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20.05.2013 06:01
since here the office environment antworten

The 360th chapter million bonus at the end of each year, is a year for businesses busy most of the time. For me, a leading enterprises this year, the new year development plan, development strategy and direction of enterprise, it is to rely on the helm to grasp and decision. Xu Linyuan after two years of continuous learning and training, no matter is the leading dignity, and enterprise management, now than an ignorant person, let a person can't feel any jerky, for most future group staff, the chairman of the board body beginning with legend color. And for those managers, the chairman of the board is always can give them a sense of mystery, what seems difficult to his eyes, becomes simple. Group industrial manufacturing company is mainly engaged in the engine business, in the past two years, and achieved fruitful results, has entered the stage of the development of a stable and mature, the momentum is still rapid. But the group another mining resources business, after preheating time heating, now also gradually entered the mature period, its development momentum, there is more beyond the engine enterprise trend,air jordan sale, this year, the group of two career development jointly, achievements, as a employee group, to the booming growth in the feelings, they grow and exercise. At the end of the next group held the meeting today, is a summary of the development of the cause of this year, will also continue to customize on the plan related development strategy for next year, in addition to the appointment of personnel adjustment,Crossbodys Coach, and outstanding staff award etc.. So this meeting, not only by the internal staff concerns, is also in the outside attention, like the first time to obtain the latest information, want to know the group what new action in the next year will be, or timely adjustment of development strategy, after all, now the group is driven by the industrial chain is very large. Xu Linyuan came to the company, the meeting has been formally started. Thousands of people the size of the venue, the number today comes more, still have a bit crowded, some people almost have no place to sit, the administrative department of the people had to office chairs are moved in on the void to seat. So in the meeting, Xu Linyuan saw the venue with head, a gap of almost no, the first thought is crowded, experimental base, must be new large-scale comprehensive new base, is this company headquarters is small? After all, now the future group building, originally is Tianzheng Group left, now still Tengen group department still here office, Xu Linyuan wanted to think, according to the current development of the scale, this place is a bit small, also not quite level. At least we now is an international large-scale enterprises, the money either, since here the office environment can not keep up with the need, then create a fully representative of the whole group,Coach Crossbodys Bags, building unique beautiful world only. Xu Linyuan is holding these at sixes and sevens idea into the venue, and all the employee to do his attention, at the side of the Lin Aiping saw him come in, they guided him to his seat to sit down. The meeting >

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