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only through manpower cao antworten

> First more Icaran to heaven and Bazhe, flying faster than screw machine, Meng Xiang sit Icaran was relieved, Naruto turned around and looked at the ground and Vic look angrily look, I feel very fun. Naruto broke into the home tree, killing two of them new, and now Meng Xiang Single people insist forcing Earth Army station, killing three new revenge, by contrast, the unnamed team earned. Only inadequacies of this trip is not to kill the wise men, but Meng Xiang has reached the ultimate aim: to retaliation from the North Sea team, as well as destroy the Avatar, the Earth Army resistance xìng, I believe his broken, then down, they certainly directly, to Hongdiao home tree. The war of the two communities, touch. For the unnamed team, if the Earth garrison and the Na'vi official war will targeting HOMETREE, then theoretically the soul of the tree to keep. Meng Xiang This line can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Of course, this is just Meng Xiang wishful thinking. Meng Xiang have spare view their own injuries, although the defense forces to the limit again the Golden Axe surface to block the head, but the hail of bullets in his body to eat a lot of bullets, the body adhesive such as paste plasma, I do not know from the Earth, he cut his own body. He gently tear the cloak of living in harmony with rotten rotten, stroking tingling skin, and before long sigh. He did not now, unwittingly, his Emmanuel defense and potential lock limit of two, has been sufficient to resist the attacks of the short period of time by a hail of bullets. Bullet rotten skin and body care but was concentrated in the body stop the aura and strong physique, so Although there are many bullet holes in his body, but they are skin trauma. Stuttgart cao control Icaran, sometimes concerned about the back, and panic looking at of Meng Xiang Nianman blood body, Meng Xiang cast a grateful smile to him: "I'm fine, just skin trauma." Listen to Stuttgart strike, just calm down. Although he spoke easily, in fact the whole body of the epidermis was shot rotten, the kind of tingling should not be a small glimpse. Until unlock the potential lock masked most of the pain, but now I feel that kind of pain is really unbearable, even slightly move the body, scarring of the skin tear again, tingling into the heart. Meng Xiang only Hu 1uan, hemostatic spray sprayed on the body, barely stopped the pain, Stuttgart cao longitudinal Icaran maximum degree fly over the rivers and lakes, through the mountains, and finally returned to their homes tree. Mu the FIR to see Meng Xiang De xìng scared almost fainted, asked them about Meng Xiang faint smile, to show not affect quickly come to worry about. Now he most bī cut as soon as possible to cure the wounds of the body, because his shout, the North Sea strong team certainly will not let go, the Earth's military attack or a slow slow, but if Naruto, Vic deliberately revenge , insist forcing HOMETREE, in addition to his fundamental nobody can resist. So he does not avoid arousing suspicion, Jie Juan Mu Feier help him to scrub the wound. The valley gap between the Hometree outside jungle is clear raging river, Jie Juan Mu FIR to the bottom, and then rubbing his wounds with net water. Mu FIR while stroking touch Meng Xiang that blighted the skin, tears streaming down unconsciously. Meng Xiang Renzhaojutong pretend nothing had happened: to Feier, I'm fine as long as the trauma cleared, and then coated with healing yao, my slick body, I believe that tomorrow morning will be re-grow the epidermis. "Yes, Meng Xiang is this guy hurt small, you do not know, in the horror film" Van Helsing ", this guy is not only werewolf bite, who was also wearing a big hole in a metamorphosis cha, had become a zombie alive, compared with those who hurt, these small injury like ass. "she was forced to wipe Meng Xiang was broken skin, pain Meng Xiang root sound bite Titicaca. "But, but ... Meng Big Brother, this is too risky, alone broke into the Earth Army resident, and kill the people of the North Sea team." Mu said FIR, tears once again trip. Meng Xiang was moved, Mu FIR In addition to his loved ones, the first tears for him. A girl as a young man cry 2: Love him, hate him, obviously, Mu FIR belong to the former. This point, whether it is Meng Xiang companions have felt. As for this kind of love, the love of friends? Worship of love? Or ....... Meng Xiang do not know, do not want to know, but do not want to