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20.05.2013 07:25
as if it is service management staff antworten

The 342nd chapter is monitored for standing in the m é n strange NV, Xu Linyuan doesn't know, the impression has never seen. ~ ~ the NV an oval face, bent on arch eyebrows, large eyes and rosy cheeks, Jiao Mei is wind and water. Her hair down, with a few very fashionable B ō L à ng volume, upper body wearing a light gray s è work load, and a low neckline thin m á o jacket, l ù Xi ō ng of white a pair of R ǔ ditch, wore a skirt, black s è warm socks, show her slender and its large Tu. "I did not call the waiter, what can I do for you?" Look at this strange Nv person eye, Xu Linyuan see her wear work clothes, as if it is service management staff of the hotel, just pay attention to her. "Please, excuse me, are you Mr. Xu?" The NV is the hotel management staff positions, but she saw Xu Linyuan only around a towel, l ù that muscle R ò u and stature and strong, can not help a bit dizzy, cheeks quickly flew two Hongxia, bowed his head did not dare to look at. "Yes!" Hear after the confirmation, the NV personnel said: "I am sorry to disturb you Mr. Xu, I is subject to our general manager appointment, she would like to invite you to a presidential suite on the 19 floor!" "Who is your manager?" Xu Linyuan in the speculation,Coach Handbags Sale, is this Hotel Kowloon industrial name in the industry, Qin Xiaoyao the dwarf J ī ng to catch n ò ng himself? "Our general manager said that you must ask, just say you went to know!" "Sorry, no appointment, the other party will not say who, I'm not free will meet with strangers!" Then, Xu Linyuan closed the m é n, the station to see this in the customer manager m é n outside the hotel, was silent for a moment, wry smile, had to leave to go back. Xu Linyuan returned to the bathroom, and rushed down the hot water, then dry the body, it brought a pajamas on, think of what just happened, not by some be rather baffling. If the X ì ng son Qin Xiaoyao, just broke into his room, how boring to play with him this catch m í pool game. Even if the hotel manager even more great, shelf again big, also refused to tell whose names, Xu Linyuan was too lazy to crane who he is, if he knew the man, is not with him this kind of boring jokes. Sit ten hours of the aircraft, Xu Linyuan also a bit tired, pick up the menu, press the button of the hotel waiter, at a dinner, lying in the comfortable Chu á ng. Not a little while, and someone at the m é n, Xu Linyuan lay in the Chu á ng also did not personally go to m é n, let the evil to open m é n. Still just the beautiful NV people, this is her dinner come, but she found the m é n is not Xu Linyuan,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, but the appearance of a monstrous big man, then frighten almost fell to the ground. But I still have seen the world, engaged in hotel management also come into contact with the shape of s è s è people, the NV managed to calm down,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, took a deep breath, but still can not see evil appearance, low a way: "I, I came to...... >

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