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20.05.2013 08:45
and several private construction companies antworten

The 235th chapter two not only "just say it, I can help you with natural be nothing difficult" Xu Linyuan road. Device: no advertising, full text, more heard this, two people happy. Shawn Huang "little face, I heard that you recently in the provincial capital and investment to build an engine factory, we come to you, also want from you this point soup to drink, you don't mind......" The last to have cooperation, the two guys in the construction of his side the factory's also made great efforts, very carefully, whether it is the construction, or supply the material quality is very high, they are Xu Linyuan's old classmate, nature also cannot let them not to make money, this is very normal. Listen to Shawn Huang said to this matter, Xu Linyuan smiled and said "just, I'm going to examine the new engine plant provincial situation today, it would be better for you to go with me"...... Ten pm, a Jaguar J7 business Deluxe Edition, a Grand Cherokee,Coach Bags Online, as well as a BMW X6 stopped at m é n West Municipal f ǔ merchants mouth. Xu Linyuan get off, see China Merchants director eyes like with cement like, smilingly greeted, that look like is to see the God of wealth come, with a bright light. With the merchants Secretary come out together, and a No.2 company general manager, look to Xu Linyuan attitude is also very respectful. Can see the province Erjian company person in here, Xu Linyuan is not accidental. The new engine plant investment is several billion, and has great relevance to establish and with the provincial f ǔ figure ten years planning engineering industrial park, the last provincial government f ǔ in meetings, on the matter has already introduced the relevant policies, and the leadership of the Central Committee inspected the after some adjustments, and on this basis. So Xu Linyuan the build engine plant in the provincial capital investment, it is this ten year plan project to cater to the political f ǔ, is also the first investment in the plan of enterprise, government f ǔ nature is concerned, is also very active, it is not the factory location hasn't been decided, the two construction company people have fled first to. The two companies are state-owned enterprises, although the qualification are the national level qualification, but Xu Linyuan is not a cold on the state-owned enterprises, because the state Ning was the emergence of a bean curd dregs, and to workers on account of events, caused a riot at the time of the flow of blood to the conflict, Ning Zhou people a very bad impression. So the province Erjian these years in state Ning untenable, Ning, housing and factory construction, by Wujian, and several private construction companies holding. "The domain name please, known as" but Xu Linyuan does not want to own this investment factory construction project to the construction company, because of his impression of this company is very poor,Coach Store, even for new leadership, he does not intend to Ji ā o to state-owned enterprises to do. Now is the summer, not winter so much trouble,Jordan 13 Shoes, very cold, construction there are many factors restrictions, coupled with adequate funding, so the construction progress is very fast, plus his workshop structure are all steel structure, step up construction of words, a month can fully cover up and began to enter the debugging of equipment. So this Xu Linyuan still ready to engineering Ji ā o to riverside industrial or Kowloon is the industry to do, >

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