied the three of them, Meng Xiang, your strength is so big, how can we bundle is maintained." some special circumstances, may say you do not know, but if I really Possession again, such as non-critical juncture,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, please give me some time, I am trying to figure out something. "" Do not do crazy things , if you are out of control,jordan online cheap, we are here not your opponent. "Han Fan said with worry. "Shua!" Zoro has emerged soul knife cut into the neck of Meng Xiang said: "According to Meng Xiang said do, if he really out of control, I can play a real strength of his life and death battle, this Zhenghewoyi. "Zhuo Brother, let alone laugh." Mu FIR open the soul knife cut, retaining Meng Xiang front. "Anyway, as I said, do, in fact, I may not no match for the Grudge seed breeding in my mind that images are fictional? Indicates that happening in the future? Still worried about my heart? I would like to to figure out. "Meng Xiang Mu FIR back to the side, smiling down at the crowd. "Crazy." Said Han Van murmured: "However, you have the qualifications to go crazy, if you had not, we would have died." Meng brother, how are you going to do? "Mu FIR very worried, pulled Meng Xiang's clothes gently shake it. "I want another 'him' to continue the unfinished duel." Since the decision, the Han who immediately projected three chains, the square of Confucianism, Meng Xiang and Zoro tied and seed, respectively, so that they lie in bed, 2 days, South Korea where people decided to vapid without sleep, have to keep looking at in the next 3. The nets still placed in a corner of the exorcism magic resist the attack of evil spirits is still very effective, if necessary, drill into the plastered magic nets, within a short period of time to ensure safety. Because they do not know whether gamma coconut can be invisible, so the Korean Fan letting Meng Xiang pulled out from the sodium ring gossip mirror, Jie Juan took time monitoring of the whereabouts of the gamma coconut. 3 people were lying on the bed, like a lamb to the slaughter, pitiful. Since it can not move, Fang Ru Zoro soon sound asleep, Meng Xiang been thinking about another "his" thing, no sleep, Mu FIR waited at his side at all times, be careful to take care of Meng Xiang. Time is of the past,Coach Handbags Sale, to enter the fourth day of the "The Grudge", a night of calm, reincarnation heart of a lot of smooth. However, tied to the bed Meng Xiang, Zoro and square Confucianism was crossing the date of such year. "Hey, Meng Xiang, this really helpful? Chains I can not shake, but you do? If you break the chain that how to do?" Zoro rarely take the initiative to speak. "It will only ......" Meng Xiang tried to speak, but suddenly saw a light beam Zoro enveloped the whole person, he quickly turned his head, have seen that Zoro pale and grim faces ...... . More to address <

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