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20.05.2013 05:30
the luminous stones in the origin antworten

Snow mountain temple. The temperature of ice began to lower, and through sh è in light becomes dim again, this also shows that this cave is the time in the evening began to cool down. About seven o'clock at night, the ice of the light seemed to be cut off, suddenly became dark, and then there are some twinkling light starts flashing, dotted with the ice cave, the inside still can see. But with a buzzing sound, those fluorescent sheen slowly began to grow stronger,Jordan Spizike Sale, makes this hole in light lit up. From the minute can pour is can be found, the fluorescent light, like some light stone, around them, without any connection, is like what wireless sensing device control, is very mysterious. In fact, the luminous stones in the origin, consort was standing there, hands slowly revolving a sticking out from the wall inside a metal probe, is the probe can be rotated by the control of those stones brightness. Now Xu Linyuan stood beside the large columns frozen summer early, because feel very troublesome, vacuum he wore clothes he is off, leaving him to wear T-shirt, also won't let him feel cold. He spoke with time and consort afternoon, learned many things he know and don't know, as well as some unknown secret. At the same time speak frankly and sincerely between him and the princess, he also really understands, consort although this person inherits the door down the things, but these things are closely connected with science, the performance seems to be some mysterious ghost talk,Jordan 11 Shoes, but in fact, its essence is still not out of the field of Science, the world is very easily his appearances are deceptive. Can say, is the first Xu Linyuan chalk contact consort in the first, and in the ensuing some weird things chalk piece, he almost think, really have magic powers, or what the gods such as road, let him this advocate scientific almost appeared shaken, to believe that her theory and door superstition theory. Visible strong science and technology, no matter in which field application, can play an unexpected granville. Especially the religious group of Cretaceous fabric, have aided the technology, the power will be infinitely large. Princess all have absolute authority in these areas, it is because of her hand holding a sceptre, a right branch with can make a determination of the people will not resist the temptation to belief change, the magic 0 bamboo Weng actually is the magic power to change its people of faith. In fact, in the very early before, also is the bamboo Weng at a young age, he advocated Western learning in the late Qing Dynasty, after the flow of ocean overseas to accept western education, has become an overseas Biomedical Research Institute dr.. When the princess has been travelling around the world in a matter of chalk, accidental met under the bamboo bamboo Weng Weng,Coach Online Store, then conquered by the kind of magic, flood, which changed his belief. So bamboo Weng gave up the work of the Institute, to return to the motherland China visit a consort recommended >

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