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20.05.2013 09:08
send instructions to the moment antworten

The 241st Chapter means (for the monthly subscription and recommended votes) ask, ah ah ah, yes or no...... The hackers in the world, every hacker has its own set of behaviors. But they all have one thing in common. That's when they do something, will first try to hide their true identity and address as the foundation, make their own implementation of hacking in a safe state. But don't change its trail, they no matter how to hide their identity straight real address, this process they just at the time of the operation through the computer network transmission instruction, it can clear the log and trace, or trojan virus situation, but as long as they in their own computer implementation of the transmission of the command, and is connected to the network, will leave the tail. Of course, this is the fate of Qing Yuan, for the analysis of the communication system. As well as the central intelligent system operation ability. When the criminals to Yuan Zhi family sent SMS to their Internet into a mailbox, communication system, the clear, for the first time into the mailbox. The other was in the mailbox and layout of a very subtle reverse tracking code, but the tracking code to fine the number, is the best weapon can use. In the sunny, with 'abnormal' state deep into the mailbox, indeed, see the other side mailbox is different, immediately alert, using the code, the first time this mailbox cancellation. But they are on the cancellation of the mailbox to send instructions to the moment, Qing Yuan, rapidly through the code to start the backbone network search tracking, while the other side was good, with layers of jump way to conceal their real IP address, but the Qing Yuan, conveying a moment by his instructions concurrent out,Nike Air Jordan 6, locked up his IP address and by satellite positioning monitoring, and through them to the network message of Yuan Zhi family in exposed information, quickly analyze the real location. It is beyond all expectations,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, there are two hackers and dialogue, there is also a responsible for the kidnapping, one in India, another in the country, the local action, he received the domestic hacker information. Especially the local one, their point is actually the incessant activity, that they are driving a car on the move, but did not leave the province. To each other, it is directed at biological alloy steel experiment base technology and come, they asked Yuan Zhi in less than an hour, the experimental base of relevant technical data package sent to a mailbox they arbitrarily specified for their authenticity, verify the technical data, then take five hundred thousand cash and technical paper documents to their designated position to change his grandson. By monitoring the Qing Yuan, Xu Linyuan see, the other issued instructions to the people in India,Coach Bags Online, and this domestic hackers are only responsible for the three party contact. That is to say, the hacker India published messages directly to Yuan Zhi, this hack is responsible for coordination and dispatch center, but the real action, only link, and the hacker line so that, in addition to this action kidnapped to take a risk, the two party hacks are relatively safe, no >

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