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20.05.2013 09:24
but let all people all over the living antworten

The 188th chapter that is denied! The evening sky with a piece of red cloud, a piece of red blood, shrouded in the earth, much less beautiful. The breeze was blowing. Here, a larger temperature difference, the weather is not cold, but the atmosphere, but let all people all over the living cold. On the bus about a large truck dozens of tons of body, after suddenly sank two metal plates, raised is a frame with a strong sci-fi metal style dark black cannon tube, reflecting in the twilight of the murderous look, awe-inspiring. Not only that, there is a panel surface such as a contraction in the shutters on the front, the moment's drilled a very let a person look at all feel numb scalp, to put a bunch of people into a general heavy guns. More terrible is, these strange weapons, seems to take a scanning device, a small panel beside his flashing on several points, tightly locked. Magnetic line gun that is clear, third stage, and the particle track gun. Don't say that magnetic line gun is powerful enough to several people around to shreds, is the rail gun, the gun, the absolute can be completely leveled around here. Four tattoo men at this time mouth open, a fist into are more than sufficient, the face except the expression of fear, there is a beggar grandson met trillionaire master that repeatedly change. They thought, in the Sichuan-Yunnan province two, they have guns have enough cattle B several times, in front of the others don't speak out,Coach Crossbodys, is the flash of a phase, is enough to shock people, who dare not? But at the moment, they head the tooth wheeled wildly, they think impassability, someone even than they are good times, the car is equipped with heavy machine guns on it, actually have a look terrible cannon. Kind of like science fiction have a gun, but students appear in front of them, let them fear occasion, if not in the brain and emitted a crazy idea, it will be used to bluff a fake? The middle-aged face extremely exciting, can be called the expression of emperor, fear, shock, surprise, wonder, won the lottery, dead mother...... The expression changes continuously...... He feels that something is absurd, the car, the weapon, only the sci-fi blockbuster is there ah, but he is see. The middle-aged man forehead sweat like string son kept dropping, canthus also shook, brow beating, even the hand, also kept trembling, is likely to touch on the insurance. Evil this time simply ignore the next two pointed a gun at his tattoos man, his eyes of continuous data stream is flashing, he firmly locked on the gun pointed at the boss's middle-aged man. If he dare to change,Coach Store, the magnetic line rail gun will definitely will be the first time he denied, to ensure their personal safety. "Are you lying on the road, or shall I give you a lift......" Xu Linyuan has authorized the evil they, if they dare to move hands fingers pull the trigger, Qing Yuan, will be the first time to kill. But this group of people here, a pneumatic gun, he was forced to reveal clear deep,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, secret, here >

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