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has been in the maritime bureau of M é antworten

The 205th chapter::: future group Xu Linyuan stay in Xiamen city these days, in addition to his father and aunt Song Shixiong to handle some of the relevant procedures, he also won't let Qing Yuan, stop idle in the VIP parking lot, but directly into the sea to the collection of resources. This chapter provides for you] by which, the new dock Xu Linyuan let Song Chengfeng find people and made a subtle transformation, and the new repair a pier, is convenient for those ships loading and unloading minerals. Later Qing Yuan, upgrade to the intermediate stage, his collection efficiency is ten times of that of the primary stage of iron ore, according to average, add up to the main acquisition arm fine yuan, now with fourteen collection robot, collection of nearly sixty thousand tons of mineral every day. So the Qing Yuan, the intermediate stage across x ì ng upgrade, at the intermediate level, other do not say first, Xing said the acquisition of resources, it is super awesome. The ten days, clear the acquisition of mineral, in the dock has accumulated nearly one million tons, these resources are big enough, uncle their early here to open up the market, through various channels. Plus he told two resource big uncle, has been in the maritime bureau of M é n record,Coach Bags Outlet, they can work in just ways of mining, is to maintain the ability to big uncle, believe, will definitely in the southeast of Fujian Province gradually to stand on your feet, and quickly open the market. After that, Xu Linyuan spent a week in Fujian province. He watched in the uncle's leadership, the two companies began to enter the fast track of development, Song Chengfeng and Yueyang, although lacking in the overall view, but if someone to give them a good blueprint for the development, their ability to work is quite prominent, coupled with Zhu Min's family, relationships, they a week's time, has been through several channels of Fujian Province,Coach Bags Online, and has already begun to realize the profit. Xu Linyuan saw the results, is also very surprised, also had to admire the great uncle's business ability, and their work efficiency, only one week, even a three million seven hundred and sixty thousand sales profits, the development speed of absolute can let people simply glad. However, it is in the process of Qing Yuan, provide a large number of mineral resources, their record of the performance, if only by that of several mining ship, impossible to have such a high efficiency. So Xu Linyuan went and half months stay in Fujian Province, such as the development of the two companies into the stable, the Qing Yuan on the relevant set n ò ng good later, will clear the number on the sea to continue mining resources, and he is with evil and Gongming two men, fly back to the West province. Out of the 15 he has more than two months time, many things,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, he needs to go back over there....... Two months after the western province, everywhere is green, is a full of vigour. Xu Linyuan from the plane down, can feel this summer is coming. To state Ning airport is just the son. After the son in Xu Linyuan just out of the airport, to hammer him a blow, way: "small pro, you can really play, went out for several months, turn a half Chinese, and bigger" as > responsible for mineral company

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