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20.05.2013 09:02
After the Qing Yuan antworten

The 179th chapter longevity stone in the mountains in the story, no one knows, there are thousands of buried prey, with dry bones buried in there, so far no one found. Starting in the behind, there is a special m é n's sacrifice, and national a coat man-eating blood R ò u visceral brutality, still living quietly in the vicinity. No one knows in the night, in the mountains of remote D ò NGX ù e, staged a scene of J ī ng color gunfight, ambushes and an Infernal Affairs J ī ng color show. But as a witness only, the thought of the scene at that time, can let a person feel chill invasion. Although Xu Linyuan did not kill, but the scenes of those killed, he is very clear look in the eyes, he finally found, in the back of this civilization era, the bloody killing, human life such as ants thing, never seems to stop, bring him heart shock, indeed not small. After the Qing Yuan, out of the wilderness, high-speed driving in the smooth highway, Xu Linyuan's heart, still not recovered from the scene. To say this is a movie, then he saw, a laugh known. But this is not a movie,Jordan 2 Shoes, it is a real occurrence, so let him personally experienced these things, has been more nervous, he gradually adapt to this bloody, slowly recovering. "The boss,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, the stone happened proton variation, the Y ù which contains the components in proton proton variation occurred, this variation on the human body cell gene can cause radiation sh è and influence, as with other mutation proton strengthen genes, is to enhance the role of human life" at this moment, have used analysis of fine yuan out that longevity stone structure of proton evil to Xu Linyuan reports. Xu Linyuan was gradually restored mood, this time after hearing this, immediately and J ī moving up, way: "this stone is called longevity stone, if the Y ù out, will have effect?" Evil way: "the outer layer the Y ù stone is a mineral molecular some variability, with strong radiation sh è, he influenced the structure of proton y ù stone works, now inside the proton y ù stone and molecular structure has been completely variation assimilation, which remove the block y ù, and no impact" Xu Linyuan listens,Air Jordan Shoes, open the main control screen, immediately way: "that immediately to the Y ù out, I'd like to have a look, they say, longan and odd y ù, what is what?" "Yes, after the" evil orders received, immediately let Gongming be the stone in the miniature manufacturing system, through the micro manufacturing system under the arm, separated in a sh è line, the Y ù stone shell a little bit to be stripped down. Starting this feeling, like stone, but Xu Linyuan already know the answer, so he is looking forward to the future of the longan odd y ù was finally out of the way. After about three minutes...... When the last layer of the shell that stone falling down, right now Xu Linyuan stare big eyes, see the miniature manufacturing system platform, significant L ù out Star >

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