face. This is the reincarnation of the world is not falling in love, that once worried about, he can any xìng to make a dive into the resident be avenged on such a crazy thing? Meng Xiang had to put on a confused look. Jie Juan more friction the more energetically, fresh skin she came close to being worn away. They Meng Xiang who spray hemostatic spray painted healing yao Meng Xiang breathed a collective sigh of relief, with body muscle rou gradually Ma, he also felt more relaxed. Back to the home tree, Meng Xiang resident simply once, when it comes to the soul of the tree, Juan Jie and Zhou Lina showed strong interest, want to go to see this spectacular soul of the tree. Meng Xiang skin healing re, should not 1uan the move, so Han who will let him lying the Na'vi sleep kind of half-hanging on the tree plants such as sleeping bags. This sleeping bag,Coach Bags Outlet, even if the 3-meter-high Na'vi lying on top, large enough, Meng Xiang lay there very comfortable. He smiled, then said: "You certainly have the opportunity to see this soul of the tree, is necessary to commence full-scale war, home tree insecurity, when you can not fight the Na'vi hiding in the soul of the tree. Earth the goal is no longer the soul of the tree, so there is very safe. "Han Fan thought, also agree Meng Xiang, the jiao war of the two communities, their strength is too small, and stay in their homes tree, on the one hand, fear The homes tree Hongdiao to, on the other hand, we must beware of Beihai team strong, so might as well hide in the soul of the tree to take shelter. "Jie Juan, the soul of the tree from the home tree is less than 1o km only need a very short time you fly back and forth, but there is full mí fog, floating mountains cover is difficult to pinpoint the soul in the sky the location of the tree, and so will you let the Na'vi to lead the way, you become familiar with the environment. unlikely event of war, to prevent the case, you can at any time between the two places, and exchange information. Jie Juan suddenly said: "The protection of the soul task of the tree, integral value 3ooo, Are we really so simple on the hand? "Han who said:" it may not be, maybe the people on earth will send assault troops to destroy the soul of the tree, after all, the soul of the tree is the spiritual pillar of the Na'vi, destroyed the soul of the tree, the Na'vi morale to drop. But listen Meng Xiang, where the harsh environment and the people on earth aircraft instrument will fail, only through manpower cao longitudinal, even if they intend to do so, but also a certain degree of difficulty. "Yes, so I will let Jie Juan exchange information between the two places. I will be asked the Aitu Kang leave a the 1o satisfied that U.S. soldiers have Icaran keep around in the soul of the tree, once the existing aircraft Icaran will go to intercept. Of course, this also depends on the other side of the enemy. As for the ground forces, as Avatar, connected host has been destroyed, even if they have the host research indoor dispatched Avatar not many, and where the harsh terrain, human and amd armor is difficult broke, so we only have to watch each other fighters on the line. Meng Xiang own reasoning analysis has been very confident, his companions have also nodded, Meng Xiang floated contented, very satisfied. They always just not wise, some details have been not paid attention to, such as the North Sea team task, and Ming the people,OP Art Coach, Vic strong psychological,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, they can tolerate unnamed team Na'vi so presumptuous? the Pandora planet the size of Earth is not much, but 6 is meager, Ai Tukang riding Phantom of the Opera Nite Li to convince all ethnic groups in sending soldiers Unite the people on earth, only 2 days to complete the task has been the good news of the day, Meng Xiang they are waiting to Ai Tukang this war, both for the charge copies of the preparation, the touch of the war, battlefield regardless of Earth resident or HOMETREE, and this war will be very tragic. resident of Earth Army, a scene because Meng Xiang, indeed disturb a high-level, in particular, Meng Xiang Last Na'vi help escape the video over and over again in the Earth stations broadcast even returned to Earth to block the mouth of the media and public opinion as an excuse, they decided to storm the moving mass bī exercises far at a small screw machine is low-flying, driving, but it is the wise man of the North Sea team Anton ...... <

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