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the difficulty level antworten

> Hanyuan people died under the curse, accumulate in the deceased's home sky grievances, where the touch die, and a new "The Grudge", will continue to spread the terror of death, and "The Grudge" hang on forever Murderer, curse each visitor ...... recovery of consciousness, reincarnation living in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan, a small building room. Www QUAnbEN com wooden flooring, fine ladder very elegant, but all over the floor messy garbage too unpleasant. Meng Xiang watched "The Grudge" no less than 10 times, naturally recognize this house. Grudge source ghost killed gal coconut, house, walked into this house, will be a curse. The Mu FIR Zheng Yalin relatively small guts, can not help each arm Meng Xiang Xu Qinghua hand. Jie Juan great interest to touch the handrails, said: "Japan residence is chic, but failed to tangled, this building is full of gamma coconut resentment. Kill the ghost of" The Grudge "gamma coconut, according to the original plot, gamma coconut the husband Zuo Bo Gangxiong, killing and hid the body in the roof, and her 6-year-old son Toshio Saeki Zuo the Bo Gangxiong trapped in the closet, after missing a few days later, the Junior Bo Gangxiong bizarre died suddenly Grudge born Han who looked around and said: "Since we are the Lord God thrown into the the Grudge buildings inside, it seems we have been cursed, the majority of this task is survived. Survival is the most dangerous horror film, we must be careful. "Heard the Han who say they have been cursed, Mu FIR and the Zheng Yalin body shaking. Zheng Yalin said with a shudder:" ...... how to do? It would only evil spirits are everywhere ...... "Meng Xiang said with a smile:" Yes, gamma coconut than Sadako terror, those who enter this house, either killed or missing, there is no justice can be speak. And gamma coconut kill without warning, does not sound anti-people anti. "Hey" two girls at the same time scream, if too Meng Xiang hee hee said. Zoro back by the wall, said impatiently: "I've heard enough to scare a woman. Anti-does not sound anti-Well, this is interesting, murder, too pursuit of means, it would only be killed. "" You're right, not think you Lianxiangxiyu, really do not see. "Jie Juan lowers smiling down at Zoro Zoro face expressionless turned his head, seems a little embarrassed." Well! Korean Fan Qingke soon sweep still lying on the ground a new, saying softly: "The joke is open to here, Meng Xiang right," The Grudge "more difficult than" The Ring ", but Fortunately a little, the nameless team strength is not too powerful, so the Lord God will certainly reduce the difficulty. "Lying on the floor newcomers finally woke up, two men and a woman, wiping her eyes, a bespectacled middle-aged man swept around a calm, slowly stood up and said:" This building is very familiar, Where is it? "A man and a woman stood up, the woman is less than 30 years old, looks a bit plump face of shock look, his hands clutching his chest, like a fear of infringement by others, quaver said:" Where is it? Another man looks Cumeidayan, physically fit and said gruffly: "black it? Where is he? Outrageous, actually dropped, I do not care to go back and be sure to take lessons from him. Here is the hospital? "Pops ..." Han Fan patting the palm of your hand to stop the hustle and bustle: "Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet, we must expand the story, take this before, I first talk about the situation. "He simply about the reincarnation of the world to say it again, the woman screamed:" You say I'm dead? Impossible? I only ate some sleeping pills, how might die, this is a dream, it must be a dream. "Mu FIR walked over and pinched her hand softly said:" Sister, do not panic, we in the real world is indeed dead, but in the the reincarnation world who resurrected, as long as we live, we still have a chance to survive back to reality world. "Mu FIR comfort and can not stop the horror of the woman, bespectacled middle-aged man slightly amazed, and then sank his face features become somewhat hideous." Well, first tell us about it, I nameless team captain, called Korea where, as long as you live through this horror film, I have to admit that you are nameless players, before that, we will give you the help Of course, as long as it does not prevent us, you can also freely. "Han Van Shengruhongzhong, gas,Coach Classic USA, such as imposing, he is no longer that every word should be thinking about half a day shy newcomer." You captain? Who admit you such a bitch when captain? "The rude man strode onto the right hand is necessary to carry Korea where the