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you said those tough antworten

> Silent step, a high-speed and erratic footwork, worth 8,000 integral B-level skills, its value is reflected in the speed and erratic footwork. Www QUAnbEN com Meng Xiang since assume the survival of the heavy responsibility of the unnamed team, an idle will read enhanced book, have some knowledge enhancement technology on the inside. The catlike Antonio hands, at best, just like go-getters Moye weapons grade, but in the hands of Antonio, but to play such a powerful force, it is clear that the strength of Antonio unfathomable. Meng Xiang et al react when tens of meters around them has been Antonio catlike shift to the ground, cut a length still countenance the blood of the mutilated bodies, the red snow on the ground, the killing of the moment, even if such a low temperature, can not stop the spread of blood and the smell of blood. Meng Xiang ourselves strength Antonio, was a big difference. In his mind, even as strong as the devil reincarnation team of Ling Xian, cold sky, extent, however. Of course, that only refers to Ling Constitution and cold Sky, Ling Xian has five strong potential lock, even once beat Qin. As for the cold sky, has broken through to 4, 1-handedly swept the gods villain, unfathomable strength. Meng Xiang heart suddenly emerge a sense of excitement, the strong clouds reincarnation of the world, there are more strong to let him chase. He was pressing to become strong, strong enough to have and potential lock four or five strong confrontation. Meng Xiang also indulge in which the yin of his views, Qin like carrying a puppy spit Nasubi catch back. Antonio good Maozhuacao received, and slowly walked over, his face does not meet said: "The strength of these people mention, very enjoyable, feeding, sheep, you find someone to ambush us, better find a little Do not look for the waste it. "spit Nasi already scared face pale, he is like looking at the devil looked at the crowd, his eyes revealing the infinite fear. Antonio, that's enough, do not frighten him. "Qin put down the spit Nasi He patted the snow on the coat, asked softly:" My companion just kidding, you do not mind I know you betrayed us difficulties, Well, we can help you. "his voice full of magnetic, very convincing, a people, then feel that he is a trustworthy person. How can I kill you spit Nasubi finally recovered from the panic, listening to Qin Hao, his face slightly loosen, but still with a little alarmed tone asked: "Do you really ... do not kill me?" ? fast all tell us that we are to save Narnia. "the Qin made very sincere. "'I' How could kill you? Actually do not 'we'?" Meng Xiang in the side and muttered, he can not think of this look of gentle good old Qin Hao, treat defector could be so cruel, and my heart also feel uneasy about their situation. Meng Xiang know spit Nasi dead, Qin Hao is strong, of course, will keep its promise not to kill spit Nasi, but other people do? Spit Nasi not so meticulous Meng Xiang, He took a few breaths, calm mood, and then said: "Aslan Adam's children - Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy help solve the problem, but eventually they failure. heard that yesterday's battle is very miserable crack in head-to-head on the occasion, the White Witch suddenly been for the help of God, fell from the sky a huge monster dislodge Aslan's army. resident of Narnia revolt of the White Witch in order to punish, under the heavy snow, who does not seek refuge White Witch, to get her blessing, will freeze to death by a heavy snow. the "spit Nasi if scared Qin Hao reincarnation hop, Tyson scratching the back of the head can not help but said: "has been defeated? That is to say, the plot development after the end of the story of" The Chronicles of Narnia "? but the story changed?" He had just finished, his face slightly changed, embarrassed to say: "Look I speak out of turn, Lord God the offense. "he spit before the Nasi revealed the reincarnation of the world thing, naturally demerit points punishment of the Lord God, but everyone face expressionless, as his mistakes flattering look . Meng Xiang already anticipated a two-stage difficulty is not so simple, but still more than he ever imagined. According to the original story, "The Chronicles of Narnia" under the leadership of the Lion Aslan, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, four human help defeat the White Witch, let Narnia peace. But now not only the story becomes changed, but also the Lord God after the end of the story before they take them over, can be said that the difficulty is very high. Moreover, the fall from the sky a huge monster? Could props reincarnation team? Qin still continue to voice asks: "Aslan et al? Now what?" Should still be in the stone table, but most of his supporters this snow froze to death, I do not want to die, so I "huge monster that fell from the sky?" Qin continue to ask. "They also seemed to