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but the wise man's strength antworten

> Chapter 185 Wise Meng Xiang finally come back, just covered in blood Jie Juan, the left hand eversion skin ròu,, the right ventral clothes opened a long wound Tangzhuo the blood. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Korea where, in addition to Zhou Lina,Air Jordan 3, and both negative injury, but Meng Xiang laugh, even if it is the enemy bombers broken only video avatar, even if Korea where Mu Feier lower abdomen dripping blood, he could not care less. "We are all negative injury, big brother, what you giggle?" Zhou Lina angrily stood up, Han who was hand slightly Yang, ask her, smiled and said: "Lena, do not worry, Meng Xiang had so much fun , it would only prove that he was quite concerned about us. "" Bah, Do not flatter yourself. "Meng Xiang imitate the tone of Zhou Lina Chen Dao, prompting the crowd laughed. Meng Xiang Bronze Saint Cygnus Vic confrontation, but worry about the safety of the companions, they left Vick alone come back, half-way encounter wounded, Jie Juan rush to pick him up. Juan Jie see the original the the shadow avatar rushing to bridgehead with the Na'vi communications message, who knows the sudden appearance of the shadow avatar wounded. She knew that her power simply lack of strong confrontation with the North Sea team, regardless of who's hurt, fly forward then Meng Xiang Fortunately, she is so smart, timely received Meng Xiang, or even one second slower companions certainly some casualties. And he laugh reason, naturally received the tips of the Lord God, the unnamed team, two people were killed. He was afraid to come back to see the context of peer littered with corpses, Down with Naruto's shadow points behind, only to find that the presence of a lot of companions, the dead just new Bing ** Hui, his heart comfortable, forbearance live laugh. The other side of the earth in Pandora military bases, Beihai team of 6 people glumly alone nòng own thing the alone gone rǔnv, Shaya. Naruto with ramen on the table is cold, there is no appetite to eat, the glared was looking at notes entertain Anton. Anton expression, as always, and there is no change, a string of text written on his computer, sometimes data flashing, he was seen with relish, Naruto could not help but made Biao: "well-being, your mind is more flexible, but you should be more exchange of weapons or skills, if not to let you in touch with home tree, we need such a big fuss? Shaya not unlock the potential of the lock, but she converted many skills and weapons, if not to protect you, she will sniper rifle Anton down the job at hand, the Toto glasses, casually looking at Naruto, saying softly: "That is Gaussian sniper rifle, at least double b grade weapons strike force and bombing force, or even shè wear Vick Bronze Cloth. The situation at that time, except to say Shaya bad luck, sniper selected. "Selected? Shaya speed and physical stronger than you, if not take care of you, she would have to get away ... "Naruto listened to Anton, angrily curse." Do not put the blame on me, my plan is perfect, If Vick is not must be left to ambush the unnamed team Meng Xiang, if you do not achieve their goals, we must climb on home tree kill the reincarnation of the unnamed team, how can we be sniper? But I also have a little responsibility, I guess unnamed team sniper, but did not realize the other has a Gaussian sniper rifle and sniper technology is pretty amazing players, so place went to one kilometer a little loose firearms. Anton still face expressionless, although he has taken on a small portion of responsibility, but the tone is like saying has nothing to do with him, but he made the remarks, made Naruto silent refute Vic cold said: "Do not say any responsibility, and the wise man is in trouble, such a simple thing, have to nòng so complex. Called Meng Xiang strong strength are not ordinary, actually be able to resist my absolute zero, single-on-one battle, I will not lose, but it should not win him. "You can not win, let me, oh, the unnamed team, let you kill Shaya, sleep at night, who helped me warm? This hatred must be reported,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, especially the sniper's little girl, actually under my eyes kill Shaya, I will not forgive her. "Naruto said fiercely. Just then, mén a soldier came in, saluted, then Anton said:" Ladies and gentlemen, this time we lost hundreds of soldiers and armor, for those who still intend to peaceful settlement of the closed mouth. Dr. Grace has had a falling out with the Executive, she vowed never to provide us with 'Avatar' Technical Support Executive would like to invite you to the past to negotiate. "Dr. Grace has us as enemies look, although there is no threat, but still killed her. Anton muttering, put down the job, sitting on the other side of the three