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20.05.2013 08:50
ī those delegates to the industry antworten

::::: the 216th chapter sensation afternoon, new engine future group product display end. After starting in the show ended, Xu Linyuan on behalf of the future group, and Zhou Zhengxiang represent the Tengen group, under the major news media and the attention of industry representatives, held a grand signing ceremony. Although the Tengen group and Xu Linyuan had reached a strategic cooperation partnership, s ī itself has already signed engine supply contract. But today at this grand occasion go such a formality, the signing ceremony, or great spines J ī those participants to come to the industry in a number of delegates. And then, BYD automobile group company chairman also rushed to the scene, reached a cooperation agreement with Xu Linyuan, is in after Zhou Zhengxiang, the first and the next group signed a contract WL4B engine of automobile enterprise. Tianzheng Group and BYD group that the move, great spur J ī those delegates to the industry, some of them have no decision-making power, just want people dry BYD to seize the initiative, to run round in circles. East Gas Group for the state-owned enterprises, vice chairman Liao Qun and with the board and afterwards, and political f ǔ leadership after approval,Classic Coach Cheap, also in BYD, signed a contract with a future group,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, ready to put into trial operation this model of engine. For a time,Coach Handbags Sale, BYD and East Gas Group of repeated action, make the whole atmosphere of the scene is like a fuse is generally completely detonated. But then, more Madden J ī ng color drama staged. After the BYD and Dongqi, GM Asia Pacific president Tang Ying also expressed concern over the link engine Deluxe Series, will consider the transformation of Hummer series...... Giant Toyota and mass of the two is fully capable of independent production of R & D and manufacturing of engine, the parties do not see eye to eye, in the dark under competition, unexpectedly also go along for the ride, expressed a desire to purchase a number of series WL4V and WXLY-1 type link engine, for they are ready to launch new models for trial operation. Can say, this bold move, is the Volkswagen Group and Toyota group in the water, they don't want to miss the link engine can bring influence, and the future pop up his huge market, so he intends to buy a number of years in their new models of trial operation, if the operation well, they on the spot said, will also begin to follow the pace of future group, independent of this design chain engine...... In this way, the four groups of a series of movements, make the next group of that name, quickly started in the industry, and began to spread, began to rapidly spread up. But even more startling is, these four groups is only during the day, reach and future cooperation group orders reached four billion seven hundred million yuan high, more can be detonated will biggest * *. When Wang Ni as president of the group of industrial manufacturing company announced the results, when so many participants of the enterprise delegates burst lost one eye and chin, in dark scold, the Toyota and mass is the ride is not to say, they have the ability of independent research and development. "

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