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20.05.2013 05:48
so these brave reporters dare antworten

Recently, government college confidential meeting room. Xu Linyuan early in the morning arrived, several leaders is in the conference room waiting for export to all the leaders after greeting, the leaders are all very kind. In the schematic Guo old, sat on the table on the right position, and at his side were sitting several important leader Guo old as well as the central, the first is the number one chief. And they sat down, and did not have this to discuss issues immediately,Coach Purses, but the eyes are in a range. In that range,air jordan outlet, hung with a LCD tv. Xu Linyuan saw the TV is playing a piece of news content, news is now the Hawaii islands journalists filming episode content. In the content, they can easily see the surrounding the whole city offshore a km already in ruins, is very complete, no longer the old downtown. There seems to be a lava hell, dark purple hangs up, it seems like dried blood on the ground, and everywhere was covered with a seems to be burning ash dark matter in general, the sun is very bright. Xu Linyuan see that some local dark matter distribution is a pit, like corrosion before, he knew that it should be the kind of carbon by the strange object flow out of the dark green liquid formation of corrosion on the ground, and high temperature exposure in the sun, the mucus after corrosion of the ground,Air Jordan Outlet, very soon to be dried, thereby creating a black shiny substance. And in about five hundred meters away from the local grey black shiny material distance, saw in a biochemical protective clothing journalist was broadcast live coverage, and behind him, is the media and journalists in some other countries, in the reporting of the Hawaii story. Only these journalists to report the content, but is captured in the near some monster torment after picture, can not see the fierce battle, can not see the cruel and bloody monster attack humans, those journalists is just through those images taken by the U.S. government allowed to judge like is war places, they are not eligible for the past reports. Watching the news, Xu Linyuan know the kraken should not continue to attack their estimates in the rest, ready for the next round of attacks, so these brave reporters dare to take time off to the disaster area into a monster City km shooting report. Obviously, the central leaders of these pictures are not interested in their country, as the core of leadership, is naturally very clear some twists and turns it, even if they have already obtained the first more careful preparation and close to the factual information but Xu Linyuan wondered, why several central leadership still pay more attention to news and is the number one chief, at this time also pay attention to the news, silent Xu Linyuan also had to sit to watch. But then, Xu Linyuan saw the news reports after the TV signal, suddenly jump out soon appeared a different picture content. And the picture content like now >

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