couples, said: "you have a good stay here, do not walk out of the base half a step, or dead, but also troubled us detained "He looked a soldier, immediately shut up, and then turned to Naruto said:" The captain, the soul of the tree can not be fried, but can be used as blackmail purposes, bī Na'vi to move out, do you think? I went to meet the Executive? "Opinions on the line, do not bother me, oh, my anger had not cleared yet, I want to go out and get some beast vent some. Vic, and Meng Xiang fighting midway terminated, I believe hand marks? Kick down the beast, we practice a what? "Very well, but if you die, do not blame me. "Vic, as he moves as cold." Haha, I will lose? Do not play open laugh, I wake up on a horror film, the body of a Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto's body, hum, though clumsy, but the potential is enormous, even if you absolute zero, will be my chakra spray out. Naruto unyielding look like, "You're right, but you got to control that kind of burning chakra? The potential lock 2 and 3 separated by a layer of paper-thin, but many of the strong to death can not pierce, you did not break through to the 3 before, the best use of. Come on, a test, the first to kill 10 beast. "Saying that the pair sprang disappear in the blink of an eye in front of everybody, leaving the soldiers face horror." Two bungy, if not my resourcefulness, you two died early. But it was just stupid man is shot ...... Anton murmured, glanced at the new one, alone, along with the soldiers went out ....... home tree more than 70 meters high, Bing ** Hui's body has been moved go, the two of them think it is safe to hide, who knows Hometree is great, but Naruto's shadow avatar, shift the home tree search again, no matter where they hide, could not escape death. Meng Xiang has to peer dressing, wound heaviest Jie Juan, the count recently Naruto avatar plot against a shoulder injury, her left hand is waste, and Han Fan, Mu FIR with Zoro injury, and out of the way, Zhuo Xiang Luo Duimeng he painted the healing yào very curious, but seems to be due to face child would like to ask, but yù words and ended. this moved bī war, the Earth and the Na'vi have their own injury, and the relatively , the Na'vi died more than 30 soldiers, the scales of victory is slightly tilted to the Na'vi. all now the Ai Tukang with Sutai clean up the mess, they are primitive tribes, such a small sacrifice to beat back the possession of advanced weapons Earth, of course, to the victory itself, so most of the Na'vi Lianlu hi sè excited for their record. "good insurance, can not think of the the Beihai team plan so Xiang Zhou, not only to ambush me, they also scored their homes trees. "Meng Xiang lingering fear, if not Jie Juan to pick him up, or so he rushed to the home tree, companions has become a corpse." Beihai team wise, but the wise man's strength is not strong, this one thing is certain. "Han Fan said confidently. "Then tell me something about your views." Meng Xiang, he has to know that they fight the North Sea team from Mu FIR mouth, Korea where the decisive command, even if it is Meng Xiang himself probably did not want to, at the time of the to be so careful, because the subtle analysis of Han who, before Zhou Lina sniper an Beihai players. "Naruto is very cunning, video avatar on its head in his body, but he is definitely not come up with the offensive strategy. Naruto, ambush Meng Xiang dressed in the garments of the strength of the strong, even if we no matter how armed, they want to attack over child's play, we see that they involve so many people so just let the strength of the weak players contact Hometree which players they attach so much importance? Since the strategy is not Naruto strong, it can only be protected wise wise is very important for a team, we are not stupid, but the lack of analysis, layout, Meng Xiang, previously unnamed team wise? "hear where the question of Korea, engraved Mengxiang Li shook his head:" unknown team is not wise, and does not require wise because I do not know, anyway, nameless team to implement the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, the wise unnamed team contraindications, should be what happens, and even involved home team Jhongjhou team, leading to nameless the strength of the team has plummeted, or you go back to the Lord God space to ask Jhongjhou team captain, see if I can not find the answer. "Han who nodded, said:" If our team wise, they can definitely guess the other method of attack,Coach Online Outlet, and defense but, fortunately, the North Sea team wise, wisdom is not high, or does not affect the team, so the last Naruto video avatar to protect them leave, but he climbed Hometree kill us Lena kill that NV should not be wise, so in future we must stay in mind, repeat complex withdrawal can not be like this. "[..] .. <

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