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20.05.2013 07:36
this scene constantly changing antworten

The 306th chapter in Taiwan (midnight) night, ask the ticket, and subscriptions!...... Provincial TV station is located in the east of high-tech development zone of the news building, is a high-tech zone is the Gothic style of the Peugeot x ì ng architecture to speed access to the site is said to the Peugeot x ì ng building and industrial exhibition hall, is the senior designer please Europe in optimization design the most strict fine, perfect. In fact, this building is just like the dinosaur head lice, although look cool, unique style in a lot of the building, overlooking the sentient beings have the means, but the wind blows, he looked piaoyao. It is not practical building a house, now only three years, the polished tiles above has fallen off some, although far to see the water cube feeling,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, but a closer look, as was stabbed several large hole sieve, too horrible to look at. But this building, it is worth mentioning is the province a telecast hall, very modern style design, scene and water-screen fountain some high-tech special effects plus, have won national awards, many important concert, or is a major party, here was held successfully. A telecast hall scene is through the computer special arrangement designed, so there is some program recording, this scene constantly changing, seems to t its ng appearance....... About three thirty in the afternoon, Xu Linyuan dressed in a relaxed and casual, with a casual style, with a light fitting, more attractive and the wind color, style m í's secretary Lin, as well as in the follow like a shadow him evil to several people, came to the news building, 6 floor of a studio hall. Economic interview column group of CCTV in fact last month led to arrange to do a chat show recorded on Xu Linyuan, but Xu boss is too busy, even personal cinema not to, so the column group to arrange the program failed to make the appointment, several times without success, column group of people still have a little resentment of Xu boss. Dong Xiaoyi is one of less than two years before entering the CCTV young host, in the competitive J ī intense work,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, Dong Xiao young and beautiful, gentle and generous, knowledgeable, presided over the style is also known as humorous, especially economic and celebrity interviews she hosted chat show in the industry is quite well known, so she is is a well-known show host. Her popularity is also very good, treats people also kind, so she made a lot of phase of the program recording, and successful celebrities those fields also get along very harmonious conversation like this economic program, often concern are executives more important in some enterprises, and even enterprises leaders, they occasionally than these programmes have some whether business management, or management, and capital operation and other information, as well as some other successful people, ideas,Coach Online Store, and constantly improve their own. So this is a program for good, those celebrities, or executives, they often watch this program, naturally, some people also wanted very much to this program, to increase visibility, to product and the enterprise own >

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