collar, Korea who calmly brushed aside his hand, anti-hand man, with one hand he held up: "You called me a small white face, I do not mind, but I am saying that in the former, you do not hinder us, or attempt to harm us,Coach Bags Store, or the hand of a Young, the man was thrown out and landed heavily on the ground. See Korea where the power of three couples are awed. The woman said panic: "My name is Xian Xiaoyu, the unemployed, because of insomnia, so ...... with monument Jiuchi sleeping pills, can not think ......" significant monument the Jiuchi sleeping pills probability of death is very low, but look at Xian Xiaoyu trance eyes, Meng Xiang They concluded Xian Xiaoyu sleeping pills to eat a lot of weight and. Life is too much pressure in the lower strata of the working family, while they desperately alive, while intentionally or unintentionally doing acts detrimental to the lives of people is indeed deplorable. "My name is Fang Ru, accountants, night on the way home culprits robbery culprits stabbed." That middle-aged man said dismissively, about two eyes swing from Meng Xiang older who swept. Jie Juan smiled and looked at him, seem to find anything interesting. "I ... my name is Zhang standard, the boss of Star East societies, chopped Zhengde Pan ......" Zhang feeling the ass, just Han Van fling, suddenly lost his temper, speaker volume is also reduced a lot. Just then, the voice of the long-awaited Lord God finally sounded in the ears of everyone: Title: The Grudge, the difficulty: b-level tasks: survive for five days to complete the task, reward 3000 points a, b-level story extension , the mission fails, denied. to kill Wraith gamma coconut, reward 3000 points, before the reunification failed to kill Wraith gamma coconut, net of 3000 points. "" "The Grudge,Air Jordan UK," So, no wonder this room so familiar, turned out to be gamma coconut home side Confucianism murmured, the standard with Xian Xiaoyu screamed at the same time, a few steps backwards, Xian Xiaoyu panic and said: "That Ghost" The Grudge "? impossible, it is just a movie I ... we ... "Han Fan said gently said:" just not with you explained you? layman's terms, we are now the world of cinema. "" in "The Grudge" inside? gamma coconut home? "Zhang standard lot of noises heard, turned and ran," bang ", hit the Lord God set a barrier, and the pain he was" hey "sound, again fell to the ground. The Xian Xiaoyu trembling, and Mu FIR pulled her side, softly comfort. Square Confucianism slightly alarmed expression now disappearing as calm as he is like the senior, re-looked at the crowd. Just then, shrouded fit their light faded away, Han Fan said dismissively: "The plot has commenced, the difficulty level b survived for five days, the difficulty is not high, but equally, the reward is not too rich, if gamma coconut into the inferno, thriller on a white dry. "Meng Xiang has been silent does not say anything, and now finally smiling, patting Korea where the shoulder bore, said:" where, well, you really are a good captain. "is it? ha ha." Han Fan, rubbing his head and laughed sheepishly. "Enough, Do not flatter yourself. Since we have been cursed, then how to do?" Jie Chen Dao Juan. Survive, kill gamma coconut, as much as possible to avoid the gamma coconut, just to survive, believe that will be easier. However, if we hold to kill the gamma coconut mentality, it would have to take the initiative to contact the gamma coconut, In my estimation The difficulty is at least double b and the Lord God gives these two tasks, clearly the Lord God on our main evaluation is still pricey, at least between b and double-b in the end we should not take the initiative to kill the gamma coconut? tell you a little more about it. "Han who asked. "Well, of course, to kill the gamma coconut." The been silent silent Zoro Xiong Baba said. "I also believe that To kill the gamma coconut, anyway, we are eyeing." Jie Juan is also in favor of the views of Zoro. Korea who looked at Mu Feier, Xu Qinghua and Zheng Yalin, Mu FIR Xianxiao Yu Meng Xiang standing around, his face no comments expression, Xu Qinghua and Zheng Yalin clutch each other, the panic has occupied their hearts . Han who look at Meng Xiang Meng Xiang speak but did not wait, he said: "Meng Xiang, your opinion do not ask, anyway, you will certainly have to kill gamma coconut." Meng Xiang smile without a word, he really wanted to kill off gamma coconut, because he knows that to become strong, you can not back down and kill the gamma coconut or not, there will be 6,000 Points gap, of course he will try to kill the gamma coconut. Just then, a strange thing happened ...... . More to address <

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