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20.05.2013 09:13
the most important is his engine antworten

The 223rd chapter exit for racing occupation contestant, a car is good or bad, in addition to his design, as well as the driver technology, the most important is his engine. Racer except in technology and various aspects to adapt to the high intensity of competition, there is tenacity and perseverance will withstand the tremendous pressure, this is a cruel test of their. But compared to the test, this car is more strictly, especially engine that, in addition to suppliers that provide power engine and car drivers, each occupation are also very concerned about. Rabah, as a famous occupation racer, he participated in the FIR race remaining, favorite is SRC stock car race. Because the DIY can own car, not only can reflect the technical level of athletes, and can reflect their professional skills as well as the design of assembly level, which is the western most young people advocate an entertainment event times to. So in the future group launched the engine of nine leading technology in the world,Kristin Coach Cheap, Rabah as the industry, nature is also the first time we got the message, and saw that on the network crazy around, news reports eagerly related pictures and reproduced in WXLY-1 chain engine and performance parameters. But the data he search on the Internet to is not complete, so that he could not understand more into a level of things, just this time they came to Asia as soon as possible to the stage, so he asked China to have a look,Nike Jordan Flight The Power, and experience the engine, then by Ai Ruifa that they know a friend introduction, this is Timira this line....... At this time, the next group building on the third floor exhibition hall, frightened voice again. Timira as one of the principal person in charge of the team, she for cars to understand, even more than some of the industry but also proficient in professional, Rabah is naturally no exception. When they came to the exhibition hall,Jordan 1 Sale, to see the true face of WXLY-1 links in the network engine spread around the world, especially after they are bench tested performance, not by repeatedly issued exclaimed, Zan never did. "Dear Janice, this is wonderful, if we use the link engine of the latest, believe in this event, we can achieve good results......" "The power of the engine, completely subvert our understanding of engine technology, this is really amazing, this is a work of art......" Rabah at the time of testing, also could not help but a burst of praise. Wang Nijian several people spirits high, repeatedly praised their engine, but also the hearts of happy, but added: "Timmy, I'm sorry, if you want to use the power of the engine in this season, estimated time, our production design of each product, all need to rigorously test the actual needs of users, and then there were some adjustments, after reaching a perfect agreement, and then will be formally put into production......" Later, Rabah heard but way: "that it doesn't matter, we modified racing, can in order to adapt to the standard construction design of this engine is mainly to design modifications, although >

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