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20.05.2013 08:34
steal secretary Lin tofu reminded antworten

Summer, weather some hot, people always like to hide in the shade, enjoying the rare cool. 15 in the evening, more people is two or three, or three five together, in the fresh and cool place to chat, a day of leisure time, it is also very comfortable. Tianchi water villas, when Xu Linyuan came back, you can see three five people together, held a small party at the villa, is very lively. Especially the swimming pool some home, those wearing a Bikini young beauty NV people in the pool to and fro playing, the Orioles, is very attractive to the eye. This building nine villas Xu Linyuan lived in the villa area, belongs to the last row, is Qin Jiuyan when one family live site, after it built villa, here is the top row of regional luxury. This villa is Qin Jiuyan going to stay endowment place,air jordan outlet, but after he found fourth small concubine finally for he gave birth to a son, Qin Jiuyan took the young son had been elsewhere, here to Qin goblins. Plus Qin Jiuyan since the son later, foreign business all Ji ā o gave Qin Xiaoyao, Qin Xiaoyao is not resident here, has been empty, last heard Xu Linyuan to buy villas, Qin goblins simply put the villa gave Xu Linyuan, as their tryst. So every time Xu Linyuan back to the provincial capital, occasionally to the villa to stay for a few days. This villa also has a swimming pool, Xu Linyuan came back, let the evil parked the car in the garage, into the room for a set of clothes, went to the swimming pool on a raised platform, a dive headlong into. Into the water, cool feeling, make him feel tipsy immediately by J ī scattered through two do, steal secretary Lin tofu reminded that agitation pathogenic fire on the road before, also disappeared. "Hee hee, Ru sister you good or bad oh......" "I strangle you this little fish, you dare to eat my tofu, hem......" In Xu Linyuan for a while playing in the swimming pool, I was lying next to a chair on the rest of the front door, suddenly the cottage came NV people laughing, as if in a swimming pool. After the idle boring Xu boss heard the laughter, opened my eyes. Because of the voice of his is not strange, so curiously Xu classmate, came to the villa on the west side of the wall of the pool the same place, let a person up ladder to him, stood up on the shoulder, leaning on the wall, toward the front of the swimming pool at. The hope,Air Jordan Shoes, Xu boss suddenly stared straight in the eye. He saw in front of the swimming pool on the edge, then a beautiful NV in X ì ng Bikini, which is half lying in the pool deck chair, the plump little mouth smoking a pipe beverage, leisurely leafing through a magazine. The beauty of NV side,Coach Online Store, more let a person almost nosebleeds, another hot beauty NV, she was wearing only a and t k ù K ù almost swimming K ù, show that the snake - like waist, and small fart that x ì ng sense, even in she stooped down, the boss Xu, vaguely can see her t ú n between the faint >

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