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20.05.2013 05:55
Xu Linyuan's aircraft to enter the military antworten

Afternoon, scorching sun. Three degrees high temperature weather, heat is the main melody, little breeze, can only be a foil, did not have the slightest cool, but will be a hot air blowing through the vast land of china. However, in such hot weather, but also there is a place, into the mood seems better than high temperature blazing the sun baked more hot. Buzz! At this time, Yao empty fly a dot, with the smaller gradually close, see a looks a bit sci-fi helicopter slowly approaching. "Small and temporary, military but military importance, so we flew into the military, I'm afraid influence not good?" The cabin, Xu Zhengqing eyes staring at below that has already completed the runway, the runway in sight and mess around, seems to want to see objects found. Sitting beside Xu Linyuan, wearing glasses, looked very relaxed, his body is slowly reclining, with his arm pillowed the head, also do not see below the situation, did not answer those questions above a road endless. Of course, Xu Linyuan's aircraft to enter the military, it is certainly must make contact with the military navigation command center, after obtaining the approval of the military, he can directly be landing position above the specified in the command. And my dad asked such a question, it is to let Xu Linyuan don't have a good answer, because it is common sense x ì ng problem, he knew, but also ask. Soon, evil drive the advanced aircraft entered the military over the nearby. After the evil common communication mode to send military command center request information and Xu Linyuan landed the identification code, and soon got a military navigation command center's approval,Nike Air Jordan 14, and allow them to land at a designated apron that military ring road. The plane landed, Xu Zhengqing appears very excited, felt some apprehension, could not help but look to the next Xu Linyuan, said: "small pro, you said that if the military to see me, will not really let me in, if I blocked do outside?" Xu Linyuan was speechless. He found that dad is getting more and more childish, really is to give him something to thousands, and now the whole a curious baby and the problem of machine, since he was the unusual aircraft, the aircraft in question to ask. And Xu Linyuan can only say is to account for their own safety, especially for military system, especially made for him, and dad saw the new fighter, will be attracted by the new fighter. But this said, Dad would temporarily quiet, will also his attention to the new fighter look up. And now, dad asked the military into the house to let go that way, Xu Linyuan also had to endure x ì Ng said: "if the military into not let you in, I'll take you to the military system of the company, where you see enough, that you want to enter an experience, also no problem at all, nobody dare say anything......" At this time, the aircraft landing slowly down, see a few soldiers into the nearby, and wait for an officer there. "Salute,Nike Air Jordan 2, the head of good!" When Xu Linyuan and dad got off the plane,Air Jordan UK, the officer and a few soldiers into come, attention to >

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