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The 324th chapter German factory tour - Chapter 324th German factory tour these days have been silent, it seems not a roar not ah, please recommend a ticket, you throw a few! The next day at noon @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@. A deluxe suites, see beer cans thrown all over the floor, as well as some shredded clothes, the whole room is a mess. The most eye-catching is the bedroom near the wall, steel structure floor, there is a man with his fist down dent, is like a fist cast mould, let a person see the shocking, visible start people's strength is how big. Ddd! At this point, the room came a ringing phone, did not seem to wake up the sleeping in a bed bedroom on man. Xu Linyuan lying in bed, he would have to wake up, only the eyes have been staring at the ceiling, some trance. The telephone is ringing, loud don't know how many times, Xu Linyuan it will pick up pressed the answer key. "Small faces, how do you answer the phone?" Hear the phone there is the voice of Zhou Zhengxiang, Xu Linyuan this just return to God, said: "Uncle Zhou, I drank too much last night, slept, you are a few flights today?" Zhou Zhengxiang Road: "we are 14 points of the plane, we are now at the airport, because you don't we arrived on the same plane, so we went a step ahead!" "Well, we went to Berlin after the confluence!" After hanging up the phone, Xu Linyuan got up, see the full house is a mess, he would recall last night launched wine crazy is how crazy, can not help but shake head wry smile several voice. A watch has 13 points, then get up and wash a little, will himself with the broken off aside, a set of clothes and put on to find later, the phone rang again. The call came Guo Secretary: "small Xu, ready or not,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, I have to let the driver to the hotel to pick you to stay, there is a temporary meeting arrangement!" "Good!" Then Xu Linyuan answered, just press a button at a lunch. Just after lunch, the driver yesterday sent him out to. This is because to travel together with the central leadership, the Zhongnanhai bodyguard escorting Xu Linyuan around, naturally not be with other people, so evil followed Hong Yuanjin and Zhou Zhengxiang together they first went to Berlin, he will take a lead plane to....... Guo is always the central leadership, but his level only country level, just a member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee, as this level,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, also the position. The leadership and the Xu Linyuan see, that is an important national leaders he can often see on television,New Arrivals Coach Cheap, the country's prime minister, in ancient times is the prime minister, officer in a product, it is a very weighty, think somewhat scared. But when Xu Linyuan followed the Guo old came to the State Council's office to see the real, the other to his kind gentle, but let him feel relaxed. With the prime minister talked, the prime minister asked the development of his business, Xu Linyuan made some brief report shows. But about half an hour, the Secretary has >

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