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20.05.2013 07:47
the crew aboard the Japanese girls antworten

The 272nd chapter is really a monster? Above the blue calm sea, only a trace of breeze, the ship flag fluttering in the wind. (win qq COINS,) which is a high speed is to the sea of Japan somewhere coordinate guided missile destroyer, after officers of ship at this time into the guard state, after all the monitoring devices open, constantly monitoring the abnormal phenomenon may occur in the surrounding. The ship called Luo of guided missile destroyer, Captain mountain village six colonel in command and control of the ship chamber, eyes kept staring at the sonar display screen. For emergency command the military high-level, mountain village six colonel or feel too absurd. He doesn't believe in their territorial waters, what will be the giant sea monster in the raging,Air Jordan Superfly, he tasks at sea for many years, participated in the joint exercise of us, never heard of in the Pacific Ocean, there will be a gigantic sea monster appeared. But this time, military officials said that this monster is make such a fuss about, long tentacles, can penetrate the alloy steel firm, has sunk an offshore patrol boat and an inflatable boat. The mountain village of six after get the task command, when the heart is very confused, the military said a sea monster attacked a patrol boat, but when he asked the sea monster of what look like, but no one could say, and near it, wasn't there a patrol boats,Coach Crossbodys USA, do the people watching sea monster raging, but are blind. But when the mountain village six colonel in the hearts of sniff at, at this time a crew suddenly ran up to report: "the report is magisterial, we received three coordinate resources point of the Japanese patrol ship emergency signal emitted, the other claims to encounter the monster attacks, we should immediately report the coordinates of points to their rescue......" "Eight GA, really a monster?" After listening to the mountain village of six, was shocked, then ordered: "all the crew, immediately ahead at full steam, to the Japanese patrol ship coordinates where the road, at the same time missile system began to prepare......" After the release of the command, mountain village six eyes out of the thick and whispered: "where there is a will, where there is a will, let me have a look this monster is able to withstand the missile attack, let me accompany you play it, I haven't met such interesting things......"...... But this time, in the sea of Japan three resource coordinate point, a patrol ship at this time was parked there, there is no escape, appears very quiet, the ship has no news out, very strange. This is the Japanese patrol ship. At this point in the ship, turtle field commander on the cold sweat forehead straight risk, the fear for his body kept trembling, but as a soldier,air jordan store, he although the picture is just saw the shock to people, but he still stick to their posts, if not destroy the terrorist sea monster, it would have to wait until the missile destroyer arrived, with missiles will be that the strange sea to shreds. At this time a piece of dead sea, still let a person breathing shook, the crew aboard the Japanese girls, were staring at the sea surface, the signal detection instrument to maximum skills, but he >

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