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20.05.2013 05:42
immediately to the fishing caused great antworten

Xu Linyuan meets these carbon because the monster, he is not too much, the detecting robot combat x ì ng, this time also can only be counted as a small battle,Coach Handbags Sale, and not a test form. Those who destroyed the carbon for type monster, only Shushilai only numbers, all destroyed,Jordan UK sale, leaving only caught back for experimental study of science. After marine base back to normal working mode, marine base perimeter quickly resumed plain R ì peace. Only those who destroyed the carbon for type monster's body, because the vortex after the battle, the bodies were swept away, or some deposition by some marine plant devour, and the other part, simply not clear, is slowly floating to the surface. Perhaps for Xu Linyuan, the only one of the massacre, weapon system of robot's powerful show, but let the boss Xu less satisfactory is the robot first battle, plus his lack of experience, some for the energy consumption. Just maybe Xu Linyuan doesn't know that carbon for type monster is only a small part of the ocean and hidden. The marine biological some carnivorous animal devoured those monsters in the body will produce some adverse reactions, and some marine organisms to touch the monster's body was immediately to avoid to open, not close to the slightest, seems to be very afraid of humic acid that monster corpse in the. Even, when those monster corpse float up to the surface, by the ocean fishing boats and nets, together with other fish together make up. And when the fishermen will be the net up, after a large number of fish mixed with the monster's body to the boat, because the monster's body runs out of strong acid, immediately to the fishing caused great corrosion, a large amount of water into the boat, which quickly sank. Of course, these are just an occasional phenomenon, is only a local phenomenon and not too much attention. The secret in the Pacific Ocean because Island event continues, so m army and coalition forces to the Pacific blockade investigation hasn't officially ended. Although a part of the coastal state has been restored to maritime trade, but only in shallow waters near the country, overseas trade was the US blockade of flat. Furthermore,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, a recent period of time, the island sinks for M J, as well as the ship being infected with the virus horror of death carrier things, but also to cope with sinking because of the island, the withdrawal of United and soothing the dissatisfaction and some be scorched by the flames out where time to Pacific suddenly floating those unknown biological floating on the sea surface. Floating island experienced a period of about thirty-five days, finally once again lost in the ocean. Although the National Coalition to through the decentralization of submarines and sent divers into continue to explore the full of infinite attraction and temptation Island dense hole, but American tough to danger x ì ng is too large for, but Indonesia also strongly disagrees with the * * team continued to lead long time stay in Indonesia waters with the American people, so in the joint meeting on rejected the proposal because Indonesia is the host.

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