humans, has been invited by the White Witch, Ice Palace guards." "You know about the other things?" Qin kept asking, but spit Nath seems to have knowledge of all that out, no longer answer to these questions. Qin face slightly changed, The sharp eyes glanced spit Nasi Nasi spit can not help but shivers. "I promise not to kill you, but I do not allow anyone to betray me look at you tell us some useful information,OP Art Coach, let's let you die happy. David, spit Nasi cold, so take refuge in white witch, then you give him a warm, remember to give him a happy. "Qin finished, will never see spit Nasubi a. Spit Nasi a scared back again and again, he stupid finally understand exactly how it is, picked up two legs, we must escape. But how can he may be faster too David? David's right hand, covered with the billowing red flame, red flame and flame, it is a deeper red, like magma, surrounded by the snow on the ground, but also because of this flame has become an instant snow, and even evaporation . The right hand of David pat on the spit Nasi sheep's head, he really have to spit Nasi happy, not one second, the crimson fire spit Nasi body wrapped, he even have a chance screams of for a piece of the ashes scattered in the snow, with the cold wind blows, not the slightest left. Terrible skills, Meng Xiang secretly chilling. If Vick absolute zero freezing cold to the extreme cold gas, David prominency is comparable to plasma temperature, this temperature is not only the human body,Coach Handbags Sale, or even metal can also be a moment melting or evaporation. Lord God space can be exchanged for such a powerful skill? Although many of the skills of the fire, but most of them are double B-level skills, it is not possible to reach such a level, the only explanation is that David's own skills. Spit Nath's death, reincarnation are not a cent of sympathy. Meng Xiang hate a traitor, I think the spit Nasi Siyouyugu, just Qin Hao practice, indeed quite chilling. Antonio Yin Yeung said: "And if we know that the story has been developed to such a out of hand, then we have to be psychologically prepared for those who fell from the sky monster, I believe props reincarnation team is strong, earlier than us 48 to Da Nina Asia, and stood in the White Witch side, we have the temerity to kill the Ice Palace, very bad for us so we first find the four main characters, see the situation and then decide what to do. "reincarnation is to continue marching to the stone table, but they every move,Jordan Take Flight Sale, the White Witch has been well known. Ice Palace, the White Witch sitting on the ice of the first chair, covered her dressed in a gorgeous white dress, left hand holding a white wolf, right hand holding a large glass of her while stroking the White Wolf spoke soft bristle : "sylvans to report, you said those tough enemies kill forest guard and spit Nasi their way forward, is a stone table in the South." sitting Xiashou the chair, dressed in gold armor the two young men, a man and a woman, their body armor, it is Virgo and Sagittarius Gold Cloth. "Those who are strong, their confluence with Aslan, to clean up their very trouble Royal Highness the Queen, be sure to stop them and move on." The young man said softly wearing Sagittarius, he is a typical small white face, Chunhongchibai quite a star face. "Batu, the Queen naturally vary according to the row, you can not help make a decision Oh Queen." The girl sitting next to him, a South-American young woman Ana scene, the ancient torso skin color, exudes healthy atmosphere. Even wearing the garments, can not cover up her exquisite curves. She said these words, did not blame the meaning of hand, people think they are. White Witch cold Lianrong without expression, to an murderous surging, her hands of the White Wolf by the frightened, feicuan escape from her arms. Surprisingly, the White Witch pick up a little iron on the chair, the other end is still jumping White Wolf suddenly turned into ice, a fall to the ground, then crumbled into ice particles. The two young men and women wearing a Gold Cloth expression without change, like totally less than what had just happened. White Witch took a sip of ice water, his eyes wide open like a lantern, said fiercely: "Last Aslan and four small does not escape, and their helper, but thanks to you than they would have long. Batu, Dina, your companions? Why had not seen them figure wearing a Gold Cloth Virgo Dina Ying Ying said with a smile: "They already around the corner, that simmer in the Ice Palace too boring, so in the mountain gymnastics. Batu, they recall, said the beginning of the game. "the Batu point nod, then said:" Now that we know where Aslan, we divided the Asya 6 brothers and sisters and that bar, Pei sword to kill Aslan. although they hide, but we have to find them out then, huh, huh, I, Dina, Yili Zhen and Badakshan, assist the Queen Aslan helper caught ...... <

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