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20.05.2013 07:42
When Xu Linyuan went off antworten

Charges section (12 points) the 289th chapter Miracle Man of Vindeln's China business to achieve, to get what he wanted, so the trip for him,Crossbodys Coach UK, feel very happy. When Xu Linyuan went off, the Dehn talked to him a lot, very humorous style of conversation. But let Xu Linyuan wonders, the Dehn did not immediately went to the airport,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, as if waiting for what? After received a phone call, the Dehn and Xu Linyuan referred to the General Motors Corporation CEO, Exxon's China a line of things, no longer as before with that funny. He knows, he this time China line, must be stimulated by GM, they want to reach a number of technical cooperation and future group. This time Cummings launched DHX-T engine, has brought the impact and influence to link engine, due to the influence of Cummings, they had to fight for a few powerful and they strive for hegemony of the automobile companies have reached a strategic alliance, prepare and chain engine market against. In this stage, the link engine future and market assessment, strategic vision depends on the enterprise executives, Cummins has a long history, technology and service, and the market is very mature, this is a major factor in many enterprises are willing to reach the strategy to cooperate with them. After all, the future group set up time is too short, the influence, far less than the Cummings the old company, so if the auto enterprises coalition against the enterprise, their opponent is not completely. But the deen view, this enterprise has a vibrant, energetic, and innovation breakthrough, although the foundation is still shallow, but after a period of development,Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, the Dehn believe this business will have the strength and the old engine enterprises contend for hegemony, so they are inferior, is only temporary. It is because of the future group in this bad situation, the Dehn would like to take this opportunity to, decisively to, active and the relatively optimistic about his young enterprise cooperation, hope to get more opportunities. But he did not expect, he was optimistic about the engine and technology in the enterprise, and future prospects, but several other well-known automobile company in the DHX-T at present time is the fiery unmoved, still optimistic about the young enterprise, several auto companies at the same time to the next group sent a cooperation plan. As a result, many enterprises to seek cooperation with them, the Dehn know, public access to less, but in Wen Deen heart, also has its own long-term plan layout, after he heard the young man Shindelar to he repeats the cake theory, the deen on the cake strategy is very identity. The BMW, GM, Fiat also to future dished out an olive branch, but they seek cooperation are our own technology advantages of the project, coupled with the Chinese domestic Tianzheng automobile has been with this enterprise has the depth of cooperation, in this way, the future pattern of world automobile industry chain, if the engine has become the mainstream of future, will form a cooperative alliance formed by these six enterprises, form and Cummins, Ford, Nissan and other car enterprises another strategic cooperation. "

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