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20.05.2013 08:56
dry turning an aircraft carrier or strategic antworten

::: the 198th chapter suffered a third nuclear submarines, recommendation ticket...... Of course, the most worthy of Xu boss attention, or the Qing Yuan on the Particle Cannon upgrade. The intermediate stage, upgrade to 'magnetic line optical B ō energy cannon', sh è range up to 19 km, shot down, dry turning an aircraft carrier or strategic nuclear ship completely without any problems. This is the energy cannon power, but said his function,Nike Air Jordan 10, through the communication system of Qing Yuan, powerful upgrades, his position more J ī ng, J ī ng more striking surface quasi. Once the target, the target cannot detect the signal path and the target energy cannon, he can be a radar or sonar, modern electronic shielding, electromagnetic interference signal. In addition, in addition to the magnetic line optical B ō energy cannon, the Qing Yuan armed system upgrade, and added a new super weapon, a power more erotophobia: "super rail proton energy projectile" this super weapon strikes more big, he has a special sh è system, his sh è process completely than long-range intercontinental cruise missiles farther, faster, into outer space with no problem. And he is a bullet, power is more terror, like the intercept and completely destroy a sh è rocket or civilian ships, big city of a country or destroy the current time, there is absolutely no problem. Of course, this is just Xu Linyuan at the armed system consulting, fine yuan, Qing Yuan, intelligent system introduced to them the imperial function, Xu Linyuan also did not have the opportunity to test the quality of the power of bullets. Because of the proton elastic sh è once, almost depleted Qing Yuan, all of the energy storage capacity, the manufacturing cost is relatively high, belongs to the base in thirty-eighth Century when encountered a fatal crisis to escape,Nike Jordan 12 Sale, or is the most favorable weapons to fight back. But this is only the armed commercial base products, if military base products, are not afraid of Qing Yuan, even escape the opportunity, so he can only in the current era of swagger before others. But will this weapon in the current era, have no opportunity to use, the optical B ō energy cannon power, enough to him the envy of the world's most sophisticated military technology. And the quality of a bullet, who struggle with peak?...... After Yin for a while, Xu Linyuan finally from that kind of fantasy back to God. After understanding the weapon system, Xu Linyuan also does not have the J ī ng force on the manufacturing quality bullets now, Zhong Kang at this stage, Xu Linyuan think that is clear, in the escalation of armed system future to prepare. If the Qing Yuan, in need of such forces, will be used, but is currently do not have the time, Xu Linyuan was prepared to let Zhong Kang helped develop some modern military technology to accept the military manufacturing advanced materials needed, but he wants to send big money in this field. As for the last weapon, it will still be electrolytic meteor cone boss Xu wearing, this weapon in the upgrade, appearance and morphology did not change much. But he added in a separate micro energy storage system, has exceeded the original must be in Qing Yuan, to maintain a certain distance constraints,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, and now he is like a battery, >

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